Friday, 18 September 2009

An awesome lot I wanted to share with you

Last night, I discovered that my feed for Simgaroop's Livejournal had not been working for some time and I'd missed months worth of posts.

One of the posts I missed was her amazing Belladonna Mall, which I have just placed in Sullivan. It looks enormous but it's actually only a 3x3 lot, so it's more playable than you might imagine! There's nothing on the lot that my Sims don't already have access to on other lots but I've wanted a mall for quite some time and would be far too lazy to build one myself!

I haven't taken any Sims there yet but I have visited it in buy mode and it looks just as good in game as it does in the screenshots. I made a few very minor changes (there was no wallpaper or flooring in the toilets) but otherwise, it's ready to go!


  1. Oh, thanks! That does look really nice, and so much packed in there.

  2. That looks awesome! Thanks for the link!