Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Some lots for download

Anilyn at N99 asked me if I'd mind sharing my primary and high school lots with her. I don't mind at all, so I decided rather than e-mailing them to her, I'd put them up here, just in case anyone else wanted to grab them too.

They are completely stripped of custom content, so they won't look exactly like mine. I didn't really know what was shareable and what wasn't and apart from that, the files were huge with all the CC! I think I used mostly Maxis build stuff, so the actual shell of the buildings should look mostly the same.

These were built with all expansions, plus H&M, Ikea and M&G. I'm not sure if you need the stuff packs installed to use these (though I know the high school uses the mansard roof from M&G) but you would definitely need the expansions.

Rather than posting pictures here, I'll just link to the lot tours I did back when I first built them.

Sullivan Primary School - Download (lot tour here)
Sullivan District High School - Download (lot tour here)

...and just because it was in my packaged lots folder and I might as well, I'll put the farmer's market up too.

Kirby Market - Download (lot tour here)

Please let me know if there are any problems, especially in regards to the actual downloading! I've never put up zip files for download here before and I hope I've done it right!


  1. I'm finally coming out of lurkdom to make a comment!
    The downloads work just fine.
    Thank you so much for sharing your lots - I really appreciate it and I'm sure I'm not the only one :)

  2. Oh how sweet of you!

    I always wanted your high school lot, but never considered asking. And now I've made all of mine! I'm going to download the high school though and compare layouts to see if I wanna redecorate/switch.

    Can you grow produce on the community lot then?

  3. Anilyn, you're very welcome. Once I'm in game, it doesn't take long to package them up anyway. Hope to see you around more often now! ;)

    Maisie, there's never any harm in asking! Most of my lots are downloaded, so I wouldn't share those but I'd be pretty happy to share anything I built myself.

    As for the produce, I never did work that out! Next time I play the Kirbies, I'll drag Claudia along to the lot with Trent and have her go crazy with the greenhouse and see what happens!