Saturday, 12 September 2009


Round 20: Spring 2011
Linnea Lane is 51
(Cordy and Luc are both 18 and Eliot Novak is 25)

Narrated by Linnea Lane

Cordy and Luc are away at college now and I'm really realising how enormous this house is. I feel like I'm rattling around in here.

It's just me and the dog now. It's unbelievably quiet. And a bit boring, to be honest.

I've gone on a few dates but they haven't been that successful. Most women my age are married and/or not gay, so the dating scene is filled with women much younger than me.

This one was young enough to be my daughter and to top it off, she had the same name as my daughter!

Even if that wasn't slightly creepy, we just didn't have anything in common. I never thought of myself as old before but dating makes me feel that way.

Cordy and Luc came to visit me the other night. I assume they visited Debbie as well but I didn't ask. It was so many years ago now but I still have zero desire to see her again and I assume she feels the same.

Cordy brought her new boyfriend, Eliot, along. My kids are going into their sophomore year soon and Eliot is almost a senior.

Really though, I find him a bit of a bore. I don't really understand what Cordy sees in him but then again, Cordy and I are very different people. It's not that we don't love each other but we just don't agree on much.

Marriage would be one of those things. Cordy told me she was already thinking about marriage! At 18!

In my weaker moments, I think it might be nice to get married again but then I snap out of it and realise that would be a bad idea. I'm just trying to save Cordy some heartache but she's insisting we're very different people. And we are. I guess I should just butt out. They're not actually engaged or anything and I don't think Cordy appreciates my view on relationships anyway.

I've always seen more eye to eye with Luc than with Cordy. He's got a girlfriend, Cara but he talks about a lot of different girls so I don't think they're very serious.

I don't know when he got so self-sufficient though! He just took it upon himself to make dinner for all of us while he was over.

He did pretty well too, much better than I would have done at 18!

Random pic:

I never pictured Anna doing her grocery shopping at this dump (or doing grocery shopping at all) but apparently, she likes to slum it in her spare time!

  • I don't think I've played a one Sim family since Pascal Lachance was around 18 or so. Seeing he's now almost 70, that's a looong time!
  • Cordy has always got along better with Debbie and Luc with Linnea. Both parents are BFF with both their kids but Linnea's conversations with Cordy (and Luc's with Debbie) always devolve into arguing. I'm kind of glad I rolled Romance for Luc because he's so similar to Linnea in other ways (looks included - he's all Linnea except the nose).
  • Such a short update - it took me about an hour to play through it and less than an hour to upload pics and get this written out. So I'm just going to throw it out there now, so I can start afresh tomorrow with Summer 2011-2012 birthdays.


  1. I have a few parents who don't seem to know how to talk to their kids. But most get along fine.

    It looks like slim pickings for Linnea in the dating world. Maybe she should look for an older woman?

  2. All alone Linnea. Kind of a bummer place to be when your kids grow up and leave you, and there's no companionship. We all know how people get busy with their own lives. I can imagine a little boring of a house too. ;)

    I tend to move things around to avoid playing a single sim home.

  3. Linnea looks lovely with her new short hair! I'm surprised that no one is napping her up, but that is pretty creepy when you realize your potential love interest is the same age as your daughter. Creepy!

    It does look like this house might be fun to play without any responsibility.

  4. Linnea has never really had a great relationship with Cordy. Even when she was a toddler, she always had a higher relationship score with Luc. Their scores are equal now but like I said, her conversations with Luc go much more smoothly!

    Linnea wants 20 lovers and seeing she doesn't even have one (although this Cordelia townie has a crush on her), that is quite a task she's asking me to undertake! I'm going to keep looking around. She actually has the generic want to get married again but rolled up the fear of marrying Cordelia as soon as I sent them on a date!

    I usually avoid playing single Sims too, or at least, I avoid single Sims in this situation - empty nesters! This one sort of snuck up on me though and there was nothing I could think of that I could do with her! I might have her stay with her sister (Athena) for the next three years. I'll see!

    I thought 51 was old enough to cut the hair you've had since you were 12, so Linnea got a haircut this round. I usually make over everyone when they're about 45. Except Adam Gottlieb. I just can't his hair!

  5. "I thought 51 was old enough to cut the hair you've had since you were 12, so Linnea got a haircut this round."

    LOL. And yet, you had me thinking, when I bother to get my hair cut, I always cut it in a similar style that I've been doing since I was 12 (which is just a short, slightly layered bob, I'm not doing anything wild and crazy from the 80's here, lol)... though.. 80's are unfortunately coming back around...

  6. Maisie, I'm 28 and apart from sometimes having a fringe/bangs and sometimes not, I've had the same style all my life too. Like you, it's a pretty basic sort of style anyway. My Sims live by more rigid rules though!

  7. Aw, poor Linnea, all alone in that big house. That is kind of creepy that her date was the same age as her daughter and had the same name, LOL! The nice thing about having a single Sim in a household is that it gives you an excuse to invite over family and friends all the time or send them out around town in search of something to pass their time. I have two single Sim households at the moment and I try to keep them busy hanging out with people or visiting community lots.

  8. That's very true, Shana, not that I normally need an excuse to invite Sims over or take them to community lots! Inviting family over is one of my favourite parts of the game but it becomes almost a necessity with a small household. :)