Sunday, 27 December 2009

Round 23 Outtakes

Warning: partial nudity

Just some very random funny stuff from Round 23 that didn't make it into the updates - enjoy!

Emil, the man who gave us this, this and this (not to mention plenty more public indecency I don't have pictures of), is only okay with PDAs if he's on the giving or receiving end. If it's anyone else, Emil becomes a bit of a prude!

"Grandpa, I don't think we're supposed to lie down on the pews!"

Have you ever waved to someone, thinking they're waving at you and they're actually waving at someone behind you? This poor mailman has! Awkward!

Early on with AL, I figured out that Sims will spin into their everyday clothes before leaving their apartment if they're in their underwear. This rule does not apply to Luc.

LOL! I just thought this one looked funny. I don't think Joanna fell off the whole time she was on this thing.

I took a little too long setting up the 2017 college portrait and I had the game unpaused. Gordon, you dirty hippie, you! I left them there so long that he got a little whiffy!

Did you know remote control cars were sentient beings? Well, now you do! And this one is thinking about Gordon!

So everyone at Sullivan District High thinks it was a fabulous decision for Victoria to turn down Troy's attempt at a kiss. I happen to agree but you've got to feel bad for Troy, seeing he's right there - hope he can't hear! Maia's just congratulating Jacob on being Jacob!

Yeah, well, Olivia didn't ask for your opinion on her hotness, Island Guy! I get offended on behalf of my Sims when fug townies gag at them.

I still am not quite clear on why Lia is making this face but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Luc. It's hilarious, whatever it is!

I'm starting to think Evan may be a bit of a voyeur.

Elspeth is a bit nasty and had the want to torment someone, and unfortunately for Finn, he was the nearest possible victim. This made him very sad.

Geez, Finn...she's FOUR!

I think even Elspeth is surprised about how much of a cry baby her brother is being.

I'm going through some old pictures right now, picking out my very favourites so I can grab them easily when I need them. This picture is from Round 9. Do you know who that is? Long time readers can probably recognise Raffaella in the back but the guy in the front is none other than Lake! It seems he wasn't always so pretty - I must have done surgery on him and completely forgot about it. Patience could have turned out completely differently (Rose is just a clone of Ottilie anyway)!

Remember a while ago when I was looking through David Sitko's memories and found that he'd made out with Owen (who is, for reference, now his brother-in-law) and I'd completely missed it and therefore didn't have any photos? Apparently, I can take pictures of something and still completely miss it!

This one is from Round 11 (which is about 45 years ago, if we count it by the new system). It's probably not hard to recognise Adam but the girl he's kissing is the woman who would become his wife, Athena. I was actually just reading the entry where Adam and Athena "met" and the entry where this would have happened and there was zero mention made of an illicit teen-adult romance! Looking through my other photos, they actually did quite a bit of flirting while Athena was still a teen. Fine behaviour for the future governor! I'm scandalised!


  • I just realised how odd it is that Luc has a stereo outside the front door. It's still there from when Evan had a party before Luc even moved in!


  1. The outtakes always crack me up. Especially the ones with Emil and Luc! Those guys are just something else!

    I'm glad you did surgery on Lake LOL

  2. Cissie, ha, Lake probably wouldn't have been married in with that face! I think it's actually the same face template as Kendal (which is odd, considering they ended up married!) but it looks better on women.

    I don't think I laugh at any of my Sims more than Luc - love him!

  3. LOL that picture with Evan steals the cake... OMG! xDD

    The idea of sentient remote control cars is a very scary thing...

  4. These actually had me chuckling out loud, especially the one with the poor mailman! Hilarious, yes I've had that happen more than once. XD

    And omg, look at Lake. Yikes! Oh, no sim should even think about wearing that hair.

    And Evan, lol! What a creepy grin that is!

  5. oh my! These out takes made me crack up so much, that my son ran into living room to ask what am i laughing at.
    Oh dear I so enjoyed this, with all these naked bottoms and hilarious faces.

  6. Mao, sentient remote control cars - could be a good start for an awful horror movie!

    Lunar, glad you enjoyed!

    Lake still had that hair when he first met Ottilie but she was very unimpressed with him until they went on a second date (at Leo's urging) and Lake had had a haircut. Ah...memories!

    Evan looks so lecherous in that picture. LOL.

    Speechless, there are usually a few naked bums in my outtakes! I have the maturity of a 12 year-old and I think I've had a nudity warning on all my outtakes so far!

  7. Poor mailman!! Love that!!

    Wow Lake. Wow!

    Lol on the car thinking of Gordon!! I've never seen that before.

    Loved these!

  8. Maisie, glad you liked it!

    I've always known there was something weird about the way EA programmed the RC cars but I think this is the first time I've seen one thinking! When you use InSim to force Sims into certain clothing, the RC car comes up as an option. There was a similar picture that I was going to use as part of that update and I was able to get rid of the RC car's thought bubble by forcing it into everyday clothes, just like you can do with actual Sims!