Saturday, 5 September 2009

Over my head

Round 20: Autumn 2011

Eliot Novak is 25, Max Nihill is 24, Zaria Royce is 23, Wade Gottlieb is 22 and Cordy and Luc Lane are both 18.
(Amelia Moretti is 23)

Warning: This is very long. I'm terrible at finding a good point to break it in half, so it's all in the one entry.

Luc Lane has just started his freshman year at Suffolk and he's feeling a little lonely. He doesn't even mind receiving a phone call from his ex-girlfriend Rose, even after she dumped him and hooked up with his cousin. He's just happy to hear another familiar voice.

Twin sister Cordy is also living at Novak Hall with Luc and is finding college a little depressing so far. She was excited to start and meet lots of new friends but she's found the boys in her dorm to be weird and creepy and she has zero in common with the sole other girl. So she ends up going to bed early most nights.

There's not even a swimming pool at her dorm, much to her disappointment, so Cordy is forced to head out to the campus gym to train.

After her swim, who does she happen to run into but her old friend Eliot Novak (who also happens to be harbouring quite the crush on her)?

Cordy knows Eliot likes her - she'd have to be blind not to - but she also knows how shy he is. Cordy kind of likes Eliot back but he's never going to make the first move so Cordy asks him out on a date herself.

She was hoping maybe some dancing and some alcohol would loosen Eliot up a bit but he makes absolutely no moves on her at all. Was she wrong about Eliot liking her? She didn't think so but it looked like if she wanted this to go anywhere, she'd probably have to do it herself. How can a 25-year-old guy be so completely clueless when a girl likes him?

On the other side of the bar, Luc is striking out. He's not having any luck at all with any of the girls on campus so far.

Eliot comes over the day after his date with Cordy. They watch a football game together and again he doesn't make a move to touch her.

So she takes matters into her own hands just as he's leaving. Eliot is a little less shy with Cordy from then on.

Meanwhile, her brother is getting frustrated hitting on freshman girls who just turn him down anyway and tries his luck with one of the juniors, Zaria Royce. Max isn't around so he has nothing to lose except his dignity.

He's kind of surprised she let him even get that far but she puts a stop to it after a little bit of flirting. So still no love for Luc.

He did meet a bartender at Center Drip the other day. They got along okay, so she's a possibility.

But Cara. Cara is someone he would really like to get to know.

She's definitely the hottest girl he's met since he started at Suffolk and he gets a little too enthusiastic.

Maybe waiting just a tiny bit on the smooches would be a good idea.

Coffee seems like a good start.

See Luc, you didn't have to wait that long after all.

Cordy is being very charitable towards her painfully single brother and lets him tag along on her date with Eliot. Luc heads right for the karaoke machine. Eliot is just hoping and praying he hogs it long enough so that Cordy will forget about it and not drag him up there!

No such luck. As a compromise, Cordy promises to pick an easy one.

As it turns out, it's not that bad. Eliot didn't realise he was dating such a massive show-off. Cordy takes over the whole song and drowns out what little singing Eliot actually manages.

Upstairs, Luc is chatting up Cathy Barton, one of the local gearheads.

She insists he join her in a game of poker. Luc makes Eliot and Cordy play with them. If Cathy sees how charming and funny he is with people he knows, perhaps he'll have a chance with her.

Cordy and Eliot soon lose interest in the poker game though and Cathy is a pretty serious player. Luc resigns himself to the fact that he's not getting any tonight, at least not from Cathy.

He seems to have better luck without his sister around (funny that!) so he decides to try his luck with Cara again. They eat dinner at the bowling alley - hey, Luc is a poor college student!.

And then it's time for some actual bowling.

Luc is a lot better at bowling than at poker and Cara is pretty impressed.

Apparently bowling skills are what really get the ladies going because Luc ends up leaving his virginity behind in a photo booth in a bowling alley. Not a particularly romantic place, but Luc isn't a particularly romantic guy.

Over the road, at Moretti Hall, junior Wade Gottlieb is still going strong with his girlfriend Amelia.

No engagement just yet, though Amelia is still hoping Wade will pop the question at some stage. He's still not sure he wants to, although he does love Amelia very much.

Ever since Eliot got together with Cordy, it's almost been like she lives at Moretti Hall too. She's only just across the street, so it's easy for her to visit all the time.

And you know, Moretti Hall has the hot tub and Novak Hall just isn't adequate in that respect.

Max and Zaria are the other two residents of Moretti Hall and they've been a couple since high school. Lately, they've both felt a little restless and like they need to maybe fool around with other people before deciding if they really want to stay together for good. They've both agreed that one of them did happen to sleep with someone else, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

It just hasn't happened for either of them though. Max invited the cheerleader over, fully intending to get her into the hot tub.

Then Zaria wandered by and Max wondered why he was even bothering. Zaria is hotter than that cheerleader and not that he could say for sure, she's probably better in the hot tub too.

Zaria thinks Wade is really cute but after knowing him so long as a friend, she knows she couldn't even kiss him. It would be like kissing her brother. And Eliot is cute too, but he's very devoted to his new girlfriend Cordy now.

Luc was Zaria's last possibility. He flirted with her when she visited Novak Hall a couple of weeks ago but when she invited him to visit her at her own dorm, he wasn't having any of it.

