Sunday, 6 September 2009

In the aeroplane over the sea

Round 20: Autumn 2011

Caleb Moretti is 29 and Nicholas is 8.
(Maria is 68 and Madelyn is 31)

Narrated by Caleb Moretti

After I left Abigail, I moved back to Sullivan into a little unit in a triplex. It's really small but I've managed to make it comfortable enough for myself, even though money is definitely tight on the crappy salary I'm earning right now.

I supplement my salary with prize money from the cooking contests I enter. They always make me nervous, even after I've already won!

The neighbours here are pretty decent. Tate lives next door and I've become pretty good friends with him.

He has a little girl, Josie, who Nicholas likes to play with when he's living here. They're almost the same age.

She seems a bit bratty to me but Nicky likes her, so I don't say anything. As long as he doesn't pick up any tips from her.

One good/bad thing about being back in Sullivan is that Mum drops by all the time now. First it was to check out my new place. Then it was to check I was eating properly.

Satisfied with all that, she's now moved on to trying to get me engaged. I need to find a girlfriend first, which is proving very difficult.

Nicky is having better luck with girls than I have been lately. I loved Abigail but she broke my heart and I don't know if I'll ever find anyone I like that much again.

So that's why when my ex-girlfriend Madelyn called and invited me out to Exeter to meet some of her friends, I agreed to go. When I got to the diner where we were supposed to meet though, there was no sign of Madelyn or any of her friends.

I'd already spent $35 I could barely afford on taxi fare so I decided to go in and get some dinner anyway. I think the waitress must have felt sorry for me, because we had a pretty lengthy chat when I ordered.

The whole thing was pretty embarrassing, to be honest. I just wanted to eat and get out of there.

I ended up being talked into filling in for the bartender for a few hours, while she tended to "an emergency". I could really use the cash and I knew Mum was watching Nicky, so I didn't feel like I should say no.

I hate that Nicky has had his family broken up with the whole thing between his mother, me and Jesse. I know it's got to him a lot, because he's constantly worried about other people in the family breaking up - his grandparents, his aunts and uncles. That aside though, I feel like we can really talk the way we couldn't really in a house full of people. I kind of like it being just the two of us. I just wish I could have him with me all the time.

I came home from work one afternoon to find Madelyn standing in my kitchen (Nicholas has a habit of opening the door to anyone, which I'm trying to break him of). She'd come to apologise for not showing up the other night. We're going to pretend it never happened and try again another time maybe.

  • If this seems a little disjointed, it's because I lost some of my pics so I had to do the best I could with what I had! There were a few other pictures I had that would have linked things together nicely.
  • I'm pretty sure I said this when Caleb and Abigail broke up, but Nicholas will appear in both his parents' updates as I'm moving him from household to household with InSim. So we'll see him again in Winter 2012.
  • Caleb has the constant want to woohoo in bed and to ask someone out on a date. Most of the women he has 3 bolts with are Romance but they're also married. He has 3 bolts with both Anna Collins and Naomi Novak. After what happened with Abigail and Jesse, I don't think he'd want to contribute to the breakdown of someone else's relationship, especially seeing Emil is his brother and Owen is a very good friend. But man, I have never seen someone have negative chemistry with as many people as poor Caleb does!
  • If you didn't guess, Madelyn not showing up was a glitch. I think it was my fault. When Madelyn called, Maria was over and when Caleb accepted her invitation, Maria got a blue plumb-bob above her head, all ready to go out with her son. Um, no. So I had him say goodbye to her but I think I should have chosen "ask to leave group" or whatever the option is. I bet Madelyn had some gorgeous 3 bolt friend ready for Caleb too!
  • Tomorrow, we'll jump straight into Winter 2011, as there are no birthdays this time around. Anna and Emil's baby is due in Spring and Malcolm Novak will turn 1, so there'll be another birthday post then.


