Friday, 11 December 2009

All these things that I've done

Round 23: Summer 2018
Last updates: Rose/Joanna
Joanna Gottlieb and Rose Draper are both 23.
Adam is 63, Athena is 58, Wade is 28, Luc is 25)

Joanna's plane is due to touch down at 4.15 and Wade and Rose have parked themselves in the arrivals lounge to wait. Being completely unfamiliar with air travel, Rose thought an ETA of 4.15 meant she'd finally see Joanna at 4.15. She's disappointed when Wade tells her they'll be lucky if the plane has even landed by then.

Adam and Athena are excited that they'll soon have their daughter at home with two feet on the ground but the arrivals lounge started to do their heads in, so they're whiling away the rest of the time in the airport bar. There's a departure board right outside the doorway, so they'll be easily able to run back down once Joanna's plane lands.

And almost an hour late, it finally does. Joanna is feeling especially grumpy right now. She's not sure if the flight was that awful or if it's just that she's well and truly sick of flying, airports, security, customs, etc. in general.

All Joanna wanted to was get her luggage and go and find the welcoming party she knew was waiting for her in arrivals. Had she bought any other colour luggage besides black, she probably could have spotted her bag a lot faster.

Finally! Joanna's stowed all of her crap in a locker and is free to reunite with these people she's missed so much over the past two years.

Joanna was surprised by how much she missed her parents while she was travelling, given that she had already been living away from home for three years when she left. But she did, and she's just as happy to be back home as they are to have her home.

She even found herself missing Wade. Occasionally.

No prizes for guessing who Joanna missed the most. She and Rose are in absolutely no rush to be separated from each other again any time soon.

Now that he knows his daughter is safe and sound, Adam's thoughts turn to his stomach, which is feeling rather empty and is making a loud grumbling sound. It's definitely time to grab some dinner but Joanna and Rose seem to have disappeared.

They've snuck off, found an empty photo booth and are busy getting reacquainted with each other, much to the disgust of a passing teenage cashier.

Well, it's been two years since they've so much as held hands, so you can hardly blame them.

Adam's got a coupon for Tate's Grub Hub (you don't get rich by throwing money around constantly, after all!), so that's where Joanna's welcome home dinner is. Joanna was hoping to sit next to Rose herself but for some reason, her dad claims that seat for himself. Joanna does quite enjoy having everyone's attention on her as she regales them with stories from her trip though.

Finally, a full six hours after her plane touched down, Joanna are alone.

They're both living at the share house for the mean time but tonight, Joanna is just happy to be home with Rose.

Joanna has an entirely different opinion the next morning when she discovers that one of their roomies, her cousin Luc, is not especially fond of wearing pants around the house. She gets Rose searching for a new place for them right away. No success yet but they're still looking!

So as to avoid pantless Luc, when they're at home, they spend most of their time in the bedroom.

Rose is outdoorsy though and she gets a bit stir crazy being in the house all the time. So the girls head to a nearby park, where it occurs to Joanna - shouldn't Rose be at work?

Well, Rose works nights but yes, she has given herself a couple of vacation days since Joanna got back. She doesn't even really like that job anyway. If she got fired, she might not even care!

Random pic:

(click to enlarge)
Yay! Don't you love simultaneous marriage wants? They just give me the warm fuzzies! I'm kind of surprised this popped up so fast for these two. They're only one bolt and Rose is Popularity, which is, in my experience, an aspiration that's not particularly inclined to roll marriage wants willy-nilly. Maybe it's not such a shock though. Rose and Joanna roll wants for each other all the time when the other isn't there and when Rose turned up accidentally at my vacation lots while Joanna was there, it was a battle to keep them apart.

Rose and Joanna are not engaged yet. I'll make a much bigger deal about it when they do get engaged. ;) I've decided they're too young to get married right now, considering they are both recent graduates, have no real place to live yet and Joanna doesn't even have a job yet.


  • The title comes from All These Things That I've Done by The Killers.
  • The airport doesn't run too badly on my computer but I think the game was groaning. I had to teleport in some extra townies because none were showing up. And yes, I was having lots of fun with the prop hack. ;)
  • I have never seen a cashier react with disgust to public woohoo! Usually they just all gather round cheering!
  • I pretty much have to force Luc into pants. He's a slob so he doesn't shower autonomously until he's really stinky, so he stays in his undies all day if left to his own devices (which he was in this update - I didn't direct Luc or Gordon to do anything at all).


  1. I'm so glad that Joanna is back! I'm sure Rose is more happy than I am though lol.....and I love the airport, it looks great!!!!

  2. The airport looks really awesome! I've been waiting for this post to see it. I don't think my computer could handle it so I'll just enjoy seeing it in other people's games.

  3. I loved the airport scenes! I'm glad Joanna is back and she and Rose are back together again. :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Yup, Rose and Joanna are definitely thrilled to be back together. They're very sweet together, especially for a one bolt couple. I think they're my only one bolters right now.

