Thursday, 10 December 2009

Electric feel

Round 23: Spring 2017
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Leontine Kirby is 75, Trent is 47, Megan is 45, Claudia and Victoria are both 16 and Rebecca is 8.

(Finn is 16)

Narrated by Claudia Kirby

I cannot wait to take over the market and farm after college. I don't think there'll be anything better than growing your own crops and knowing that people all over the town are using them in their homes.

The business side of it won't even be that much work. Kirby Market is one of the most successful businesses in Sullivan and it's even won two Best of the Best awards.

I haven't had a chance to work there yet. Dad has Arianna to help out and Victoria and I have both been really busy applying to university.

It all paid off though, because we both got in! Dad said he was so proud of us so he took us out for dinner at Uncle Tate's restaurant. You'd think Uncle Tate would let his own brother eat for free but Dad had quite the hefty bill to pay at the end of the night!

Mum was really quiet all night. She didn't say anything until later but she's getting all weepy about Victoria and I leaving for college. I'm not looking forward to the scene on the day we actually leave! I think there'll be tears.

We ended up leaving as soon as we finished eating, because Rebecca was exhausted and was getting whiny.

Grandma must be working her too hard. Rebecca is pretty awesome at the piano now though, on the plus side. It used to be just noise when she'd play but now it sounds like actual music!

My life so sucks right now. I'm so sick of being single. I know I'm only 16 but it seriously feels like I'm going to end up as a crazy cat lady or something!

Meanwhile, I get to watch Victoria get countless love notes from Finn.

It's not that I resent her for it or that I'm jealous. Well, I am jealous but not because I want Finn for myself. I just want somebody for myself.

They're very serious now - if Dad only knew what they do in his truck! I don't think he'd be so quick to lend it to either of us.

Finn even wants to get a house on campus, instead of living in the dorms. I hope they don't, because that'll leave me stuck in the dorms with Jacob. It'd be weird, just us two alone in the dorm together.

Anyway, so I've started dating someone but it's not really very serious. His name is Amar, and we met when Victoria was trying to scope out boys for me at the mall a couple of years ago.

She wanted me to go out with Amar and I ended up going off with that sleazy Elmer instead. Amar is pretty nice though.

Not really a great kisser at first - he hit my chin more often than not.

But he's better now.

We have heaps of fun together...

...and he's really easy to talk to.

I can just tell that he feels much more strongly about me than I do about him and I'm not really sure what I should do about it.

Victoria thinks I should end it: that if it was really right, I'd know. I don't know if I believe that though. Don't these things ever take time to develop? Not everyone falls in love at first sight.

Besides, does she really expect me to be a boyfriendless loser just because I'm not sure if Amar is completely perfect for me? I've had enough of that!

Random pics:

OK, so I was too lazy to do an actual formal/prom thing but I'm doing pictures anyway, because I've got new pose boxes. And because I kind of think Victoria is rocking the chartreuse. It must be a good colour for redheads - I remember Nicole Kidman looking really amazing in a dress the same colour once. I need to find more stuff in that colour for her, because I don't think I have much.

I wish I could have done Amar and Claudia's picture outside at sunset but it started raining! :( So they're in the living room instead.

  • Title is from Electric Feel by MGMT.
  • Amar is in love with Claudia, she's only got a crush on him. He rolls nothing but romantic wants for her on dates and she mostly rolls platonic wants or wants that have nothing to do with Amar at all. So Claudia sees him as a Mr. Right Now, rather than a Mr. Right. At least right now she does, anyway. ;) I'm going to age up Amar once the twins go off to college and see what happens. I'll age up Elmer as well - he's been creeping out my teen girls long enough! I'm not sure if I'll send them to college but they'll get to leave their teen years behind, at the very least!
  • Oh, and he's kissing her chin in that picture because Claudia and Victoria (and Finn) are all slightly taller than the default. I forgot about that until I saw the picture, post play session!
  • As I mentioned, both Claudia and Victoria both got into college. Claudia got 5 scholarships, Victoria got 4. I'm not sure how Victoria will do at college. She's not particularly skilled in anything but creativity and rarely rolls up the want to skill. So it'll be interesting to see if that changes at all. Both girls will start in 2019, which is not as far away as it seems, considering we're moving onto 2018 tomorrow!


  1. I love Megan's hair and glasses, it's so hard to find appropiate things for middle aged sims. That last photo of Finn looks like he's trying to grab her boob and that he's stopping her from grabbing him-I had to giggle :P

    Don't worry Claudia, you'll find a nice boy yet and if you don't, don't worry-every hood needs a crazy cat lady. Too bad she can't visit other hoods, my poor Rojo is anxious to get a girlfriend as well.

