Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Round 23: Autumn 2018
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Olivia Nihill and Lia Novak are both 21.
(Ione and Gordon are both 22 and Steve is 23)
Narrated by Olivia Nihill

For our last year at university, Lia and I rented a beach house near campus! Well, I did. I've been saving all my grant money but I didn't want to live by myself so I invited Lia along. It's nice being out of the dorms and we're truly on our own for the first time now. And we're on the beach!

I've been painting a lot again since we got here. How could I not be inspired by such a gorgeous view?

Speaking of gorgeous! I'm still with Steve and he comes up to visit me every weekend. I wish it could be more often but his boss wouldn't think much of that!

Lia has an admirer in Finnegan Roth. He wants to go out with her but she's more hesitant. He calls all the time.

He also comes over all the time. Uninvited but I'm not too uptight about visitors. Lia is, it really bothers her.

I think he's pretty cute (I like redheads though) and he seems sweet but Lia doesn't really want to start anything with him.

Lia told me it was because they had nothing in common - he talks about money all the time, which bores her to tears. I thought maybe it was just the Gordon thing - that either she's still hung up on him or she's just apprehensive about getting serious with another guy. But when I sat down to talk with them, I found Finnegan really does talk about money all the time. And it really is boring, so that's probably not going to go anywhere!

Lia is probably just as single-minded as Finnegan is. She has no idea what she wants to do when she graduates. Apart from have babies.

Lia and I have been talking a lot about Gordon lately. She's always saying how he's the only one she could ever see herself with, she still loves him, et cetera. I think they'll end up back together but I just hope that when that day comes, he has truly changed.

Lia has been reading all these relationship self-help books lately. Which is fine, except she's making me read them too! They're full of such crap but Lia treats them like gospel.

Maybe it was reading those terrible books or maybe it was something I ate but I went to bed feeling absolutely foul that night. My whole family had the flu a while back and I was pretty sure that's what I was coming down with too.

The next morning, I could hear Lia downstairs on the exercise bike and I just prayed she wouldn't come into my bedroom and figure out I was sick. I knew she'd make a huge deal about it and try to get me to see a doctor or something and, really, all I needed was some rest!

I would rather have been in bed but that would have given me away, so I went online for a while instead. Steve was signed into IM, so I talked to him for a little bit. Steve and I actually met on the internet. I guess some people probably think that's pathetic, but I don't care. Who knows how long we would have taken to meet otherwise, or if we would have met at all?

Anyway, so I spent the next couple of days hiding from Lia. I wasn't exerting myself but I wasn't going to see a doctor! That's such overkill.

Lia had assignments to do, so it was a while before we crossed paths.

She finally figured it out though. My nose was all stuffy and it showed in my voice. So Lia started with the mothering and insisted she knew just the thing to help me.

All I could do was roll my eyes. I'd just have to go along with whatever Lia said now. She wasn't going to take no for an answer.

When she called me into the kitchen, I saw Lia had made the most disgusting looking soup I'd ever seen in my life. And she wanted me to eat it! Yuck! I tried to say I was feeling better but she insisted. It wasn't that bad but I honestly was feeling a little better anyway. I'd hidden myself away pretty successfully for the worst of it.

She did make up for her soup sins by calling Steve over to visit me.

It was so unnecessary but I'm always happy to see Steve. And it was sweet that he was worried about me, though I'm sure that was in part because of Lia exaggerating my illness.

I hardly ever get to see him during the week, so we made the most of the time we had.

I even got away from my nursemaid for the afternoon!

She fell asleep outside so Steve and I drove back to Sullivan for a little while. I was going stir-crazy being stuck in the house!

While Steve and I were gone, Gordon called Lia and invited her out with some friends of his.

So she went along and Gordon had invited Ione, Ione's boyfriend Evan, his roommate Luc, plus another girl Lia didn't know named Lucia.

Oh, and Jamie. I don't know what the hell is wrong with this guy. If you're hoping for a reconciliation with your ex, why would you invite the girl you cheated with on a fun night out with said ex? I swear, I think Gordon has sawdust in place of a brain.