    The airport was so much fun to take pictures in. The creator really thought of everything - they're very detailed lots. Although in the end, the part I needed to shoot was the only lot of the set I hadn't redone in "my" colours. It looks good but a little too Southwestern for Exeter. I'll be fixing that up next time I go in game, so everything matches.

    They're definitely enormous lots though. 5 x 5, which I'm still in the habit of avoiding from the time I had a much slower computer! Nice to know I can run them now!

  5. The lot really did look very wonderfully real.

    And gotta love that prop hack.

    These two are darling. Love the pics of them in the park together.

    But LOL at Luc. Appropriate. Very appropriate.

  6. Yeah Joanna is back! I'll miss her adventure updates but I'm sure Rose is thrilled to have her home. I did t remember that they were only one bolt. They sure do have a lot of wants for such low boltage.

    I liked the restaurant photo with everyone gathered together. Glad the lot loaded for u. I love those airport lots.

  7. Lunar, thanks! I can't believe that's the first time I've actually used the prop hack, rather than playing with it. I'm already hoping for some more props to be added! I could have used a newspaper and maybe a suitcase or backpack too.

    I wouldn't have thought Rose and Joanna would work (nice slob with mean neat freak) but they do. They seem to complement each other rather than clash. I love them together. They do that same thing Finn and Victoria do all the time - just stand there grinning at each other like goons. It's really cute.

    And Luc walking around in his underpants does seem to suit his personality, doesn't it? LOL.

    Maisie, I think Joanna was sick of travelling, so she's just as happy to be home. OK...I'm totally projecting there, because that's how I felt after only three weeks of almost constant travel! Sims don't really care, obviously but she did roll a lot of wants for Rose while she was away, plus a lot of general romantic wants. They missed each other, for sure.

    I wasn't too worried about the lot loading, although I was a little worried about it staying loaded and even more worried about it being too laggy to play. Not an issue, thank goodness!

  8. Oooh, it's really neat seeing the airport in action. I love the shot of her coming from the ramp thing (I don't travel - I have no idea what these things are called, lol!).

    And awww, I do love simultaneous marriage wants :)

  9. Laura, thanks! I'm glad you like the picture of the bridge (hmmm, I think that's what it's called!) because that one took forever to set up! Joanna was on an OMSP and I had snapobjectstogrid off but for some reason, I was getting the full range of placement and she kept snapping to the grid anyway. Which is why she's not actually on the bridge!

    I'm such a geek. I get so excited about marriage wants!

  10. Oh, I was looking forward to this update! I love how realistic the airport was! My favorite picture was when Joanna came off the ramp/bridge thing too, and when she's waiting for her luggage!

    Oh, I'm glad they are rolling marriage wants!

    And my word verification is symen. LOL!

  11. bbop, thanks, I'm glad it didn't disappoint! There were a few of you waiting to see this! They're really amazing lots though.

    I'm glad they've got the marriage wants popping up. I love a wedding, though I'm not planning one for Rose and Joanna just yet. They're going to wait a little while.

  12. Aww how sweet! Loved the peek inside the airport and liked your use of props. Looked so authentic. I caught myself smiling from ear to ear for those 2.

    And whoa! Seven want slots?! That's sweet to see that each and every want and fear were (mostly) to interact with each other. It was like she really was away and now they don't want to be apart EVER.

  13. Danielle, thank you! The prop hack is really fun to play around with, though I usually forget. I just used it the other day to have one of my Sims carry a bag of groceries. It works really well with most of the game animations too - it just looked like she was talking but with her groceries in one arm.

    I was smiling for pretty much this whole play session. :) I was really looking forward to Rose and Joanna being reunited. The whole thing worked out really well. They really did act like they missed each other and the simultaneous marriage wants seemed appropriate too. Like you said, like they wanted to make sure they weren't apart again.

    The 7 want slots was just temporary though. One of the rewards that you get for a good vacation is an extra want slot and seeing Joanna had already graduated and got the extra two you get for going through uni, she had 7. She's just got the regular 7 now.

  14. I bet it was really fun playing with the prop hack. I'm definitely going to look at that and the other sets of posing boxes you've been using. They look great and add a lot to the story.

    And I thought it was 1 too many want slots than I remember. It's been ages since I got a sim all the way through Uni, so I couldn't remember how many extra slots they got when they finished. It sucks that there was no big reward for completing all that stuff. Typical EAxis. But at least it was something different for you and your sims to try out.

  15. Danielle, it is fun but every now and then when I'm using it, I think that there's really need to add more props. More colours of bouquets, a rolled up newspaper, a stack of books - I've wanted all of those at one time or another! I hope it's added to one day.

    Ah, see, most of my Sims go to college but when I don't send them, I sometimes use the Lot Debugger to give them the extra locks and wants anyway! So six wants is what looks standard to me.