Monday, 19 January 2009


Round 11: Days 51-55
Pascal was yet another victim of Exeter's facelift, as his apartment building was also due to be demolished.

He was a little annoyed at having to move, seeing he hadn't really lived in his last place that long but he found he liked his new apartment much more than his old one anyway, even if it was a little bit smaller.

He spent his first afternoon fielding phone calls from his sisters. Where they planning on picking up where Emmy left off? Pascal certainly hopes not.

The next morning, Pascal decided to venture out of his unit and meet the neighbours. He managed to briefly meet the girl next door but she was just rushing out the door to work. Pascal sometimes forgot that not everyone had work schedules as forgiving as his. Since he was promoted to assistant coach, he'd had 3 days off in the middle of the week.

He needed some new clothes anyway, so he headed to H&M, hoping to find some more flexibly employed people.

He met this lumberjack girl, whose name he didn't quite catch and things end where they usually end with Pascal.

Back at home, one of his neighbours, Sky Hightower, has arrived home from work, just in time to be bombarded with Pascal's flirting.

Sky didn't take much convincing. They were alone in the lobby, so they woohooed right there on the couch.

Virginia Watkins had become a bit obsessed with Pascal of late. She would drop by at all hours and hang around outside his door or in the lobby until he came out to greet her.

Pascal had no intention of getting serious with Virginia but inviting her into his bed every time she dropped by probably gave her somewhat of a mixed message.

It was a good thing Pascal was due at work on Friday morning. He got himself into a lot less trouble there. He had been a bit discouraged there lately. He was trying to get promoted but so far, he didn't have the right amount of charisma.

After work that day, Pascal struck up a conversation with an elderly man outside his building. The man's name was Tobin and he worked in some sort of scientific job. He heard about Pascal's interest in Science and offered him a job as Project Leader. It would have been quite the opportunity for Pascal, seeing jobs like that were usually only available to Sims who'd been to college. It just wasn't right for him right now though, so he politely declined.

Pascal had other things on his mind anyway, because he'd invited Mina over for a home-cooked dinner.

Pascal cooked the soup, while Mina got in the way.

He had planned on asking Mina to marry him and was so nervous he couldn't concentrate on a thing she was saying to him. So he decided to get it out of the way and ask.

He had nothing to worry about in the end, because she said yes!

They stayed up talking and dancing all night and surprisingly, for two Romance Sims, didn't even woohoo. Mina finally went home at a quarter to 3 in the morning, while Pascal dragged himself into bed. He had to be up in a few hours for work!

  • Sims and that couch woohoo. Good lord...
  • I've recently decided that some career tracks will be available only to college-educated Sims. Of course, Uni has four careers like that but I've never been happy that you can apparently become a lawyer, teacher or doctor without a degree but you need one to become an actor. Whatever, EAxis. That's different in my hood now. The following careers will now require a college degree:
Natural Science
Any Sims who don't go to college but get an LTW to enter one of these careers will have to settle. Not everyone gets to work in their dream career, so some of my Sims won't get to either.

  • I wanted to roll up something more interesting for Pascal's wants, so I had to fulfill his long-time want to get engaged to Mina. It was a want for her too, so she got a nice 5000 or 8000 point boost, whatever it is.


  1. Now, the question is... will Pascal be faithful to Mina? Probably not. I loved the picture of him making soup and her juggling cups!

  2. I doubt it too! I wonder if Mina might be faithful to him though. So far she hasn't had the want to interact romantically with any other guys (she's had general 3 Make Outs or 3 Woohoos wants though), so I wonder if she'll be one of those unusually faithful Romance Sims.

  3. I have a rule like this, too, in my hood. It was weird having doctors, for example, who had never been to college.

  4. Definitely. I've added Business to the list too. Most people in that line of work, if not all, would be university educated.