Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Caffeine in the morning sun

Round 19: Spring 2010

Leo and Kit Royce are both 50 and Asha is 13.
(Adam is 55)

Narrated by Asha Royce

I've been complaining about the fact that our new house doesn't have a pool, so I have no place to exercise any more. Dad suggested that seeing I'm old enough to head out by myself now that I should try out the gym.

I'm actually pretty good on the old treadmill, I found! It's not quite as fun as swimming but maybe I'll get the bus to Sullivan to go the the pool another time.

On this particular day though, I thought I'd head down to the beach instead, seeing it's finally warm enough to go. There weren't any boys my age at the gym anyway and there were plenty at the beach!

I hit it off with this guy named Amar so I asked him if he wanted to hang out with me. He said yes, so we headed down closer to the water.

He turned out to be a bit of a downer though, so I ditched him after about an hour. He was boring and he didn't want to do anything fun.

I was hanging out by myself for a bit, building a pretty crappy looking sandcastle when I was joined by another boy, named Joe. I think Joe might like me but I'm not that fond of Joe, to be honest.

I spent a little too long on the beach and turned lobster-red by dinner time. That was fun for a few days but thankfully, the soreness didn't last too long.

I have been begging Dad for money to buy me a drum kit. He thinks I should save up for one but that will take forever! I'd be lucky if I got one before college.

Dad finally relented though and I have my drums! I've decided I want a career in music when I get older so I'm trying to get really good.

It's pretty handy for drowning out the sounds of my parents' flirting too! I get that they're in love and all but I wish they'd keep that out of my room. It's gross when it's your parents.

I met a really cute guy the other night at Lost Generation. His name is Abhijeet and I thought we were getting along pretty well.

Before he shoved his hand in front of my face to push me away, that is! How rude can you get?!?!

I spotted Amar over at the pinball machine and went to talk to him instead. If Abhijeet wants to be a jerk, he can hang out by himself.

And what do you know, as soon as Abhijeet saw me talking to Amar, he came over to apologise! That's cool. I won't hold a grudge!

Later on, I was lounging around on the couch when Margaret Turner came along and made some kind of weird gesture, like she thought I was hot or something. I'm only interested in boys, so she's barking up the wrong tree.

When I stood up, she came over and I thought she was going to flirt with me. Instead, she released this horrible fart and started laughing hysterically.

To make matters worse, she told everyone in the room that it was me!

Everyone was laughing then and it was so humiliating.

I went home and practised my drums. Imagining stupid Margaret Turner's face on the skins helped me calm down a bit.

Dad's sister died last month and he's been missing her a lot, so he's trying to reconnect with a lot of other family members, like his cousin Adam. Adult talk is a bit boring, so luckily I'm excused from the table as soon as I clear my plate.

Abhijeet dropped by and we hung out in the backyard. That whole thing at Lost Generation is ancient history now. He's actually very nice!

We were outside for a couple of hours, until Dad sent Adam out to let me know it was time for bed.

I said goodbye to Abhijeet and made sure he wouldn't forget me!

Random pics:
In light of yesterday's post, I think this is interesting! For reference, Kendal lives across the street from the Royces but Asha's telescope must be special, because it's facing the wrong way to be spying on Kendal!

Kendal showed up at the gym though and she was not doing anything incriminating. She had her boys with her and was checking out some monkey perfume.

On Asha's trip to the beach, I spotted an autonomous townie romance. The guy, by the way, is named Corbin Gray and he appears to be the same Corbin Gray from Lakeside Heights. Anyway, I told myself the next autonomous couple I saw, I'd make them playable. I'm not planning on playing them extensively or writing updates for them but I'll duck in, age them up, get them jobs, etc. I get a little tired of seeing the same townies around, so it'll be nice to let a couple of them die off every now and then.

Anyway, I plopped Corbin and Pamela into an apartment building and was reading something online while it loaded. I realised I'd forgotten all about them after several minutes so I checked the game and here's what I saw.

Well, okay then. He's knocked her up too, so there'll be a baby. I'll age him/her up (and Corbin and Pamela) like I do with the other Sims and he/she'll attend school with the others. So eventually, we'll see the outcome of this little experiment.

