Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Round 24: Summer 2019

Staff: Principal Betsy Carmody is 48, Kendal Draper is 43.
Students: Patience Draper, Josie Benton and Maia Novak are all 17, Nick Moretti, Aaron Novak and Calvin and Troy Clarke are all 16, Sarah Carmody is 14, Ethan Novak and Matilda Jacobson are both 13 and Adrienne Novak is 12.

This year, Kendal will be teaching Grades 7-9 and she's secretly quite glad about that. Maybe it'll be easier to gain some authority when you're not teaching students who are already towering over you!

Agreeing to a game of kicky bag during class is probably not the best way to show the kids you mean business!

Luckily, all traces of kicky bag games have been removed from the classroom by the time the principal stops in for a visit. After being the sole teacher at SDHS for so long, Betsy is still a little precious about having things done her way.

But this morning, all Betsy could really complain about would be the fact that Ethan seems more interested in whatever is going on outside the window than what's going on in the novel he's supposed to be reading for English!

If Aaron was the slightest bit interested in girls, he could probably do quite well for himself. It's probably a good thing for Patience and Maia that he's gay. They already have one guy they're fighting over and they don't need another!

Patience is back at her work bench just in time, right before Principal Carmody comes back in the room. Patience and Josie are both on strict orders to stay on the opposite side of the room from their arch rival Maia and leaving her post to check out Aaron could have got Patience in a bit of strife.

Aaron is totally oblivious to any attention he gets from girls. Right now, his mind is only on Calvin. Well, and this stupid robot they're supposed to be making!

Nick wishes he was supposed to be making a robot. Robots he can do! Pet bricks though? Nick is baffled.

Not much to say here but this was likely a very awkward lunch.

Check out that greasy eyeball Josie is getting from Maia!

Ethan and Sarah have been dating for...ooh, must be a whole two weeks by now! He's a little embarrassed by his lack of table manners, so he usually shares his lunch with his friend Matilda instead.

Ethan will probably have to eat in front of Sarah eventually but today, she's otherwise occupied anyway. She doesn't like Troy or anything but she does think it's kind of cool that the older kids are actually deigning to talk to her this year!

Some of these new kids are in need of a severe attitude adjustment! Adrienne actually has the nerve to go to the principal and complain about the quality of food in the cafeteria! It's out of character for Betsy but she's actually speechless!

Having to eat lunch with Maia must have put Josie in a bad mood because she feels like bitching at somebody. Unfortunately for Sarah, she happens to be that somebody!

Ethan gets in Josie's way too, so he gets joy buzzered.

Ethan is just thinking "This girl is 17?" but Josie thinks it's hilarious. Adrienne seems to find it quite amusing too - she should watch out, because she might be next.

Ethan gets his own back with a water balloon, much to Josie's annoyance. She is so glad this is her last year at this school!

Finding the playground full of bratty little kids, ex-boyfriends and boyfriend stealers, Josie and Patience ride out the rest of their lunch hour in the music room.

Outside, the boyfriend stealer in question, Maia, is getting to know Calvin, her best friend Aaron's new boyfriend (who she has no plans of stealing, in case Patience is wondering). She's been at school with Calvin for years now but they never really met until he started dating Aaron. Aaron is relieved his best friend and his boyfriend get along so well. He's planning on introducing Calvin to his parents eventually and can only hope their meeting is as successful.

Random pic:

I was going to somehow work this into the Carmody update but I forgot. I've got the dumbs today. I don't know what the hell I was going to do with it anyway! But I like it - it looks like Betsy is making sure Sarah has her seatbelt on. Which she doesn't, of course. It's such a tiny thing but I think that would have been kind of a cute addition to the game.

  • Title is from Ask by The Smiths.
  • Calvin and Troy are already taller than Kendal and they're not done growing yet. I don't yet know how tall they'll be. I wasn't doing StretchSkeleton when Samson was still alive but Galen was taller than average, so I imagine Samson probably was too, so the twins have most likely inherited that from him.
  • Josie and Adrienne are both using the "Complain To" interaction, which you only get on owned business lots. Poor Sarah has to bear the brunt of some of the complaints about the school. Seeing she lives in the same household as Betsy (the "owner"), the other Sims expect her to take on a management role. That's a mighty big ask at 14!


  1. Sheesh, I am hopelessly behind with Sullivan! The kids all look great though! Josie is such a riot! I keep wanting to call her Jodie, lol! I think she reminds me of what my Jodie must have been like at her age :)

  2. Poor Maia! Josie and Patience are quite the little team of mean girls.

    Cute that Maia and Aaron and Calvin hang out together.

  3. tsk tsk! Didn't anyone teach Josie that it's not very becoming to look/act that way! Her face in that photo is funny.

    I bet Maia is hoping the other girls don't join her post-grad!

  4. Ha, I have the no complain mod so I don't have to put up with this kind of behaviour in my schools LOL

    That look Maia gives Josie during lunch is just priceless!

  5. I've never gotten the 'complain' interaction on my school lots - YET. I do get a lot of stars from the students, though. LOL! I guess I'm doing things alright, so far. I haven't been playing my schools as community lots for a long time, though. They both used to be residential lots.

    Josie's face is priceless in that photo. And I love seeing the mean girls and the whole social thing going on in your school. It's going to be great background history once these kids grow up and start their own lives.

  6. I hate when the students keep complaining about things. They especially like to complain about the dirty dishes sitting around the cafeteria--dishes that THEY left there. Grr.

    I love the war between Patience, Josie, and Maia, LOL. Poor Nick, those pet bricks are so confusing! ;)

  7. Laura, it's funny you should mention Jodie because when I was typing this update, I kept typing Jodie instead of Josie. You know when you realise you made a mistake, backspace and then type your mistake again? It was like that. Several times.

    Jodie as a teen would have been a sight to see, I'm sure!

    Lunar, yeah, it's mostly Josie that's mean though! Patience is just very easily influenced and she's had her heart broken and blames Maia.

    Anyone who dates Aaron or Maia will have to learn to get along with the other one - they hang out all the time. Maia's really going to miss Aaron when she goes to college and he still has another year of high school left.

    Maisie, yes, Tatiana tried! They had some talks when Josie was still in primary school. Josie is actually pretty self-aware - she knows she's not nice and she sometimes tries to be. She doesn't really care with Maia though, because she's fiercely loyal to Patience.

    Maia probably is hoping she'll get rid of Josie and Patience but it's not looking like she will. I moved the current freshmen into Moretti Hall and that's full now. So these three girls will all move into Novak Hall, at least for their first year.

    Cissie, ha, I might look into the no complain mod! It was funny once but I don't really feel like dealing with it every time I play my schools.

    Simmington, oh, I didn't start getting the complain interaction for quite a while. I think last round was the first time. The school is actually at Level 8 and it got some more stars while I was there. So it's successful but some people are just never happy.

    I'm really happy with how the whole Josie/Maia/Patience thing is turning out. They're going to be in close quarters next year in college, so it might come to a head.

    Shana, I'm not quite sure what these kids were complaining about! Well, with Josie, it was the puddle that Ethan left when he threw the water balloon at her (oh, I just revealed that I rearrange my pictures to suit my own purposes! Ha, like that was a secret!) but I'm not sure about Adrienne. It probably was a plate, seeing there are two on the table right next to her. That she just got up from, I'll add. The plates don't stay there very long - Betsy and Kendal are both neat freaks.