  1. I figured it was a glitch when Madelyn and her friends didn't show up. Poor Caleb!

    I hope he'll find someone (single), he deserves all the happiness in the world after what happened with Abigail

  2. Isn't that jus tliek real life? Someone that was perfect for him and they don't meet. LOL Caleb will find someone. She's out there for him.

  3. What a stinky glitch to have happen to a sim who's just had his heart broken.

    I always have trouble with the social outtings. Some thing always seems to go wrong.

  4. I *hope* Caleb finds someone. I'd love it if I could find a playable for him but I'm not sure there are any. There was no girl shortage in his generation but he's related to a couple of them, so that's lowering his chances somewhat!

    He'll just have to keep looking!

  5. PS: The social group outings usually work pretty well for me but the ones the game generates often glitch. Typical. You want something done right you have to do it yourself!

  6. OMG, I knew a little girl named Josie when I was a kid, and she was a brat, lol!

    I just find Caleb a thousand times more adorable since he's broken up with Abigail, lol! I think I just have a soft spot for Sims who've run into bad luck again and again. It makes you want them to succeed just that much more! And I hope he does :)

  7. Poor Caleb! Life just sucks sometimes doesn't it?! I hate doing outings sometimes. You never know what's going to happen. I've even had that happen with dates. The sim goes downtown only to find that he/she is alone and has been stood up!

  8. Laura, I'm liking Caleb more and more since he broke up with Abigail too (and rather shallowly, since I changed his hair). He actually was not one of my favourites at all while he was with her. The Sims who suffer through so much bad luck do tend to tug at your heartstrings a lot, don't they?

    Mizzgin, dates, fingers crossed, have always worked perfectly for me. But then again, I usually either invite the Sim over first or ask them on the date once they're already at the location.

  9. Caleb's one of my favorites. I love him and Nicky. I felt so bad seeing him eat alone after being stood up. But I immediately knew it was a game glitch...but sometimes those glitches make for a great story.

    Caleb will land on his feet, I'm counting on it. He's gonna find an amazing Sim and they're gonna live happily ever after. *smiles*

  10. Wow, that glitch sucks, I've had a glitch similar like that. My sim's exhusband invited her out with a group. The group ended up being the woman he cheated on her with, that woman's husband and two children. Thankfully the group disbanded on thier own before the outing started which I take it to mean that even sims know when a situation is akward.

  11. Simmington, I love Caleb too. I hope you're right about him finding someone lovely. He deserves it.

    That's funny, Apple Valley! Sims don't seem to have as many social taboos as we do, do they?

  12. InSim sounds like a great way to tell the story you are telling.

  13. Yeah, it's working pretty well for me so far! I moved Nicholas back in with Abigail yesterday and it took literally 2 seconds. Easy peasy!

  14. Just wanted to say that I agree that his hair change does make him more likeable. I'm shallow too lol. He seems like a sweet guy, though.

    And I keep forgetting to ask where you got Madelyn's hair. Everytime I see her I think how pretty she is and how the hair just really suits her.

  15. Danielle, I'm always kind of in awe that Caleb only has 4 nice points. He is amazingly sweet when I leave him alone. You should see him with the woman I have him with right now. I won't say any more as it's probably too much of a spoiler. But they're adorable together. They kill me!

    I'd put money on Madelyn's hair coming from Rissa Styles. Which is kind of a pain because there's so much there, which means a lot to go through. But it definitely looks like a Rissa texture to me.

    Madelyn is very pretty. She's actually mostly a clone of her mother; there's not much of Charlton in her at all.

  16. Can't wait to see who he's with!

    And thanks for the wcif. I just downloaded about 25 different hairstyles... none of which were the one you used on Madelyn LOL. I'm a hairaholic. I'll find it eventually :)

  17. At the point of Sullivan where you are now, I think Caleb's girl is currently in another relationship. I'm so excited for you to catch up! It's been really fun revisiting all these old posts as you've been going through and commenting on them though. :)

    And yeah, that's me every time I go to Rissa Styles. I go nuts there every time, lol. It'd be handy if you could see more than 2 hairstyles at a time there though. That's part of what makes it so exhausting to go through.