Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Round 23: Autumn 2018
Narrated by Nick Moretti

Grandma is taking Grandpa's death really hard. They were married for 44 years but Mum kind of pre-warned me that Grandma might want to start dating again really soon. Which really grossed me out but I prepared myself.

Instead though, she started focusing all her energies on me. She's constantly wanting to "catch up" and asking me about girlfriends (which is kind of a sore spot right now) and anything else she can think of.

I'm a little worried about her, to be honest. Not that I want her to start bringing boyfriends around or anything but she's not really acting like herself. She's only happy when she's bugging me.

Otherwise, she cries or she wanders around listless, like she doesn't know what to do with herself.

I guess she just misses Grandpa. We all do. His death was pretty sudden. I thought he'd be around to see me off to university - maybe even see me graduate.

Mum wants Grandma to go on a little holiday, to see the vacation house that Dad left her. Grandma's not having it though. She never went with Grandpa so she doesn't want to go at all.

We got some good news, at least. Mum and Jesse just found out they're going to have a baby. She's not due until next year but they're already really excited.

I never would have guessed if she hadn't said anything. The only way she's been acting different is she's been eating a lot more. When Cara was pregnant, she was always really tired, she was sick all the time and to be honest, kind of crabby towards the end. Maybe it's worse if you're having twins.

I'm excited about it. It was really weird to go from being an only child for 14 years to having a brother and a sister but I got used to it and I'll get used to this too. Grandma didn't say much but I think she's pleased.

No one's more excited than Mum and Jesse though.

Just a few weeks before they found out, I heard them talking in the kitchen and they were worried it wasn't ever going to happen for them.

Mum invited my uncle Jonas and his family over around the other night to visit Grandma.

I think Mum was hoping seeing Jonas and her other grandchildren might cheer Grandma up a bit.
Plus, she wanted to announce her pregnancy. Tatiana especially is really thrilled for her.

Ever since Josie dumped me, I've been hanging out in my room a lot. I don't really feel like seeing any of my friends outside of school, so I often head into my bedroom as soon as I get home and just space out for a while.

Mum is worried, because I haven't really told her what's wrong. She knows Josie and I broke up but that's all I said. I didn't tell her I got dumped and I definitely didn't tell her we'd had sex. I think she's trying to get clues by listening in to my end of my phone calls.

But she's mostly focusing on trying to get me out of the house. It's not healthy to stay at home alone all the time, she says. I got dumped, I think I should be allowed some moping time. Especially when I still love the girl and she flat out said she didn't feel the same way about me. After we'd had sex, which was her idea in the first place.

She's called a couple of times. I don't know why Jesse doesn't just tell her I'm not home but he doesn't.

So I just try to get off the phone as quickly as possible. She still wants to be friends, I think but don't know if I can. Not now, anyway.

I don't know if Mum's been talking to Calvin or something but he came around to drag me out of the house, insisting it was just what I needed.

Well, no, I didn't need salad dumped on me by a clumsy waiter but it should make Mum happy that I'm out with my friends.

I thought maybe Maia would be able to offer the female perspective. I mean, Josie told me why she was breaking up with me but I really didn't get it. It seemed so sudden.

I forgot how much Maia hates Josie though. She's pretty convinced that the reason Josie dumped me is because she's an evil bitch. Sigh. Maia has this whole rivalry going on with Patience. Josie is best friends with Patience, so Josie and Maia hate each other now.

Troy wasn't really any help either. He just kept talking about how cool it was that we'd had sex. Yeah, maybe it would be if we were still together but she dumped me. And if I didn't know any better, I'd almost think he was happy that Josie broke up with me!

Random pics:

Dominic and Audrey are so cute! I really hope Tatiana and Jonas try for #4 once Jacob moves out. I guess we'll see!

  • Title comes from the Pulp song Mis-Shapes.
  • Mina's wants have been really strange since Pascal died. I was expecting lots of woohoo and make out wants but she rolled one Woohoo in Bed want and that was near the very end of the session. I wouldn't have been surprised to see a Get Married or Fall in Love want, seeing she's Family secondary but none of that either. She's had very generic wants - studying the AL bookcase skills and talking to people (she had the want to talk to Maria and now they're friends again) but mostly, she just wants to hang around Nick all the time.
  • Poor Nick. He's still in love with Josie and the feeling is not mutual. He needs to get over her, stat. He doesn't actually roll any wants for her though, so that's a good sign, I guess. I don't need another Abigail on my hands right now!
  • Nick got so angry talking to Troy and Maia and I've never seen him do that before! I don't think I've ever seen Nick angry at all, actually. He's very angsty right now and he's totally emo-ing! And Troy probably is happy Josie and Nick broke up. He's got a major thing for her.
  • Abigail and Jesse's baby is due in Summer 2019 and it took forever for them to conceive. I've never had a couple try so hard and fail before. I lost count of the number of times they woohooed. I even resorted to the Maxis try for baby option after a while (it has higher chance of success, at least in my experience) and it still took several tries! But anyway, she's pregnant now and I'm happy. :)
  • Abigail has thrown up exactly once and doesn't even seem especially tired or hungry. I don't remember her having much trouble with Nick either, so I guess she's one of those lucky women.
  • I didn't actually end up doing much with it, because I got so caught up with the Nick and Josie thing, plus getting Abigail pregnant and keeping an eye on Mina but it was Abigail who rolled the Small Lottery Prize ROS. She got $400. I was going to have her spend it but seeing as how they just dropped $10,000 on fertility treatments and don't have much cash, they kept it instead.


