Tuesday, 15 December 2009

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2018

Amelia Gottlieb is fast approaching her winter due date and her belly seems to be growing rounder by the minute. Wade doesn't seem to mind.

Amelia doesn't usually mind the changes her body is going through either but she had to admit that the sumo wrestler comment Sophie made the other day stung a little bit.

Kirstin Sitko is due any day now and can't wait to get rid of her own sumo belly. Some women love every minute of being pregnant but Kirstin is not one of them!

It's all worth it in the end though! David and Kirstin are already enchanted by their new baby girl, Adelaide Clare!

  • I was hoping for a boy because I'm a little unbalanced right now, gender-wise but I'm also kind of glad David and Kirstin had a girl. I can just see David as the father of all girls, for some reason.
  • Because you can't really see her, I'll tell you that Adelaide has brown hair and brown eyes like Lila. Kirstin and David both have blue eyes (so does Camilla) so go figure - eye colour in TS2 is more complicated than a simple dominant/recessive thing apparently. I seem to remember my Year 10 Science teacher saying the same thing about human genetics and eye colour so I guess this is fairly realistic.


  1. I love her name!! I wanted to use a similar name in real life.

    Eyes are tricky! I love genetics in college and planned out me and my now husbands kids back then. I was just one kid shy of being 100% correct.

  2. Adelaide is such a pretty name. Is Amelie pregnant with twins? She seems bigger than pregnant sims usually do.

    The game surprises me with the eyecolors of each newborn, they rarely seem to get their eyecolor from a parent. But it's like that in real life too. My mom's eyes are brown and my dad had blue eyes. My eyes are dark green, nobody in my family has the same color so I don't know where it came from.

  3. Aw, congrats on the new little girl! Poor Amelia, that sumo wrestler comment was pretty harsh, LOL! ;)

    I love being surprised by the genetics in the game. I love how Violet and Lucas Craig both ended up with Grandma Glenda's black hair even though none of their parents have black hair. I like that it's surprising like real life. My dad has brown eyes and my mom has blue. One of my brothers and I both got brown eyes, the other brother got gray, and my sister got green. But then my sister's first child got my mom's blue eyes. She also has blonde hair, which was a big surprise. My sister's is brown, her husband's is black, and the grandparents are all dark-haired except my mom who has red hair. No clue how blonde popped up in my niece, LOL.

  4. Maisie, thank you! Adelaide is one of my favourite names.

    And hey, that's pretty impressive!

    Cissie, thanks! No, Amelia's just having the one baby but she's gotten fat. The only adult in the house who's avoided that now is Wade. It's a wonder Joanna never got fat while she was living at home. I have a hack that makes them only overeat if they're not active (which she's not). It's all of Adam's cooking, I think!

    Shana, thanks. Yes, Amelia is probably counting the days until she gives birth after that comment! Little kids say stuff like that though - no filter!

    Genetics (and real life!) in the game are so fun. I love the little surprises that pop up after laying dormant for generations.