Tuesday, 8 December 2009

When you were young

Round 23: Spring 2017

Adam Gottlieb is 62, Athena is 57, Amelia is 28, Wade is 27 and Sophie is 4.
(Kirstin is 33, Linnea is 57)

Narrated by Amelia Gottlieb

We caught Sophie on the internet in Athena's office the other day. She can't really spell or read yet but I'm more worried about pictures she might find than anything she could read on there!

Spinning around so much that she's dizzy is more Sophie's style.

When Athena's arms get tired, Sophie uses the Twirl, Spin and Wobble I made her to finish the job. I'm surprised she hasn't made herself sick yet, she goes so fast!

She's still only four but I think she might turn out to be a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, like her grandpa. She loves nothing more than watchng him cook.

Adam, of course, is keen to encourage her interest so he tried to get her to watch the cooking channel with him, which she found boring. And she can't read, so all of his cookbooks were of no use to her either.

Finally we found the perfect thing for her at a toy store - a kiddie oven!

Sophie adores it - she loves being able to make her own snacks when the bus drops her off after pre-school.

It's no wonder Sophie is such a cuisine enthusiast, with Adam for a grandfather. The Claudette is still going strong. Adam still wants to retire from television as soon as he reaches retirement age but he really wants to keep running the restaurant long term.

He hired a second waitress recently and the restaurant can serve twice as many diners now, which has really boosted profits.

Corbin is run off his feet trying to seat them all. So far, everyone's been very patient, so people must be very keen to eat there to wait so long.

Adam's only complaint is the carpark across the street, which he considers an eyesore. It was approved before Athena became governor, but she's already told Adam she's not touching it. You can just imagine the indignation and outrage if the governor got rd of valuable parkng space so her husband's restaurant could have a nicer view. People really love their cars here.

Athena has plenty of other things to attend to anyway. She's working out the budget right now. The bulk of money is going to the schools this time. If there's enough left over, she'll see about starting or funding some other projects.

She's been keeping a close eye on the opinion polls and so far, they're very positive. But she hasn't made any big decisions yet, so that could change.

She knows she can't keep everyone happy but if the majority were at least satisfied, that would be enough for her.

It's so funny how two people can share a womb and then grow up to lead such radically different lives. Athena is the governor, not to menton a successful attorney, with a happy marriage, two well-adjusted adult children and a grandchild. Then you have Linnea, who is divorced, has affairs all over town and may have helped to end a marriage (if you believe the talk, which I tend to), has two grown children who are well-adjusted despite Linnea rather than because of her and she's done nothing with her college degree at all. I'm really surprsed that Athena and Linnea are stll so close. Maybe it's a sister thing - I only have brothers!

Since Sophie started pre-school, Wade and have been trying for a second child. I've wanted another for a long time but Wade thought we should hold off for a while. I'm not really supposed to be telling anyone we're trying but I'm so excited, so I told Kirstin. She's pregnant right now and hating every second of it.

I didn't really mind being pregnant. I didn't get morning sickness and I actually loved having a baby bump and watching it grow. Kirstin says the second time around is worse - she feels even fatter than the first time already, and she's only carrying one.

We had to change the subject when Wade came to join us. I'd really be in for a lecture then! Wade had other things on his mind though, namely the flu epidemic. Kirstin had a mild case but she told us her dad had it much worse. Wade is insisting that it's going to stick around through the milder weather in spring and he was worried about Adam getting it.

About the worst thng that happened to Adam was beng sprayed by a skunk that night though.

It was me who got the flu. I brought the blasted thing home from work with me the very next day.

I tried to tell Wade it was nothing but when I fell asleep on his shoulder on the couch later on, think he knew. I never do that!

I'm glad he didn't make me quarantine myself completely, though we probably should have. I hate sleeping alone.

Wade went off to work the next morning and left me under strict orders to rest up.

All I could do was hope he didn't come home all stinky again. I'm really sick of his job - scatmaster, he calls it. Who wants to study excrement all day? I hope he gets promoted soon.

I probably would have preferred studying excrement to sitting around all day with nothing to do but read. don't mind the sitting around but being stuck in the one room is really boring.

Sophie had friends over though and didn't want to infect them, or her.

The next day, I was 100% better. It felt good to be up on my feet again and doing something useful.

Wade took a bit of convincing that was totally recovered before he'd agree that was okay to start trying to conceive again but he obviously agreed eventually - I'm pregnant! We're both ecstatic and can't wait until next winter to meet this baby!

Random pic:

If my keyboard was being more co-operative tonight, I would have worked this in to the update because I really love this picture. Unfortunately, my keyboard doesn't like having smoothes spilled on t, so the 'i', backspace and the enter key on the keypad are all screwed up. I got frustrated with it and did a quickie ending instead! New keyboard tomorrow!


  • Title comes from When You Were Young by The Killers.
  • If you haven't done so already, make sure you check my Family Portraits how-to again (link in sidebar). I found links to a bunch more pose boxes and I know some of you will want to get your hands on them. Wade and Amelia are demonstrating some of the new poses in the intro pic and in the picture of them on the couch. I didn't think much of the preview pics of some of them but it turns out it was just because the Sims in them aren't to my taste. Funny what a difference that makes!
  • The Claudette is now at Level 4 and on the day I played it (only sent Adam down once), it raked in about $2000.
  • Athena has, I think, about $600,000 in the city funds from taxes and any tuition fees, wedding licenses and venue rental and immigration fees that have been paid this round. may eventually put a hospital in Sullivan, so some of the money will fund that. Whenever I edit or build community lots, I'll take note of how much is spent and deduct it from the city treasury.
  • Amelia drew the Flu Epidemic ROS. She had the mildest case of the flu I've ever seen. I infected her with it at about 11am and she was better by 6am the next day. She's still sick in the pic of her and Wade in bed together though and I'm amazed he didn't catch it.
  • Kirstin has that weird second trimester glitch - she's not that far along yet!


