Thursday, 24 September 2009

Round 20 Summary

Statistically, 2011-2012 seemed a little quieter than 2009-2010 but I really enjoyed this round anyway!

Births: 3 (Hope Collins, Jack Benton, Charlie Benton)

Deaths: 1 (Brandon Kirby)

Engagements: 2 (James and Madelyn Novak, Wade Gottlieb and Amelia Moretti)

Marriages: 1 (James and Madelyn Novak)

Break-ups: 1 (Abhijeet Turner and Asha Royce)

Graduations: 3 (Max Nihill, Wade Gottlieb, Zaria Royce)

New residents: 1 (Susannah Carmody)

Total population: 88 (40 male, 48 female)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 7
Children: 14
Teens: 6
Adults (including Young Adults): 46
Elders: 12

I ummed and aahed over whether to include Susannah as a birth or a new resident. I decided on new resident in the end because it wasn't really a birth, as she was already a year old. This round's other adoption, Jack Benton, was included as a birth because he was a newborn.

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