Anyway, the group was so big that they spilled onto two tables and Jamie had the nerve to sit down at the table Lia was at! I wasn't there, obviously, but Lia told me she gave her a dirty look!

Lia confronted Gordon about why he brought Jamie along and he insisted there was nothing going on between them any more and they haven't so much as touched since he and Lia broke up.

Which Lia totally bought, of course. Maybe he's telling the truth, I don't know. But if a guy had cheated on me and was trying to get me back, he'd have to cut all ties with whatever skank he happened to have cheated with, not hang out with her, even "as friends".

I'm going to have to call Ione later and see what she thought of all this. I can't imagine she would have been too impressed either!

Gordon supposedly hung around with Luc most of the night. I'll check that with Ione too. I sometimes wonder if Lia is putting the best face on things with Gordon because she wants to get back together so badly.

I was glad Ione was there to keep Lia away from Gordon! I still think they'll end up back together but if he's bringing Jamie out with them, he's clearly not ready for Lia to take him back yet.

Lia and I have graduated now, so Gordon will be a lot closer by. I guess that could be a good thing - he might be more inclined to straighten himself out with Lia nearby. We'll see, I guess.

Grad pics:

Just to prove to you that Jace and Magdalena did attend their daughter's grad!
And so did Ben and Caterina...

and Steve...

I completely forgot to do individual pics this time. Lame! I'm going to have to dress them up again and fake it, because it's going to drive me crazy that the Nihills have one for Max and not for Olivia.

  • Title is from Laid by James, which is still one of my favourite songs ever.
  • I discovered my uni terrain has space for beach lots, so I thought why not? Olivia is rich, so I can see her renting a beach house anyway. Olivia will be receiving a substantial amount of money from her trust fund when she turns 25 (I think I calculated it as about $200,000), so she didn't need all that grant money anyway.
  • Lia and Finnegan: they are a strong two bolts but Lia just shows no interest at all. He flirts with her, even makes out with her and she only just got a crush on him. She's never interacted with him romantically. When they talk, they just argue. So it seems like a mostly physical attraction. I was going to get something started with them but I don't think Lia's the type to base a relationship on just physical attraction, so there was just a lot of flirtation.
  • Lia has the want to Fall in Love. Her aspiration seems to drop very quickly - Family Sims are so hard to keep happy when they're single! Anyway, Lia spins up wants for Gordon constantly. I've decided I'm going to wait until they're 100/100 (he is already, she's not) and then see what happens. For the first time this round, Lia rolled up the want to woohoo, which kind of spun me out. I know as a Sim, she doesn't know that she's waiting until marriage but until now, her wants have always lined up pretty conveniently with what I have planned for her. But you know, just because she's saving herself for marriage, it doesn't mean she doesn't want to have sex, so it seems quite realistic to me anyway.
  • Olivia is Sim #7 to be hit with the Flu Epidemic ROS. Except...after taking super good care of her and setting up all those pics, I realised she wasn't actually sick. I know what I did wrong but I feel pretty silly!
  • I imagine the university is about a 45 minute drive from Exeter (my downtown) and just over an hour from Sullivan. So it's a little too far for Steve to drive back and forth from every night after work but not out of the realm of possibility that he could do it on weekends, or when his girlfriend's room-mate calls and insists she's at death's door. ;)


  1. I don't know. I think Steve could have bucked up a little on the traveling. I did four hours round trip same day in the name of love.

    I was nervous Olivia was pregnant. Glad to see she isn't. Yet anyway!

    Loved the beach house off campus. What a luxurious way to study. And wow on the trust fund!

  2. I love the idea of a beach house for the campus folk! Aw, man, I am so envious. That has to be great for the well-to-do sims. ;)

    Gordon and Lia are such a mess! I can only imagine you sitting there, wishing they would just make up their minds, LOL!

    I love love Olivia. She is just awesome.

  3. I, like Maisie, thought Olivia was pregnant as well.

    Their beach house is too cute, I love the corkboard and the group of paintings above the dresser. Do you mind me asking WCIF?

    The pose with Steve taking care of Olivia-swoon!

    I agree with Olivia, that Gordon better hit the road and get his act together if he wants Lia!

    I'm going to have to send you my sims so you can take photos of them, you are a pro with those posed photos.

