Sunday, 27 December 2009


Round 23: Spring 2018
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Jace Novak is 61, Magdalena is 54, Maia is 16 and Tessa is 9.
(Lia is 21, Jacob is 17, Patience is 16 and Aaron is 15)

Narrated by Maia Novak

Usually, the flu is at its worst in winter but it's been really bad the past few years. Me? I was lucky enough to get it in the middle of spring, my favourite season!

The good thing was I got some time off school, because I was contagious. Jacob had the flu earlier in the year and he knew how awful it was, so he was very sweet about calling to check on me. Mum and Dad wouldn't let him actually come and see me. Partly the contagious thing but I think it's partly because they just don't really like him.

They should though, at least a little. Jacob is the main reason I'm actually attempting some study! That's what I used my time off for. TV got boring after a while, so I turned to homework! Can you believe it? There was plenty of it, that's for sure!

I was getting Ds before I got sick and now I'm getting Cs. Most people wouldn't be so thrilled to be getting Cs but it's an achievement for me, so I am. That's the minimum grade you need to get into college and now that I know Jacob is going, I want to go too.

There was still the problem of money though. Our family has never really had a lot. The one time that we did, my parents spent it all to buy our home.

Mum was a little bit suspicious when I told her I wanted to apply. I really don't know what I want to do when I graduate. I have absolutely no clue. But I just started talking about education and goals and all that sort of stuff. Jacob isn't my only reason for going but my other reason is I just want to get out of Sullivan for a while and be on my own. Not exactly academic.

Mum was just happy I was considering college again, I think and she said if I can get in, she and Dad will find a way to pay for it! I'm so excited!

Mum and Dad are both really on my back about studying now though!

I was better just in time for the weekend and I arranged to meet Jacob at the mall, only to find him talking to Patience when I got there.

I really hate it when he hangs out with her. They've got all these inside jokes that I'm not a part of and I think she still likes him.

Jacob says she doesn't but why do they both look so uncomfortable whenever I interrupt them then? I don't trust Patience. At all.

It's like we can't get rid of her. She's always lurking in the background somewhere when I'm with Jacob.

When we do get rid of her, Jacob only has one thing on his mind. He thinks we should have sex before he goes to college. He even suggested doing it in the photo booth at the mall. Um, no. I'm not 100% opposed to the idea but not in a photo booth. There's never any privacy at either of our houses though, so he's just going to have to keep his pants on. Literally.

Aaron has been helping me catch up too - he's a grade behind me but he's so much smarter. It's working though - I got in and I even earned some scholarships! None for my less than stellar grades, of course, but I got one for dance, and one for my after school intern job, along with a couple of others.

I'm really glad I didn't get any mechanical or engineering scholarships, like Lia did. As soon as she walks in the door, Mum and Dad put her to work fixing the computer or the bathtub. Just what I'd want to do when visiting my family!

Lia's weird though, and she likes that sort of thing, so I guess she doesn't mind. She actually asks if there's anything for her to fix when she's done. It's probably a good thing we have Lia, or else Dad would start playing Mr Fix It again almost and electrocute himself, like he did a couple of years ago.

Random pics:

I'd just been assuming Tessa took after Jace. She doesn't really look anything like Magdalena but to me, she never looked much like Jace either. I think I just needed to see them both front on, because they're actually very alike!

And this was what Tessa was doing for most of this session! Dammit, I'm going to have one of these friggin' Novak kids finish that bug collection! I don't care which one but I want one of them to be successful!

  • Title is from "Bewilder" by Badly Drawn Boy (not on YouTube, unless you care to hear someone's accordion cover - I didn't!)
  • Maia was Flu Victim #10 for the Flu Epidemic ROS this round. I ended up rolling this ROS again for Round 24 and I rerolled - I've had enough of the flu for now! So no more flu next round, unless it's naturally occurring!
  • Jacob did start heading for the photo booth but I could not for the life of me think of how Maia would justify losing her virginity in a photo booth, so I cancelled it. I still don't think she's ready for that anyway, to be honest. I am basing this on nothing more than a general feeling, by the way!
  • Jace's store, if you're wondering, is still at Level 9. He needs about 15 more stars to reach the top level. I'm still undecided as to who he'll pass it onto. Maia and Tessa are both Nature, so I guess it would kind of suit them but Flower Arranging is really an Arts and Crafts thing.
  • Last post of Round 23, apart from outtakes and the round summary which are also going up today. Tomorrow, I'll do the Summer 2019 birthdays, the Round 24 ROS and maybe a family update, if I get time to write it. I didn't get time to write over Christmas but I did play a bit, so I have a bit of a backlog!


