Monday, 7 September 2009

Such great heights

Round 20: Winter 2011
Betsy Carmody is 40, Olivia Nihill, Lia Novak and Asha Royce are all 14, Ione Romilly is 15 and Rose Draper and Joanna Gottlieb are both 16.

It's a new school year at Sullivan High School and Elmer Miguel has been establishing himself as the resident ladies' man. He tries it on with Rose first...

She's flattered but quite obviously spoken for.

Olivia is a bit younger but pretty cute. It's the first time a boy has flirted with her, so Olivia is quite jittery with excitement.

Elmer considers approaching Asha too but it appears she's attached at the hip to boyfriend Abhijeet, so Elmer might have to wait in line.

If you hadn't noticed, there are not many boys at Sullivan High School this year. Even though the entire campus is overrun with girls, most still choose the girls' bathroom as the major congregation hub.

It's a fairly high traffic area, so Joanna might want to confine her posing to her bedroom from now on. Then again, the Gottliebs are like that.

Betsy has been the principal at Sullivan High for 12 years now and there are still times when she finds it so stressful that she feels like having a breakdown, right in the middle of the library.

Then there are times when she's so bored that it's all she can do not to fall asleep while staring absent-mindedly out the window. There are only 8 students this year, so Betsy sometimes doesn't have much to do.

Joanna Gottlieb has been Betsy's star student ever since she started. Joanna is starting to get a little bored though. She already feels as if she's read every book in the whole library. She can't believe she has a whole other year of this place before college. She's only 16 but she is ready now! If only Suffolk University accepted early admissions...she'd be out of here!

Joanna's boredom with school are causing her to act a little out of character. Childish pranks are not usually her style.

Rose is definitely not amused.

Meanwhile, Olivia has been thinking about Elmer's flirting all day and after school, she decides to just walk right up to him and kiss him right on the lips.

Olivia is quite taken with Elmer but Elmer still has eyes only for Asha!

  • Rose is much more playful than Joanna so it was weird that she was so pissed off about the soap suds (a reaction I have never seen, actually). Maybe it's because she's starting to take school more seriously and it peeves her off that it's come so easily to Joanna and she can just slack off.
  • Not much of Ione or Lia in this update. They were around but most of their wants were centered around making friends. Neither of them seem to be taking much of an interest in boys yet - not that there's that many around!
  • Elmer and Asha have 3 bolts. I forget what aspiration he is but he had chemistry for all the girls at the school this round. I'm going to age Abhijeet to adult at the end of this round and make him an NPC playable (probably along with Amber Dawn), so perhaps Elmer will step into Abhijeet's position of disposable teen townie boyfriend.


  1. Joanna is such a great character! I can see how she'd be bored, I felt the same way in high school a lot of the time. She needs some extra credit work. Or some more fun ;)

    LOL @ disposable teen townie boyfriend! That's great! :)

  2. I totally thought of Wade when I saw that picture of her posing in the mirror! Your high school seems so fun! And wowza on Olivia just kissing him.

    Poor Ab getting put to NPC. He doesn't get any better breaks in my hood ether.

    Joanna is adorable.

  3. Poor Joanna......hopefully college will present her with more of a challenge! Elmer is hilarious! I hope he doesn't get himself into any trouble.....being a ladies man is hard work!

  4. LOL, looks like the few boys are quite lucky-- they get their pick.

    That's funny that Rose got so angry at the prank. Maybe she wants to be the class clown and felt that Joanna was encroaching on her thing? XD

  5. Laura, I might have work on a badge or two next time while I make the others skill. She's got over 8 points in 5 skills and she just doesn't need the extra skilling time at all!

    Maisie, I'm glad other people remember minutia about Sullivan. I'm never sure when people will remember, so I try to link to it when I can. As for Abhijeet...well, when he catches the eye of one of my Sims permanently, then maybe he can have a real life. Until then, he'll just be aged up.

    Mizzgin, I think Joanna will be the type to breeze through college because I don't think any of the majors require you to have more than 8 skill points in any one level. There's not many challenges in the game for super-smart Sims. I'll have to create some for her myself.

    Lunar, who knows? She might be acting out after Ottilie's death. Poor kid!

  6. I'm crazy about your school! It looks fabulous. I also think it's a great idea to have students learn badges if they've already got enough skills. You could also try doing special projects. I had my kids choose one of 3 projects, (I actually picked randomly out of baggie. :P) where they had to collect a certain number of insects, write a term paper on the computer (Monique's computer has a lot of options), or they could take a photograph of some kind of theme. I got this idea from Apple Valley, and it was fun and challenging.

  7. I guess Elmer won't mind being a disposable townie teen boyfriend for a while, LOL! ;)

    I'm glad to see Joanna is carrying on the Gottlieb tradition of posing in the school mirrors. I can understand her getting bored though. Like Laura, I felt that way most of the time too in high school. There aren't very many challenges when you get to that point and you're just ready to get out of there! I really like the idea Simmington Hills suggested! I may have to borrow that one for my students, especially for my college students. I've been finding that my seniors already have their necessary skills and the minimum badge levels that I require by that point and really have nothing more they need to do, so I just put them to work learning random skills.

  8. Wow, those teens are very active. The special projects do work very well, as does only visiting the school on certain days or doing like you do-focusing on relationships. They could also visit other hoods for internships or student exchange programs.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    I like the idea of special projects so I might use some of your ideas next time or think up some of my own if I can. It's definitely an idea for those super hardworking college students too, which Joanna will almost certainly be.

  10. great entry!

    How did you create a location that appears to be the perfect high school? Only teens on the site? how? Love it!

  11. Thanks!

    The school is an owned community lot and I keep it "closed" while I'm playing the school, so no one else comes in except the students. Inge's school stuff makes it easy to pick and choose my students.

    If you click Education in Sullivan in the sidebar, there's a little explanation of how I run my schools. Clicking the school tag will also bring up all my old posts about the schools. I can't remember if I included any gameplay notes in those entries but I often do, so there's a good chance!