  1. I wish my couples took more time to have babies, LOL! Sure would make things easier on poor, little old me. ;)

    I love Abigail's outfit. And how fitting, with death comes life and vice versa. Hopefully a little one added to the family will take away some of the burden of grief.

  2. I felt so bad for Nick. Your pics really displayed his sorrow at the breakup.

    I also would like to say I love Abigail's outfit too!

  3. Poor Nick, he's really taking this breakup hard.

    Yay for Abigail and Jesse finally getting pregnant! I'm blown away at the price of the fertility treatment though, have you raised the price or did they have many treatments?

  4. Yeah for a new baby. I bet that would be strange to get used to for Nick. All those pregnant women! OT in college we studied family dynamics and it was believed that an only child for 8 years meant they'd carry the traits of being an only child for life.

    Poor Nick he seems to be having a hard time. I imagine it's not an ego boost being dumped after the first time.

  5. Congrats on the new baby! I was thinking the same thing as Maisie, it must be a bit strange for Nick. He's been an only child all this time and suddenly end up with new siblings from both parents.

    Poor Nick. I hope he can get over Josie soon and stop feeling so upset about it.

  6. Well, now it's Abigail's turn to have a new baby. That's great news!

    I had to go back and read about Nick and Jamie's breakup. Poor baby, he's learning quickly that he'll never be able to figure out a woman. LOL! We're very complex creatures. hahaha. What a blow to his ego though...after having sex for the first time, you're dumped by the girl that brought the idea to you first! I'm sure he must be confused as all get out.

    You've got all your 'stars' in that banner up top. Minus Caleb, of course...*wink* But, Nick makes up for that. I love how you've done that.

  7. Mao, sometimes I'm glad my Sims are have trouble! Like Tate and Zelda both want a fourth and I have it locked for them (because I love simultaneous baby wants) but I'm secretly happy every time they fail. But I really wanted this for Jesse and Abigail, because Jesse doesn't have any kids yet. He's wanted a baby for probably 5 or 6 years now. It's a newer want for Abigail.

    I thought Abigail getting pregnant was quite fitting too. If only Pascal could have stayed around to meet the new baby. Nick wasn't really born in the most joyous of circumstances, so Pascal has never really experienced that with Abigail.

    Abigail's outfit is by Xandher at TSR. There are a whole bunch of colours.

    DeMonde, thank you. Nick's not coping, the poor kid and his closest friends aren't very understanding. One wants Josie for himself and the other hates her.

    Cissie, losing his virginity to Josie before she dumped him has definitely compounded the sadness for Nick.

    But no, the fertility treatments have always been $10,000. They only pay it once though and that covers them from when they start trying until they fall pregnant. They only have to pay again if they want fertility treatments for another child.

    Shana, I've read something similar and it makes sense. If you're 16 years older than your younger sibling (which will be the age difference between Nick and this new baby), you're not exactly going to need to share anything with them or develop a sibling bond. I've heard of siblings with big age differences who end up with more of a parental type relationship, or perhaps an uncle/aunt and niece/nephew sort of thing.

    Josie dumping him was definitely not an ego boost for Nick but hopefully, he'll come to see what she sees - they're really not a good match.

    Shana, yes, going from no siblings to 3 in the span of 2 years would be a shock to the system, especially at Nick's age. I read once that if parents want to give a sibling to an only child, they should do it either before or after the kid hits puberty. That's apparently the worst time. So Nick's well past that, at least.

    I hope he gets over Josie too. I'm looking around for other girls for him. ;)

    Simmington, we are complex and someone like Josie is especially so. She's a funny one, that girl. Nick's feeling very confused right now.

    LOL, my sister made that banner and I'm not allowed to interfere in her creative process - I just gave her a bunch of pictures and let her pick them. I didn't really have a say in what pics she used but she tried to remember who my favourites were. She did a pretty good job! I'm kind of surprised she remembered Nick though. I didn't think I talked about him that much to her. ;) She's planning to make me some other banners and showing me how to swap them out, so maybe she'll put Caleb on one of them.

  8. I'll chime in with a poor Nick too! Poor Nick. He does look a little annoyed in that pic where he's hanging out with Maia and Troy. But after a breakup, well, I can understand that. It's not easy, and then people are talking about it around him.

    But he and Jesse really rock that hair style. I never thought it was cute before, but seeing it on your sims I think it's adorable!

  9. Lunar, I think Nick would probably appreciate some sympathy right now but he's not really getting any. His parents would be sympathetic but he's so shy that he wouldn't talk to either of them about this. I think he'd rather crawl into a hole and die.

    I don't know how much longer Jesse can get away with that hair, adorable as it is but I'm not going to be able to cut it. He'll be like Adam, I think. Nick wants to join the military after college and I'm considering not letting him so he can keep his hair too. LOL. I get very attached to my Sims' hairstyles once I find the perfect one for them.