Friday, 18 December 2009

I'm the man who loves you

Round 23: Winter 2018
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Kit Royce is 58 and Asha is 21.
(Luc Lane is 25 and Ione Romilly is 22)

Narrated by Asha Royce

When Luc told me he'd managed to score me a promotion at work, I thought the dress code might be a little looser at a music camp for kids. I can do conservative, but couldn't I do it in jeans or something? This was more like spinster librarian. But promotions mean more money, which means I can afford to move out sooner.

I worry about what will happen to Mum when I eventually move out though. She seems happy - well, not happy but content - much of the time but I wonder if it's just because she still has me around. I don't want to leave and then have her fall apart.

Luc has been acting a little strange lately. Not bad strange, just different. He's being very romantic, which isn't really in character for him.

He's definitely still Luc too but it's almost like he's buttering me up or something.

He even took me out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. And he wore a suit! The last time Luc wore a suit, I think, was at his sister's wedding and that was three years ago.

Almost as soon as the waiter left to get our order, Luc just blurted out, "Do you think we should get married?"

Yeah, you could say I was a little shocked! It was a good thing I was sitting down, because I think I might have fainted if I was standing!

I love Luc and I've been wanting some kind of commitment from him but I never really thought seriously about marriage! I'm only 21 and I'm not even sure if that's something I'll ever want!

I told Luc I'd need some time to think about it which, thankfully, he was okay with. I'm just so amazed and thrilled that Luc has even put this on the table. Even if we don't get married, it's a good sign that he's willing to make a commitment to me.

Luc had booked a hotel room for the night too, which was like heaven. We have no privacy anywhere else, which one of the main reasons I've been wanting to move out, preferably with Luc. I want us to have our own space. I have Mum at home and Luc now has three room mates, since Joanna got back.

It was nice to be completely alone for once, with no possibility of interruption. We didn't get much sleep but we had other things to do anyway.

When we got home, it was around 7:30 and Mum looked like she'd been waiting up for me all night. And she wasn't happy.

Mum said she was worried about me when I didn't come home, which is ridiculous. I'm a grown woman and I don't have to come home every night if I don't want to! I think she was probably more annoyed that I was with Luc than anything else.

I just sat down and let Luc smooth things over. Luc can be a real jerk sometimes but he's good at sucking up. Mum goes right back to hating him a couple of days later but it gets us out of hot water for a while.

I used to be pretty close friends with Ione during primary school but once we got to high school, I went a little boy crazy and we didn't hang out nearly as much any more. I've been missing girl talk though, so I called her up to get together.

I told her about Luc's proposal and she got so excited. She couldn't believe I didn't jump all over it and say yes then and there.

Well, not everyone's been jumping out of their skin to get married since they turned 18! I was pretty sure that was how Ione would react. She's waiting on her boyfriend to propose to her. I think she should just ask him herself, if that's what she wants! Is there some kind of law saying women can't do the asking?

Ever since Luc proposed, I've been bringing Luc home more often, trying to get Mum used to him. I'm not going to stop seeing him for her sake, so she'd better learn to like him. She's so argumentative with him, like she's trying to bait him or something. I find it so frustrating!

I'm so impressed with how Luc handles her though. He never flies off the handle, although she probably would deserve it and I can tell he's gritting his teeth trying to be polite to her sometimes.

I'm biased but I think she'll warm to him eventually. He's a really great guy and she'd see that if she gave him a chance.

Luc and I talked it to death but I think we're going to wait on this whole engagement thing. Every time I think about actually getting married, I feel so nervous and I'm just not sure. Luc says he's nervous about it too but I think, for him, excitement is outweighing the nerves.

I think Luc is a little sad about it, now that I've said no. When he first asked me, it crossed my mind that he was only asking because he thought it was what I wanted but he seems so disappointed now. I think it's something he genuinely wants!

  • Title is from I'm the Man Who Loves You by Wilco.
  • No offense to any actual spinster librarians - I know there are fashionable librarians out there but none of them work at either of the libraries I go to!
  • Luc earned Asha two promotions this round and she had the skills for neither. She was promoted to Summer Camp Music Teacher and then to Battle of the Bands Judges, so she no longer has to dress like a spinster librarian.
  • Even if I plan to always call my Sims by a nickname, I give them the full name in game. So Lia is actually Rosalia and Luc is really Lucian. I always laugh when the game refers to Luc as Lucian. It's just one of those names that I can't picture a guy like Luc appreciating, so it kind of tickles me.
  • Luc rolled up the want to marry Asha! I was never expecting him to roll that. I would have thought Max Nihill would roll the want to marry Zaria before I'd ever see Luc wanting to settle down! The fear of marrying Asha only cropped up occasionally. Asha's fear of marring Luc is still there most of the time and she hasn't rolled the want to marry him yet. She's only 21, after all. Luc is 25 though and is apparently already considering a pretty major commitment! Maybe it's his knowledge secondary? Knowledge Sims seem to like to get married almost as much Family Sims. Max is also Romance/Knowledge though and no marriage wants from him yet. He'll probably roll one next round now that I've said that!
  • It's really cool how in the hotel rooms, you can hear the muffled music from the DJ booth at the rooftop bar. Although if it was a real hotel, that would be incredibly irritating, especially when you're paying $1300 a night, like Luc and Asha did (well, I imagine Luc paid but it was really Asha, seeing this was her household). Ha, and I just realised Luc and Asha were at the same hotel, possibly the same room, as Linnea and Betsy. We won't tell Luc, because I'm sure he'd be rightfully grossed out!
  • I'm really surprised about Luc and Kit. He should really be the one making all the angry faces, given how mean he is but it's almost always Kit. Luc just sits there grinning while she bitches. She's really not fond of him, the poor guy.