  2. That picture where he's kissing her chin is adorable though, and realistic I think. Sometimes bad things happen, you know? They make funny stories later. XD

    Poor Claudia. But she has a point! Sometimes these things take time. So she won't know until later.

    LOL at Apple Valley's comment. I totally had to go back and look at the picture again. It does look like she's trying to grab his butt and he's stopping her while trying to sneak up on her boob!

  3. Ah, too funny! the awkward kissing comment was too realistic!

    The prom pictures were cute. I have a girl in the (fictional) modeling career who I am constantly downloading pose boxes for her so she has better photo shoots. LOL.

    And how did you set up that car kiss? I love your screenshots!

  4. I can't believe the twins are already going off to college soon! It feels like they were babies just a moment ago.

    Poor Claudia, so desperate to get a boyfriend! I'm glad you're giving her and Amar a chance by aging him up. I think I should start aging up my teen townies and get a new batch because the current ones have been there since day 1.

  5. Aw, Claudia and Victoria are almost all grown up! *sniffle* It does seem like they were just babies yesterday. ;)

    I'm glad Claudia did find someone to keep her company and have fun with. Although it's not easy when one person is more serious about the relationship than the other. But there's always the chance to find her true love at college!

    LOL at Apple Valley's comment!!

  6. Wow the twins are growing so fast.

    Plenty of time to find mr right. Prom pictures were great. Totally looks like Finn coping a feel.

    Wtg on the scholarships. Cool that Claudia hoped to take over the farm and market. And amar is pretty cute I do t see y she should rush to end things. Not everyone finds true love In high school

  7. Apple Valley, it really is, isn't it? I find it harder to find appropriate stuff for men though. I have a lot but much of it is recolours of the same few meshes.

    When I looked at that pose, butt and boob grabbing didn't even cross my mind! Too funny! I think I love the picture even more now.

    All my Sims find someone eventually. Usually when I say they're having trouble, it just means they're having trouble finding a playable. I prefer to avoid townies.

    Lunar, I know, I love that picture too! I like that her eyes are open, because it makes look like she's not quite enjoying the kiss.

    I think she'll just have to take her time and see how things go with Amar. Victoria fell in love with Finn when she was 13 and probably doesn't realise how uncommon that is. Her own parents were into their 20s when they met though, so she should.

    I can imagine those two trying to cop a feel off each other in front of Megan. I like to assume she took the picture and that she's a bit stuffy. They're naughty, those two! They tried to have sex on her parents' bed this round.

    bbop, have you got the modeling career from MTS? You could have your Sim be a model for real, then! I have it but am yet to try it out.

    Thanks for the compliment on my screenshots. I didn't need to really set up the car kiss - that's just the Kiss interaction that you'll get with two Sims in the car with a high enough relationship. Make Out and Woohoo fog up the windows, so I don't usually use those for screenshots. I was trying to set something different up for that picture, but it didn't work out. :/ Needs more experimentation.

    Cissie, I know, they're growing up so fast! They're 17 now, seeing I just moved into Summer 2018.

    I think Claudia is having fun with Amar in the meantime but she wants what Victoria has with Finn and is feeling a little left behind. When they turned 12, Claudia's wants panel was filled with romantic wants while Victoria was never really that interested. It wasn't until Victoria started hanging around Finn so much that she rolled romantic wants and they were only for Finn, never general.

    I need some new teen townies in the worst way! Mine have all been around since the beginning too.

    Shana, I was just fixing up some of my older entries and came across the one where the twins were conceived. I'd forgotten they were honeymoon babies! I ended the honeymoon early because Megan was so damn sick!

    Yeah, Amar is smitten, Claudia not so much. There's time though. She may fall in love with him yet and start being a little more interested in him, or she may find someone else entirely. We'll have to wait and see.

    Maisie, I love that everyone is noticing Finn and Victoria trying to cop a feel off each other because I didn't see it at all. It's all can see now, of course! I love it.

    Claudia is Nature, so I've always planned on her taking over the farm. Victoria has itchy feet and I don't think she'd want to come back to the farm after college. I think she's a city person.

  8. I have been looking and looking, but WCIF that crate to pack produce in? Thanks!

  9. LaToya, the produce packing station is from here. There's one for fish too. I have it in my game but haven't actually used it yet.