  • Oh my God, Asha is completely boy-crazy. She has constant wants to kiss and flirt (not unusual for a Romance Sim) and she wants to make friends with every boy she sees. Or maybe "friends", because I'm assuming she only wants to be friends with them so she will have better luck kissing and flirting with them. Witness:

Trent is too old for you, Asha! He is, in fact, old enough to be your father!
  • All of Asha's interactions with the boys were completely autonomous. She rolls wants for Amar, Abhijeet and Luc (which was interesting, because she didn't actually see Luc this round although he did call her). She has two bolts with Amar and three bolts with Abhijeet and Luc.
  • Because I'm so proud that I remembered to check the ACR scores for Abhijeet and Luc and note them down, here they are:
Asha and Abhijeet - raw: 126, adjusted: 231
Asha and Luc - raw: 119, adjusted: 224

So it's pretty close. I do feel sorry for Abhijeet who has been dumped by, I think, two of my girls so far because I think Asha will be the third. Poor Abhijeet! Maybe I'll choose him over a playable one day and he can finally age past 13!


  1. I loved this update, Asha is so full of life and spunk and so easy going. She's a pleasure sim, right? She seems like one. Her room is beautiful, I love the recolors of the Bon Voyage framed poster, too cute-per chance, WCIF?

  2. This was a fun update! Especially since the previous one was so sad.

    Asha seems to be quite popular with the boys LOL Those are pretty good ACR scores she has with Luc (and Ab-whats-his-name), my sims rarely get scores that high.

  3. Wow, Asha is just a ball of love, isn't she? :)

    I'm sorry, but I had to LOL when she got bullied at the club though! Such a teenage thing to do. I don't think I have enough bullying in my neighborhood, lol! :)

    LOL, Corbin! That's so funny, but I guess everybody has a Corbin Gray in their neighborhood. He has the hugest nose, doesn't he? I thought about toning it down a bit, ages ago when I first saw him, but I'm glad I didn't, lol! It's a very defining characteristic :)

  4. Apple Valley, Asha is a Romance Sim, actually. I went looking at the place I *thought* I got the posters last night and couldn't find them. It's possible that I got some of them from GOS but I'm not sure.

    CissieMae, Asha has the "Major Attraction" Romance benefit (or whatever it's called), so that helps chemistry with everyone.She had three bolts with Abhijeet before the benefit but only two with Luc. They must have been borderline.

    Laura, I was laughing too because I really did think Margaret was going to flirt with her.

    I think the nose was the first thing that made me think, "Hey, is that Corbin Gray?" LOL. It's very distinctive.

  5. Asha is a spunky hormone fueled teen! haha so cute. What a way to meet a boy though. Starts out rough, but can only get better, right?

    And that whole bullying thing, haha, I didn't see that coming. Wow, that was mean and sneaky, but Asha was sort of asking for it with her attitude. XD

  6. I really like Asha! She's fun. :) Although I had to laugh at her being pranked in the club, LOL. Poor Asha. ;)

    I've started recently making townies into playables when I see them developing romances with each other. I have two couples that I've moved into houses and married. One couple has already had their first baby and I'll pop in every so often and age the baby up along with the rest of my hood. I like the idea that these children of townies could one day marry into one of my playable families. Gives them a bit of background history. :)

  7. "Before he shoved his hand in front of my face to push me away, that is! How rude can you get?!?!"

    Oh my, so funny! I can totally "hear" her voice with this. What a tough night with Margaret.

    Interesting play idea with the ACR townies.

  8. Thanks everyone.

    Lunar, Asha did cop a bit of an attitude with Margaret, didn't she? She's actually very sweet (7 nice points! In my hood!) but she had her bitch face on as soon as Margaret approached. LOL.

    Shana, I think you were the one I stole the idea from, though I might have mentioned that I was planning on stealing it in the comments! It's a fun idea to have families continuing to grow on the peripheral, without me really playing them.

    Maisie, I'm glad you liked it. I'm so used to writing for my bitchier characters and I think even my nice ones come off as a little bitchy. I find myself having to rein it in!

  9. Was this Amar's 1st appearance ever =O ?!

    1. Yes, I think it was, though I have to confess I had mostly forgotten about this! Amar should really be a few years older than he is based on this but I didn't used to worry about that so much back then. These days, I would probably have given him a makeover and name change once I decided nothing would happen between him and Asha, so I could possibly bring him into another sim's story several years down the line. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!