Sunday, 27 December 2009

Round 23 Summary

Births: 4 (Anthony and Veronica Moretti, Adelaide Sitko, Noah Gottlieb)

Deaths: 2 (Galen Clarke, Pascal Lachance)

Engagements: 0

Marriages: 1 (Caleb and Cara Moretti)

Break-ups: 2 (Betsy and Kimberly Carmody*, Nick Moretti and Josie Benton)
Graduations: 4 (Gordon Nott, Ione Romilly, Olivia Nihill, Lia Novak)

New residents: 0

*Betsy and Kimberly are separated, not divorced.

Total population: 97 (43 male, 54 female)
Babies: 2
Toddlers: 4
Children: 18
Teens: 12
Adults: 43
Elders: 18


  1. The population in Sullivan is close to 100. That's impressive!

  2. Cissie, impressive or frightening, one or the other! LOL!

  3. Think you'll make the leap to 100 this round?

  4. Probably. My prediction is that I'll get to 100 and jump down back below it. I have some elder deaths this round and I'm not sure if I'll have enough babies to balance that out.