Friday, 4 September 2009


Round 20: Summer 2011

Galen Clarke is 73, Georgette is 71, Kendal is 35 and Calvin and Troy are both 8.
(Lake Draper is 54)

Narrated by Kendal Clarke

Georgette is one of the hardest working people I know but that didn't prevent her boss at the law firm forcing her to take a different position, for lower pay. Georgette thinks it might be because of her age but whatever the reason, she was distraught.

So Galen suggested a short holiday to cheer her up. They never had a real honeymoon anyway, because for reasons I haven't figured out, Galen's mother came along on theirs.

So Galen and Georgette headed off to Three Lakes for a very belated honeymoon, leaving me and the boys with the house to ourselves for a while.

I didn't realise how much I relied on them to cook for us! I really should learn to do this myself, because I know Galen and Georgette won't be around forever.

Maybe I'm just distracted from thinking about the situation I've got myself into with Lake. Last time, it was his bed and this time we ended up in the hot tub together.

It happened exactly as it did last time. I got all caught up in the moment and then after it was over and I snapped out of it, I felt guilty and like I'd cheated on Samson.

I decided to go to Samson's grave, to see if talking to him might give me some peace. I felt a bit silly at first but I think it did actually help me. I ended up telling him about everything. I told him about how his parents were doing and about how fast Calvin and Troy are growing up.

They were still babies when Samson first got sick. Now they're 8 years old and developing their own personalities and interests. Troy loves games.

Calvin does anything fitness related that his grandpa is willing to teach him. They're both so smart and I know Samson would be proud of them.

I told him about Lake too. I think it really helped me get my head clear about the whole thing.

So when Lake visited the next day, I knew what I was going to say.

I stopped him before we got too touchy-feely again and invited him inside to talk.

I told him that I thought a relationship between us was a possibility but it needed to be a real relationship. Not just booty calls or a friends with benefits sort of thing. I'd like to go on a real date, for one thing. Lake seemed open to the idea, so I guess we'll just see where it goes.

Random pics:
I almost lost Galen this round! No one in the house had the option to douse him, so he was just lying there getting hungrier and hungrier.

Until finally Pascal visited and for some reason, when I made him selectable, he had the option. So Galen's life was saved by his brother-in-law.

  • It's funny how Sims have a plan for themselves that might be completely different to what you had planned. Left to my own devices, Kendal probably would have stayed single forever. That's not what she wanted though, which is more realistic than my original idea anyway. Being widowed at 29 and remaining single for the rest of your life would mean an awful long time alone.
  • It's Kendal that starts the woohoo every. single. time! For a shy Sim, she seems kind of aggressive sexually, though I don't really write her that way. Speaking of, I jotted down the chemistry for the couples this session.

Galen and Georgette have 3 bolts, a raw score of 140 and total score 245. This would have once been higher but they're apparently less turned on by each other since they both went grey, which is nice and shallow of them.
Kendal and Lake have 2 bolts, a raw score of 60 and a total score of 165. Not especially high, compared to other couples but he comes around all the time. She brings him from work every single day (and he her) and he even wandered by her house once or twice. So it's so-so chemistry but they really like each other.

  • After the hot tub, Kendal rolled the want to see a ghost. I chose to interpret that as her wanting to go and talk to Samson at the cemetery.


  1. ROFL That is messed up that no one wanted to help him. That's so strange that no one in the family had the option to pour water on him. Since it's only happened to me once. They can't wake up on their own?

    I'm glad to see Kendal is moving on and starting a new life for herself. It's about time. 8 years is a long time to be single.

  2. I'm happy to see Kendal enjoying life again. I agree that being single for the rest of her life would've been too much. It'll be interesting to see if this thing between her and Lake leads to something more serious. A real date is a good start.

    I'm glad *someone* was able to help Galen. That sounds like a weird glitch that none of the family members were able to douse him.

  3. Poor Kendal! It must be such a confusing time. I agree that she's far too young to spend her life alone. I'm glad she's trying to move on.

    Oh, wow, good thing Pascal stopped by! I'm going to have to try to get some hotter summers this time around. My Sims never even seem to notice that it's summer. Did you say you used the lot debugger for the heat?

  4. Poor Galen! I think it's hilarious that he and Georgette both lost a little interest when they turned gray! And I'm glad Kendal is getting back out there. The boys will be gone before she knows it and she will regret being a recluse.

  5. yikes, glad Galen is ok. That would have been a crummy way to go.

    Exciting to see Kendal getting back out in the dating game, I wonder how the boys will take it.

  6. I LOLed about Galen and Georgette liking each other less since they got old! Too funny.

    I'm glad to see Kendall starting to move on and open herself up to the possibility of a new relationship.

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Riverdale, I guess they can wake up on their own but Galen was out there for a loooong time. Like all day. Their body heat has to drop before they can wake up and I guess the outdoor temperature didn't, so his body stayed hot too. I certainly hope it was a one time thing but if it happens again, I'll try teleporting a visitor in, if no one is around.

    Laura, yes, I do use the debugger to make it hot. I jumped from autumn to summer on this lot and I find if I don't set the temperature, it sometimes continues like it would in the original season. Probably because I use a hack to change it and not the in game object.

    Galen and Georgette were both turned on by brown hair so when that went, so did some of their interest in each other! It's funny though because Galen cheats much less now than he did when he was younger. He must not have the energy any more!

    I think the boys might be okay with Kendal dating, because they'd hardly remember their dad at all, just what Kendal tells them. I think Lake's daughters might have a bigger problem with it, seeing they were older when Ottilie died and her death is much fresher than Samson's is. I think Rose especially will be bothered. She didn't like seeing him flirting with Mina, so she's definitely not going to like the idea of him dating and/or sleeping with another woman. I moved the Drapers up in my play schedule, just so I could deal with this whole thing in a more timely fashion!

  8. Maybe Kendal is just trying to find herself after the death of Samson. She would be lonely, and she is so young. I hope the thing with her and Lake work out.

    Lucky Galen! I've had something similar happen to one of my sims. No one in the family could dowse him, and I wondered if I was doing something wrong. After the sim had been there for a few hours, finally the servo was able to pour water on him and wake him up. I was getting ready to use the move objects cheat and save him.

  9. Had it been a younger Sim, I would have used move_objects too but if no one had come along to save Galen, I probably would have just left him. So he should be very grateful to Pascal. I forget how many years Galen has left in him - 3-5, I think.

    Lake or somebody else, I hope I can find *someone* for Kendal to be with permanently. She's so shy, she's not made for a wild and crazy dating scene!