Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Autumn 2013 birthdays

Just one birthday this time and it's the first birthday of Jack Benton, who was adopted as a newborn almost exactly one year ago today.

The Bentons haven't been in their current house for very long but already, it's looking like they'll have to move again. With the surprise but welcome addition to their house (son Charlie was born 6 months after Jack was adopted), things are a little crowded. They would have been a little crowded even with just two children but with three, it will be almost impossible for the family to live here for much longer.

  • Apart from Kimberly, Jack is the only Sim in Sullivan with that colouring. But seeing Kimberly doesn't have (and won't have) any biological children, Jack should make for some interesting kiddies down the line.
  • As a part of the birthdays, I also pop into any households with pregnant Sims and advance them to their next trimester (or have them give birth). You know that I have two Sims currently pregnant: Amelia Gottlieb and Kirstin Sitko. What you do not yet know, and what I didn't know until I went to visit them is that one of these Sims is having twins! I was just commenting at Wellington a couple of days ago about how I missed having twins in my hood. I couldn't decide whether to announce the twins or keep it a surprise but I was so excited that I decided to announce the twins but keep their mother a secret!


  1. Jack has to be the cutest toddler I've ever seen! And congrats on thhe twins! Remember though, they're double the trouble lol

  2. Jack is a cutie, isn't he? I wish I was observant enough to notice whether his facial template is one of my Selzi ones or one of my own which I'm gradually using to replace the Selzi ones. If it's mine, I'm pretty proud of my handiwork. ;)

    I know but I can't help it! Two babies to name, two sets of genetics to examine and then proliferate around the hood. I just really love twins!

  3. Jack is so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing their new house when they move.

    I love twins too, although they are a ton of work! But I always like seeing how much alike or different they look to each other and how different their personalities are. Congratulations on the twins! Can't wait to see which family gets them! :)

  4. ahh I miss twins. I being bored with single births, added the triplet and quad hack. My last sims ended up with Quads and trust me its harder than you can imagine. One of my sims is trying to finish college and he spends more time cleaning up diapers than actually doing his homework!

  5. Jack is a cutie!

    What a coincidence that you were just saying (commenting) that you miss having twins! Now I'm *so* anxious to know who the mother is!!!

  6. I am already househunting for them but I don't think it'll be too difficult to find something for them. Tate works in graphic design, which is the same career that Ben Nihill works in. The career with the $500,000 chance card glitch. So Tate and Zelda ran into a bit of money when I ducked in to age up Jack. Again, I feel cheaty but given that I chose the career for Tate because I thought it suited him, not because of the glitch so I guess it's okay.

    Bernz, I have the T&Q hack too but I always hit original. I was looking through some old posts at Wellington recently where one of Cissie's families had triplets after she hit random. It's tempting, let me tell you! I had sextuplets through a glitch once and they just about drove me crazy though.

    Cissie, I know, right?! I couldn't believe my eyes. I am such a nerd! You'll find out whose family is growing by two in Spring 2013. I have school holidays coming up, so I don't foresee there being any delays in me doing daily updates, so it shouldn't be too long.

  7. Thought it was high time I got the courage to comment here... I'm so bad at lurking but never commenting lol.

    I really like the way you play your neighborhoods. I just spent a ton of time (procrastinating, but oh well) reading about how you play the game and I really like that! As I'm doing just a typical legacy challenge, after about the second to third generation, money becomes less of an issue for the family... so I think i might employ some of your methods into my neighborhood at some point to spice things up a bit! :)

    And having a shortage of twins? I had a TWIN PANDEMIC in my hood... I think I had a bug, actually... but I just went with it; chalked it up to using an empty hood or something haha. But it'll be interesting when the C's end up having children... I'd like to see how many of them have twins, as well! (I have since tested the pandemic in other families and it no longer is an issue.)

    And hey! look at that! I'm on the sidebar ::squishes:: thanks!!! :D

  8. Hey, nice to see you here! You're very welcome for the link. I blew through your entire legacy in what, less than 3 days? I had to let people know of its existence!

    A twin pandemic! LOL! I have definitely had times in my hood when twins were more common - two families have had two sets in a row and I have three sets of twins who are currently in their 50s. But it's been a while and I'm really looking forward to more twins.

    Thanks for the compliment on my play style. Much of it is taken from other bloggers but I'm constantly changing things or thinking up new ideas to make it harder for myself. I never thought about it because I'm not a legacy player but a lot of the ideas would work pretty well for a legacy. If you're playing strictly by the rules, there's still nothing that says you can't make it harder for yourself!

  9. Jack is A-Dorable!!! Totally cute!

    And yay for twins!! I get a steady handful of them with my Traver family, each generation, at least one set. Maybe you will get a genetic set of twins each subsequent generation.

  10. Thanks!

    I've noticed that twins tend to have twins of their own when they become parents, so that might be factoring into it here. Amelia is a twin and so is David.