  1. Wow, Maia is one smooth talker! She totally got her parents to back up her plans of going to college. I guess the flu did her good since she got some of the homework done.

    I never saw the resemblance between Jace and Tessa either before that picture where they're sitting next to each other.

  2. Cissie, yes, that she is! Her parents are doing much better financially, seeing they got a $5000 refund last time they paid taxes so college isn't as crazy a proposition as it once was!

    I actually think Tessa and Jace could be clones. She didn't get anything from Magdalena that I can see, apart from her eye and hair colour. Magdalena's features are very distinctive and I can spot them on a toddler even.

  3. LOL at the accordion cover. That is just too much. xD

    I'm glad Maia isn't nutty enough to go at it in a photobooth. If it's true, Jacob can just keep his pants on!

    That's pretty funny about Tessa and Jace... they really DO look very similar head on! Do they have the same profiles?

  4. I love the way you characterize Maia. She's smart, clever, and strong. That's right Jacob, you're going to have to wait.

    And Lia! I love seeing her. She is just so cute and sweet. Of course she'd come over to fix things. What would they do without her?

  5. Eww, in the mall, in the germy booth where thousands of sims have sat and climbed in, not to mention that in AV the booth is cursed and many a baby was born from such a risk. Eww, not a smart choice, Jacob. I'm glad Maia has a strong head on her shoulders, I wonder when she'll be over Jacob's pestering.

  6. Like said before Maia's reasons are no good to go to college, but she actually seems to work hard to get there. And she did get her parents to go alond with her plans. She really is a clever girl!

  7. Mao, no, Maia doesn't seem like the photo booth type, at least not for her first time. Now Luc...he lost his virginity in a photo booth but he's Luc.

    I don't think Tessa and Jace look quite as similar from the side. I was sort of taken aback by Tessa's nose when she aged to toddler because it's quite flat. I could tell right away that it wasn't Magdalena's nose but it didn't look like Lake's either. It must be just one of those features that looks quite different on females than it does on males, at least from some angles.

    Lunar, thank you, that's a great compliment! I really like Maia. I see her as pretty smart, although not necessarily book smart. That sort of stuff doesn't interest her but she's got a good head on her shoulders.

    Lia is a sweetheart. They'd be spending a lot more on repairmen if they didn't have her, because they break stuff all the damn time! I'd say it's no wonder they were so broke but Lia's taken care of the majority of their repairs since she was 13!

    Apple Valley, I know, aren't Sims gross, all the places they do it? I've only had one photo booth baby that I can think of in my game (Josh Royce-Nihill, though I didn't write it that way) but a baby at 17 is the last thing Maia needs! Jacob's off at college now, so we'll see what happens between him and Maia.

    Tanja, yes, still not solid reasons for going to college but if she works hard when she gets there, maybe that doesn't matter so much. She'll have a degree and doors will open for her when she graduates. Or if she graduates! I have no idea what kind of a student she'll be.

  8. Tessa and Jace are look a likes! I never put that together myself. I usually notice more as teens who looks like who.

    I'm not surprised that Maia talked her parents I to the college idea I'm sure they really wanted her to go and probably hoping for the best. I'm looking forward to seeing how she faires.

    Photo booth for the first time might fit some girls but I don't see that as Maia ether!

    Good job not losing anyone to the flu!

  9. Maisie, I often don't notice until they're teens either, although sometimes it's obvious when they're much younger. Both of Tessa's sisters are very much like Magdalena and that's been obvious since they were toddlers.

    Jace and Magdalena have been worried about Maia's grades for a good while now, so I think they'd be happy she's improved and is on the right track. I don't know how thrilled they'd be if they knew her reasoning but they're happy she's going.

    So glad that ROS is over!