  1. Whew, another household survived the flu! :) Poor Adam, having a parking lot across the street from his nice restaurant. But yeah, probably not the best idea for the governor to make a change like that considering it's her husband's business that would benefit! Congratulations to Wade and Amelia! :)

  2. I enjoyed this update. How do you infect a Sim with the flu?

    I love the parking lot/'change the view' issue between husband and Gov. wife. That was really cute and so realistic. It must be frustrating for Adam to know she could make that parking lot totally disappear if she wanted to, but people might look at that as favoritism towards her husband. I'd roll my yes/no decision ROS on it. Let the chips fall where they may. LOLLLLLOL!

  3. Ugh I understand about the keyboard. Mine recently died so I too possess a brand new keyboard. It's hard to type without the space bar and 'e'

  4. I was wondering how you infect a sim with the flu too. I'm going to guess Insim? Because you can do anything with Insim.

    Awe, your four year olds look so cute. Fitting that Adam's granddaughter would enjoy a toy stove and making muffins. I always loved that thing.

  5. Look at Corbin! I liked that hair on your Corbin so much, I put it on mine, so I can have my own Corbin candy in my hood. ;)

    I adore Athena. I think her looks and hair, and clothes all fit her perfectly. She definitely fits her new position too.

    Side, where did you get Athena's dress and Amelia's shirt?

    Wow on them having another little bundle. I think it's about time!

    Glad the Claudette is doing well, is it going to be passed onto anyone in the family eventually?

    Sohpie is an adorable 4 year old, i love the photo of her playing with her friends.

  6. Shana, I know, phew, right? Adam and Amelia both have secondary Family and I was actually planning on letting Amelia have the soup if she was sick for too long (it doesn't always work, as poor Samson Clarke found out) but she got better so fast that it wasn't necessary.

    The parking lot, in my imagination, is part of the hotel across the street. Which also has a restaurant inside, so Adam would be annoyed by that too!

    Simmington, I use InSim to infect Sims with the flu.

    The parking lot thing is frustrating for Adam and I almost rolled whether I'd have Athena get rid of it or not. In the end though, I don't think Adam is the type to really push an issue like this, especially with his wife. So he's just going to mutter to himself every time he sees it. If he's lucky, some of the guests at the hotel won't think much of the hotel restaurant and will come across the street for dinner instead.

    Apple Valley, yeah, those are important keys, aren't they? I've got a new keyboard now and am happy to have my 'i' and my backspace back. It's a slightly different orientation to my old one though, so I'm still getting used to it.

    Lunar, yup, got it in one! You can even infect them with pneumonia or the mysterious illness from the science reward with InSim! I don't fancy my Sims chances with Realistic Sickness + Pneumonia though!

    I love the four year-olds! StretchSkeleton makes kids so much more fun to me. I had a couple of cute pics of Sophie and her cousins (Camilla and Lila Sitko, also four) but I couldn't find them when I went to do the update. Maybe my Print Screen key was sticking a bit too! I just looked back though and this update was pretty Sophie heavy already though, so maybe that's not so bad!

    Maisie, ha, I love it! Corbin leads a very different life in my hood than he does in Laura's but because he's a playable NPC, it's a fairly happy one! That's his daughter Julia playing with Sophie (she got his nose!)

    Hmmm, Athena's dress. I think that might be from TSR but I'll double check next time I'm in game.

    Amelia's outfit is from here though and comes in several colours.

    About time! It's only been four years since Sophie was born, LOL! Adam will be thrilled - he's been wanting another grandchild since before he became an elder. Sophie is pretty cute and I can't wait to see what this one looks like.

    Eventually, I'll probably pass The Claudette down to Joanna but I don't know if I see her as the type to run a restaurant, even if she is a Cuisine Sim. I think she'd do it to make her dad happy though, so that's okay.

  7. So keyboards don't like smoothies, huh? I learned the hard way a few years ago that keyboards don't like coffee either LOL

    Yay, a new baby on the way! It'll be great to see him/her. Sophie is such a cutiepie, I'm sure baby number 2 will be too.

    That's a sick amount of money in the city funds! I haven't thought about sending the tuition fees etc to the mayor, I should do that. My sims are still quite poor so they don't pay a lot of taxes.

  8. Cissie, ha, doesn't sound like keyboards like much of anything. I bought my new keyboard partly because it said it was "spill-resistant". LOL.

    I just went and bumped up everyone's pregnancies for Summer 2018 and I confess to being a little bit sad that Amelia's not having twins. LOL. Probably a good thing for my population though!

    Athena has got a nice little bundle of cash in the treasury. Lucky she's honest! The Kirbies just had to dump an extra $4000 in there for Claudia and Victoria's college tuition, so there's even more now. I've got to start using it!

  9. Hi Carla!

    I've been reading your archives too, but I wanted to start reading your more recent entries so her I am!

    The Claudette is a beautiful restaurant, and having a sim run one has always been something I want to try. I liked the parking lot issue too.

    Sophie is so cute in her twirl picture!

  10. bbop, thank you! I try to link back if I make reference to a previous entry, so I hope it's not too confusing to just jump right in anywhere you like!

    The Claudette is a gorgeous restaurant I downloaded from MTS. Apple Valley asked me where I got it from once though and when I went looking for it, I couldn't find it. :( Perhaps it's been taken down. It came pretty much as is, though I changed the chairs and maybe the tables too.

    It's a lot of fun running a restaurant. I find the costs associated with it are not as high as with shops. You pretty much just have to pay for the building (which was very expensive in this case, I should add!) and staff.