So maybe the wild oats sowing will remain a fantasy for now because neither Max or Zaria seems to seriously want anyone but each other.

Random pics:

I just thought this one was funny. Zaria is swooning over Max and Eliot is apparently watching the poker game going on but I've never seen anyone get that angry over a poker game they're not even involved in!

There is some sort of narcolepsy epidemic going on at Novak Hall (I'm naming all my dorms after my education ministers - this one is after Hanna). These guys all just collapsed within seconds of each other.

  • Grades for this year: Cordy B, Luc A+, Wade A+, Zaria C+, Max A+ and Eliot C+. I'm stunned that Max still has a 4.0 GPA because all he ever seems to do is woohoo with Zaria, although he did actually write a term paper this year!
  • The intro pic is kind of dark. I didn't realise it was so dark until after I'd quit so I brightened it in Photobucket, which isn't the best method surprisingly. ;) So it's a bit crappy and I apologise!
  • Cordy and Eliot both rolled the want to fall in love with each other almost immediately after the beginning of their first date. They were already BFFs from their teen years so that didn't take long. Then they both rolled the want to get engaged to each other pretty soon after that. I almost gave in, because Eliot's aspiration was dipping into the very low green while I was playing his dorm but I sent them on another date instead. Getting engaged so soon is a bit much, especially at such a young age.
  • Zaria and Max are an interesting pair. Max is Romance and Zaria is Popularity/Romance. Both have the 3 Woohoos want in their panels constantly. I never lock it but it never rolls away, so it's a very persistent wish for both of them. Yet whenever they have the opportunity to woohoo with someone else, even someone they have super-high chemistry with, they won't. They'll flirt but and cuddle in the hot tub but they never go any further. Zaria has 3 bolts with Luc and with Wade (though Wade is in her Friend Zone, so she won't go for him) and 2 bolts with Eliot. Max has 3 bolts with the cheerleader. But nothing.
  • Other chemistry stuff: Wade and Amelia have 2 bolts, 85 raw and 190 total. Cordy and Eliot have 2 bolts, 70 raw, 125 total. Max and Zaria have 3 bolts, 164 raw and 269 total. Max and Zaria both have the Massive Attraction benefit, so that's boosting their chemistry somewhat.


  1. Yay, Eliot's got a girlfriend! His desperate single days are over LOL

    I guess it's true love for Max and Zaria since they won't cheat on each other even though they have plenty of opportunities.

    It didn't feel like a long entry since it was fun to read. No need to break them in half, you always write good ones :)

  2. Eliot finally had a girl. Yay, so he's no longer lonly or a virgin.

    AJ is a romance sim too. He always has the three wants to woohoo with three sims, make out with three sims, and public woohoo. But no matter what he never acts on these wants even with ACR (I haven't installed the newest one yet). He always got to Lilly. I really do think they are totally in love. All the do is woohoo. LOL

    So your two romance/pleasure sims are not alone. I think they like the idea of being with others, but when they actually have the chance to do something with another sim they don't want to. They want to be with the one they love.

  3. I was absurdly excited to finally get Cordy and Eliot together. I love Sim matchmaking more than I love genetics and you know how much I love genetics!

    CissieMae, I'm glad it didn't seem long and thank you for the compliment!

    As for Max and Zaria, their chemistry is one of the highest I've seen since I started checking so that could have something to do with it. Emil and Anna's chemistry is much higher and they've never cheated autonomously, except when Emil flunked out of college and Anna slept with Owen. Game wise and story wise, that was only because he was more readily available because she never did it when Emil was there.

    Either way, I think it's pretty sweet that they have these wild sides that they're willing to suppress because they love each other more than anyone else. Zaria has never even kissed another person and Max once made out with Abigail, but that was pre-Zaria. Nothing since he's been with her. I am immediately suspicious of Romance Sims, normally but this has given me some food for thought.

    I didn't know that about AJ and Lilly though. Sounds like this sort of situation isn't completely unique in the game.

  4. I knew Eliot and Cordy would do. It's cute that she had to be the one to sort of convince him of it though. It is a little soon to want marriage though! Those college students can be as energetic and predicatble in their wants as newlyweds.

    Luc, LOL! Wow, if he isn't a typical boy. Cute. At least his loosing his virginity story is going to be interesting.

  5. I was pretty sure Cordy would have to take the lead with Eliot. He has 1 outgoing point and she has 8. He didn't autonomously interact romantically with her until they were already in love.

    Luc is having all the fun he can while he's in college. I have a few others lined up for him but I'm going to have Cara as his "steady" for now.

  6. LOL, I'm glad Cordy took control, or else she'd have been waiting forever! :)

    Awww, Max and Zaria are so cute! I find it so sweet when romance Sims really fall hard and commit despite their natures. Sometimes there's nobody else out there after all :)

    LOL @ your narcolepsy epidemic!

  7. Well, that's what Max and Zaria seem to be finding anyway. The grass isn't always greener, apparently! I'm glad because I really like them together.

  8. LOL @ at the nacrolepsy epidemic!

    Cordy and Eliot are so cute together. I'm glad Cordy decided to take the lead and get things moving instead of waiting around for Eliot to work up the nerve! ;)

  9. I don't know if Eliot ever would have made a move! Cordy's known him for so long, so she probably sensed that.