Monday, 26 January 2009

Heavy heart

Round 12: Days 56-60
Now that Betsy was a little older, she was able to appreciate Joseph's guitar skills almost as much as Vivienne. Sunday mornings in the Carmody house were often spent holding impromptu concerts in the living room.

Joseph had been a little concerned about approaching middle age recently and Vivienne had suggested a new hairstyle for him. His old style might have been okay when he was 18 but he was approaching 40 now. Joseph was rather horrified by his new cut - it looked like it would take some getting used to.

Vivienne, however, loved it!

Betsy had become rather demanding of late. She was desperate for attention 24/7 and it was quite exhausting for her parents.

Ignoring her resulted in tantrums and screaming that could be heard all the way down Queen's Bay Road, so Betsy usually got her way.

Only once Betsy was in bed were Joseph and Vivienne able to entertain guests. On this particular night, their guests were Vivienne's sister Leontine, her husband (and Vivienne's ex!) Brandon and their two sons, Tate and Trent. The Carmodies used this occasion to announce Vivienne's pregnancy and the new baby was the topic of discussion for most of the evening.

The baby wasn't a surprise but it was a very spur-of-the-moment decision. Still, Vivienne and Joseph couldn't wait for the new baby to arrive.

They couldn't wait for Betsy to grow out of the "terrible twos" either. Vivienne liked to go to bed early during her pregnancy and Joseph just wasn't as good at toddler wrangling as his wife was.

Vivienne was usually up and out of bed by the time Joseph heard Betsy screaming.

She was quiet during the day when Vivienne was awake and interacting with her, so at least she wasn't causing headaches along with interrupted sleep patterns.

Not usually anyway. Vivienne was now very adept at watching Betsy for signs of a tantrum. First she'd pout, then she'd throw her arms back...

...and then she'd start wailing. School could not come fast enough.

It did come though, and the house was quieter almost immediately. Betsy loved school and wore herself out every day and was often asleep before her bedtime of 8 o'clock.

Vivienne decided to find out the gender of the baby this time and Betsy was thrilled to find out that she'd soon have a little sister.

Vivienne went into labour right after Betsy had gone off to bed. Joseph made sure to shut down the computer properly before going to his wife's aid.

He didn't turn out to be much help anyway.

Luckily Anna Valerie was born without complications and perfectly healthy.

Joseph was at least more help post-birth than he was during it.

The Carmodies must be gluttons for punishment because they chose this time to also bring a new cat into their home. His name was Yul and he was a pure-bred Abyssinian.

Let's just say he wasn't the most trouble-free cat in the world. Betsy might have to start putting her homework on a desk, instead of on the floor.


  1. Wow! Betsy really was a demanding toddler! I hope that Vivienne and Joseph get a much easier time with Anna.

    I just realized none of my sims have pets. I have to change that on round 4.

  2. LOL, maybe Betsy was hoping Yul would destroy her homework so she wouldn't have to do it! ;)

    Aw, this is such a cute family. I'm looking forward to seeing who Anna looks like!

  3. Don't you just love toddlers! lol And their tantrums, are awesome... not!

    ROFL that is so true to RL. My rabbit ate one of my daughter's homework a few months ago. We thought it was funny. I had to write a note to her teacher explaining what happened.

  4. Wow! Betsy sure was a toddler, LOL. I very rarely have problematic toddlers, but dang, I'm sure Betsy would have driven me nuts!

  5. Betsy liked to escape her crib too (missed getting a pic), so they couldn't even confine her!

    I hope Anna doesn't take after her sister!