Sunday, 20 September 2009

Maple leaves

Round 20: Winter 2012

Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 57, Naomi is 37, Owen is 35, Adrienne is 5 and Malcolm is 2.
(Eliot is 26 and Cordy is 19)

Narrated by Naomi Novak

Owen recently won a pretty substantial prize in the lottery - $60,000! We already have a nice little nest egg saved up though, so we decided to spend this cash. The first thing we did is build me a little office at my salon. It's nice to have a place to do the books while I'm there, rather than bringing it home with me.

I was also able to hire another stylist to help Kimberly and me at the salon a bit. The amount of clients we were booking in was starting to get overwhelming. His name is Zeeshan. I took a chance on hiring him because he's a complete novice but he is fantastic! Much better than I was when I started out.

We spent the rest of the money on a holiday house in Takemizu. We haven't even been able to visit it yet but we're hoping we can take a trip there when Malcolm is a bit older.

Speaking of Malcolm, he has entered his terrible twos in full force! He whines about everything and he gets into and out of everything.

Including his crib. It totally took us by surprise because Adrienne wasn't like this at all. She was a really easy baby and a really easy toddler.

Lucky Malcolm's so cute or we might send him back! He's a real little terror sometimes.

Malcolm is definitely a daddy's boy. He loves watching Owen doing yoga. Owen's amazing at yoga and he wants to teach Malcolm when he's old enough.

Adrienne just adores him.

Malcolm watches everything his big sister does with great interest. I'm thinking there might be some fights over Adrienne's video games when Malcolm grows up.

Adrienne started kindergarten this year and she loved it. Dad is the principal of her primary school and he offers to walk her over every morning but she likes to take the bus with the other kids, even though we live just across the road!

So far, she's more like Owen than me, in that she loves school and even loves doing her homework. Owen stays with her to make sure she finishes, but it would be harder for Adrienne to not do her homework.

Eliot came home on winter break and he brought his girlfriend, Cordy, with him, whom we hadn't met before. She seems like a sweet girl but I think she was a little nervous.
Honestly, Eliot looked a little nervous too. I think he was afraid someone would bring up his academic probation. He's currently repeating his final semester and is really close to flunking out. Seeing Mum and Dad both managed to graduate while raising James and me and are both teachers, he knew they wouldn't be too impressed with his current efforts.
Eliot had cause to worry because of course, that was the first thing Mum asked about. Cordy tried to assure her that she was going to be on Eliot's back, making sure he'd go to class and do his papers but I think Mum probably would have liked to hear some affirmation from Eliot himself.

Dinner was going well until Owen, for reasons unknown, decided to bring up college again. Poor Eliot looked like he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him alive!

Random pics:

Ever looked through your Sims' memories and just thought "Whuh? When did that happen?" That was what happened to me while I was browsing through Owen's memories right before I finished with this family. Click to enlarge, if necessary:

What?!!? When did Owen make out with David?!?! From the surrounding memories, it would have happened sometime during Owen's senior year (which was David's sophomore year). But I've gone back through that update and I clearly completely missed it. It's cool that they both got to explore that before they tied themselves down to women - it's just that I knew Owen was bi but I had no idea David swung both ways too. I really need to start paying more attention because Joanna's sexuality snuck up on me too.

Anna would be pissed off if she knew, as David spent most of his time in college evading her advances. And it would probably be a little awkward if Kirstin ever found out too, seeing Owen is her brother. Seeing I didn't see it happen though, this is non-canon so as far as this blog is concerned, it didn't happen.

Speaking of David, he's totally still got baby fever! He just loves his little nephew. We won't mention that it's a little creepy that he just invited himself in and made a beeline for Malcolm without stopping to chat to anyone else. If we ignore that, it's pretty sweet.

  • The $60,000 lottery for Owen was his ROS this round. It would have been nice if that could have gone to a family that actually needed but hey, life's not fair sometimes and neither is Sullivan.
  • So Eliot has met Cordy's parents (I didn't show it, but they happened to run into Debbie when they were downtown, and they met there) and Cordy has now met Eliot's. Sounds pretty serious to me. But I don't know what else you could call a relationship where both Sims rolled engagement wants 10 minutes into their first date!
  • I did actually take them to their holiday house but I got bored of decorating it halfway through! The bottom floor is done - I just have to do the bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. I'll do that once Malcolm is a child.
  • Poor Eliot! All anyone talked about for his whole visit was school, so there was no avoiding the topic of his academic probation.


  1. The whole Owen and David thing really made me start laughing. More guys experiment in college than anyone suspects, and it really has nothing to do with their sexuality. I know at least one guy who has admitted to basically making out with another guy for experimentation purposes (and to actually please a couple of girls), but is completely heterosexual.

    We can just pretend it was one day at a party, someone dared him.

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: our sims have secret lives when we're not playing! Maybe I should check my sims' memories too, who knows what they've been up to!

    I hope you post pics of that holiday house next round. The exteriors look great! Did you build it yourself?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Lunar, there's definitely a certain amount of experimentation that goes on at that time and it's definitely not always about sexuality. I checked David last night and he *is* bisexual (with two bolts for Owen, to boot!) So I can think of it as experimentation, a dare, legitimate attraction or all three! I've never had a gay male couple in Sullivan though, so it kind of rankles that I missed this!

    Cissie, definitely have a look through the memories! I was looking through Galen's the other and realised he slept with Aphrodite at college. I looked back through my entries and realise I even blogged about it but it had completely slipped my mind!

    I didn't built that house though. That's the Maxis Green Thicket Manor but they had panelling on the outside (which to me looked like interior panelling) and I replaced it with stone. It was only $30,000 or something so I thought it was going to be really small but it actually has 3 bedrooms. Perfect for Owen, Naomi and their kids.

  4. Owen and David making out in college made me LOL. Our Sims really do have lives we don't know about! ;)

    Poor Eliot. I can imagine that was a very trying night with everyone constantly talking about school!

  5. Poor Eliot! Nothing worse than to be constantly reminded of your short comings! I also LOL @ the memories.......sims are just too much sometimes!

  6. I felt bad for Eliot too. I have to wonder what Augustin and Hanna will think when Eliot flunks out completely because it's so likely to happen. Dude has no motivation at all.