  1. Oh boy! I'm glad Asha wanted to think about it before jumping into anything. What a strange thing for Luc to desire out of the blue, LOL.

    Kit and Luc are pretty hilarious. It's surprising he still wants to marry Asha knowing it'll be the typical evil mother-in-law deal for him. ;)

  2. Luc has surprised me! Probably good if the two take it slow but wow! Looks promising.

    How do u do community lot hotels? I wanted to put one.

    I'm surprised how much Kit disagrees with Luc! I thought she might soften up to keep Asha on a good side with her so she continues to visit. I guess he is just that disagreeable to her eh?

  3. Wow-I'm also surprised Luc asked and that Asha turned him down. Wow.

  4. Wow! Is Luc suddenly growing up and maturing a little?? I'm glad Asha decided she wanted to wait a little while. That'll give her time to see if Luc really is as sure about this as he thinks he is now.

    Kit and Luc are so funny. I love how she keeps arguing with him, but then he can smooth things over and settle her back down for a little while when she's mad at him and Asha, LOL.

  5. I definitely didn't see this coming. I thought Luc would never get the want to marry Asha. I'm glad she's making him wait though. That'll teach him to call her "his favorite"!

  6. Mao, Asha's too young to consider marriage right now. Although I married Cordy off at 22 but she seemed to be in a completely different place than Asha is. So I guess Asha is too young but another Sim might not be, if that makes sense.

    My jaw dropped when Luc rolled the marriage want, literally. He must really love Asha if he's willing to put up with Kit!

    Maisie, Luc surprised no one more than me! I really didn't think he'd ever want to get married.

    With Kit and Luc, I think that's probably why Asha is assuming that Kit will eventually warm to him, or at least learn to tolerate him. Kit's daughters (and her grandson) are the only family she's got and she will want to stay close to them. The funny thing is Luc and Kit have 3 bolts (he's higher with Asha though) but they just do. not. get. along!

    As for community lot hotels, you can put any hotel in any base hood or subhood. I built the Vista but you can download one and plop it down and it'll work, as long as it's zoned properly. The cheat is changelotzoning hotel. The Cedarwood, where I held Kendal and Samson's wedding and also David and Kirstin's, is also a hotel in a base hood (although I only ever use it for weddings).

    Apple, I love it when my Sims surprise me! Although Asha wasn't a surprise to me, seeing I orchestrated that. Luc never actually asked Asha, so Asha didn't turn him down in game. It would be cool if Sims considered things other than "Do I love this Sim? y/n" before accepting a marriage proposal but they don't. LOL, we have to set all that up ourselves! If Luc asked, Asha would say yes.

    Shana, I don't know! I can't wait to play Luc's house to find out though. Rushing into marriage would be a bad idea for Luc and for Asha too. I see them both as somewhat impulsive but Asha is sensible enough to take her time with this. If they got married, Asha would definitely want Luc to swear off other girls and I wonder if Luc has considered that yet.

    Heh, I always picture Luc as a bit of a charmer - one of those guys who can get out of anything with a few choice words and some flattery!

    Cissie, ha, telling Asha she was his favourite was about as romantic as Luc got up until now. This is all a shock for Asha too!

    But yes, she definitely needs to let him sweat this out for a while! He deserves it!

  7. Luc is really Lucian-- that actually tickles me too. Luc is such a fitting name for him. Lucian, not so much so.

    And WOW, he wanted to marry her! Sometimes sims surprise you like that. It's why I really love the want system sometimes. Who'd have seen that coming? Exciting!

    Are you going to lock that want for him, or are you just going to let it go?

  8. Lunar, Luc's middle name is Sinclair, which I bet he just loves too! It's funny because I had no idea he'd be a tattooed wannabe rock star with a nose ring when he was a baby but I've always called him Luc. I like to imagine Debbie named the kids, seeing Linnea has always been so disconnected from them. Lucian and Cordelia seem like the kind of slightly literary names someone like Debbie might pick.

    I just read Luc's update from this round and as recently as then, I was talking about the (un)likelihood of Luc ever rolling a marriage want! He's definitely taken me by surprise here. I love it!

    I have locked it for him though. I always lock marriage and baby wants, even if I'm not planning to fulfill them. I locked Linnea's marriage want and there's no way I'm having her get married again!