    One last thing, can Olivia adopt me? She has it set once she turns 25. Wow.

  4. Wow, I'm jealous too! Imagine getting to spend the rest of college in your own beach house! Can Olivia adopt me too? LOL ;)

    Aw, I love the graduation picture with Steve. So cute.

    Gordon definitely needs to get his act together if he wants to get back with Lia! I can't believe he brought Jamie on the outing with him!

  5. I love the beach house on campus, and from what I've seen of it, it looks great, it makes me wanna go to the beach :-)

    Just like Maisie I thought Olivia was pregnant, thankfully for her she wasn't.

  6. Maisie, hmmm, I don't know. The Central Coast is about an hour away from Sydney and I can't imagine driving that far more than once a week! They're living right down the street from each other now, so it's no longer an issue anyway!

    Ha, I definitely want Olivia to wait a while before she gets knocked up. She's on birth control but that can fail, so it was a possibility, however slight!

    Mao, I'd never done a uni beach house before but it was major fun! Maybe Josie can rent it when she gets to college...she's loaded too!

    Gordon and Lia are pretty loudly telling me they want to be together but then Gordon does something dumb like bringing Jamie on an outing that includes Lia and I really wonder! LOL.

    I'm glad others like Olivia as much as I do. She's one of my favourites, for sure.

    Apple Valley, ha, I'm kind of surprised but amused that so many of you thought Olivia was pregnant!

    The corkboard is from one of the stuff packs I recently bought - I'm going to guess and say it's probably Kitchen and Bath, as opposed to Celebrations or Glamour. But the group of paintings is by Steffor. I'm 99% sure I got it from http://jaue.com/avalon/ I'd made a WCIF about it myself and it was a HUGE pain to find it on the site so hopefully they've improved their layout a bit!

    I love that pose with Olivia and Steve on the bed. Definitely a swoon moment! I have so much fun doing these posed photos. I've been in heaven the past few days because I've download a huge bunch more pose boxes and have been playing with them all.

    Gordon is an idiot right now. I'll be interested to see what his deal is when I play him next. It feels like so long ago but it was only the last college update!

    Shana, ha, Olivia's a lucky girl, isn't she?

    I love that grad pic too. Be prepared for me to overuse that pose! I've been looking for one like that forever. But Steve and Olivia are so adorable together.

    When I saw Jamie had turned up, I just thought "Are you serious?!?" Gordon's got a bit of growing up to do, I think.

    Tanja, heh, I don't even like the beach and looking at their beach house made me want to go to the beach!

    No babies for Olivia, at least for a while!

  7. Add me to the bunch...it crossed my mind that maybe Olivia was pregnant, too! LOL!

    Love the beach house and the way you've decorated it.

    Olivia is my girl. I love her and Steve. And I can't wait to see what comes of their future together. And now I find out how rich she is...wow.

  8. Simmington, I hardly touched the beach house actually. I just changed the couches, Olivia's bed and swapped out the surfboard above the dresser for the painting (you can see the surfboard was still there in the pic of Lia on the phone). Everything else was exactly as it was when I downloaded the house.

    Olivia isn't the type to flash her wealth around. The beach house is the one time that she's splashed out on anything and it was money she'd saved up herself. :)

    But I'm so excited to follow her and Steve. I love them together.

  9. Ha, I worried Olivia was pregnant too with all the woohoo they do! XD

    I love that these two are in a house together. They're y two favorite right now. I don't know what I think about Gordon and Lia together, but I can imagine why Lia the character would be drawn to him. He was her first love after all, really. Funny that the sim works that way too.

  10. Lunar, I wouldn't have been surprised if Olivia got pregnant. They really do woohoo a lot! They've both got the want almost constantly, even when they're apart and it rolls back as soon as I fulfill it.

    I'm glad you like Lia and Olivia because I really do too. You'll see in birthdays today that they're going to live together for a little while post-college. I have them in Caleb's old unit.

    Lia's definitely in love, despite what the lack of red heart says. ;) Gordon's the same. They're both miserable without each other. Lia's not bothered with Finnegan at all and I've had Gordon date a couple of other girls and it never goes anywhere. He's still all about Lia.