Monday, 28 December 2009

Round 24 ROS

My ROS for this round. I won't have to kill anyone for once! As with last round, as these events happen, I'll link to them here.


  1. Those are some fun ROS. I would love to see your ROS file, for some reason I feel that mine is getting a little...old :\

  2. Ditto apple. I don't think mine has all those!

  3. I'm glad you don't have to kill anyone. They all look like a lot of fun, well except for the car accident of course.

    I agree with Apple Valley and Maisie, I'd love to see your ROS list. I'm constantly modifying mine when I see good ones.

  4. Whew, I'm glad no one is getting killed off (intentionally) in this round! Those all seem like interesting ROS. I'm looking forward to seeing who wins the lottery!

  5. Everyone, I can put up my ROS list for you but it'll have to wait until tonight or tomorrow morning. Not many of them are my own - mostly a mix of Laura's, Jade's originals and a bunch of others that I've "borrowed" from other bloggers! I modify mine all the time too.

    Cissie, well, when Jonas got into a car accident, that actually was kind of fun! Probably not for him - he was very bored, I think - but it was a fun little challenge for me.

    Shana, you'll find out who wins the lottery in the first half of the round, so not long to wait to find out!