Friday, 11 December 2009

You say it's your birthday, Summer 2018

Kirstin is nearing the end of her pregnancy and is on maternity leave. She's been spending most of her time with her mother, who's been very tolerable of late. Almost sweet, even! Collette is finally getting that fifth grandchild she's wanted for so long, so she's been in a good mood.

Kirstin should really be working on her next promotion but she needs to be standing in front of a mirror for that and she just can't take any more time on her feet. So she's sticking to the sports channel instead.

In Exeter, Kirstin's sister-in-law Amelia and her husband, Wade are eagerly awaiting winter and the birth of their second child. And it looks like Kirstin was right - Amelia is bigger with her second pregnancy than with her first, although Amelia's not the type to be too bothered by that.

After all, she's got time off work and now that Sophie is in kindergarten and at school all day, Amelia is free to while away the hours by catching up with her beloved video games.

Having a birthday this summer is Josh Royce-Nihill. He's turning four!

Also turning four is Elspeth Romilly. She'll be starting pre-school along with Josh this year.

Ethan Novak is 12 in 2018! Right now, he's only really interested in making lots and lots of friends but eventually, he'd like to get married and celebrate his golden anniversary.

Matilda Jacobson is the adopted daughter of two of my playable NPCS and is starting high school with Ethan this year. She takes pleasure in the simple things in life and wants to become an icon of show business one day.


  • In the grand tradition of just about everyone who lives in the Gottlieb house, Amelia got fat at the very end of my last play session with her. No one can resist Adam's cooking! So she looks a little larger than a second trimester Sim normally would in that outfit.
  • Elspeth does not really look anything I was expecting her to. I just compared her to a picture of Finn as a kid though and they look very alike. I always thought she'd turn out like a female Finn but I had a warped idea of exactly what that would look like!
  • Ethan is a clone of his older brother Aaron, so I'm trying to make them different so I can tell them apart.
  • How cute is Matilda? I'm going to be really sad if none of my playables like her enough to marry her in. Her family's portrait is updated in my playable NPCs post too, by the way.


  1. Matilda is darling! I have to agree on elspeth; she isn't wire how I imagined her.

    Josh is a cutie. I love the "fat" pregnancies. Cara was one of my recent ones. I like it though for twins to be a tad more realistic.

  2. Matilda is a sweetie. And all the other kids are really cute too!

  3. Matilda is very cute! Hopefully one of your playables will fall in love with her and marry her in. All of the other kids are really cute too! :)

  4. Maisie, I often use the H&M meshes for Sims who are pregnant with twins, if I remember!. They look so huge in those!

    Cissie, thanks, I'm really happy with everyone this time.

    Shana, fingers crossed! Ethan is straight, not gay (about the only thing he doesn't have in common with Aaron), so maybe they'll get something going. Sometimes I play the families for a day or so when I age them up but I only ducked in to do the birthdays this time so I haven't checked chemistry or anything.