Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Round 20: Summer 2012

Arianna Weaver is 57, Liam is 49, Jonas Lachance is 34, Tatiana is 29, Jacob is 11 and Dominic is 2.
(Abigail is 29 and Adrienne is 5)

Narrated by Jonas Lachance

This was Tatiana's car before she let me drive it to work...

...and this is Tatiana's car afterwards. There's been so much rain in Sullivan lately, so the roads are slippery and I slid off the road. I feel terrible about it because Tatiana worked so hard on that car.

Tatiana wasn't mad at all about the car and was just glad I came out of it with only a broken arm. I have to wear a cast for a little while, stay off work for a few days, and just generally take it easy.

The accident gave Tatiana an excuse to start working on the car again, which she loves. You'd almost think she was happy it got wrecked.

I'm feeling pretty useless right now. I'm not so co-ordinated with only one arm, so I don't want to pick up Dominic and risk dropping him. It's hard saying no to him.

Dominic and I are relegated to things like playing peek-a-boo for the meantime.

It's just the two of us in the house for most of the day, with everyone else at work and school, so Abigail dropped by to help me out with the childcare side of things.

And the cooking side of things. Abigail is a better cook than anyone in this house, so she made a few meals and put them in the fridge so we can just heat them up.

Whatever she made, it had to be better than the spaghetti with burnt meatballs Arianna made the night before. Even she couldn't eat it.

I try not to be a bossy big brother and butt into Abigail's personal life but she's in such a mess and I can't help myself.

She cheated on Caleb with Jesse and was wavering between the two guys for a while, even though Caleb didn't want anything to do with her. Now she's saying she's not interested in Caleb any more and that Jesse is the guy for her. I hope she really has made her decision. I just want to see her settled down.

Just like Tatiana and me. Neither of us have ever seen the appeal of jumping from person to person. We're happy with our little family and I'd love Abigail to have something like we have too.

Now that Dominic is two, we've been trying for another baby. We didn't expect to be successful so quickly but Tatiana got pregnant right away!

Tatiana has actually been feeling fantastic through this pregnancy but we're not taking any chances this time, so she's on bed rest. Liam and Arianna have been great about looking after Dominic while Tatiana is resting.

Random pics:

Every now and then, it strikes me how convoluted the family trees in this hood are getting. Jacob brought Adrienne Novak home from school with him who is, of course, Owen Novak's daughter. It had completely slipped my mind that Owen is Tatiana's half-brother, so Adrienne is actually her niece. I suppose that could make Jacob her almost-uncle but Tatiana and Jacob are brother and sister through Arianna only, so he and Adrienne are not related at all.

I thought it was cute how Tatiana went straight over to talk to her, so I let her off bed rest for a little while so they could get to know each other a bit!


  • This is a new house, if you were wondering! Here is an insight into how dense I am sometimes. While playing this family, I realised Tatiana and Jonas could not try for a baby, with ACR or the Maxis options. So I checked another couple on another lot to see if they had the option - yep, all was fine. Moved Tatiana and Jonas onto an empty lot by themselves and they had the option there. I decided to try them in a new house, thinking that was the problem. I still didn't have the option. So I moved them all out again, moved Tatiana, Jonas and Dominic into the new house and tried adding the other household members one by one. Liam and Jacob were both fine (as in, T&J still had the option with them in the household) and at this point, I'm wondering if Arianna is buggy somehow and if I should kill her off. Then like a ton of bricks, it hits me. They have four dogs, 4 adults, 1 child and 1 toddler in the house. That's 10, which is the (fairly sensible) Maxis-granted limit. Gah! So basically, I lost their first house for no reason. I like this one better but the old one was historical! Cookies if you got through all that!
  • Tatiana is due in Spring 2012, at the same time as Zelda Benton. Hope Collins turns one then too, so that'll be a big birthday post. Her pregnancy, by the way, was made possible by giving two of the dogs away - Abigail has one and Owen has the other, so they've both gone to family.
  • Jonas rolled an ROS to break his leg, lose his car and be off work for two days (an ROS that I'm sure I stole from somewhere, like most of my other ROSs). I didn't like the leg cast mesh I found though, so it turned into a broken arm. I made up some rules for him that I tried to stick to - no heavy lifting (Dominic included), no activities that one would usually perform with two hands (cooking, for example) and no work. It's harder than I thought to control stuff like that but it was a fun little challenge! Witness:
I don't think the guy has ever skipped before in his life but he decides to give it a whirl now, with a broken arm. I guarantee now that he has his cast off, he'll never skip again.


  1. "I don't think the guy has ever skipped before in his life but he decides to give it a whirl now, with a broken arm."

    Haha, I totally cracked up!

    Great update and congrats to Tatiana! I've been there with the full family, I forget to count the pets in that scenario.

  2. Well duh! I stole my ROS from somewhere and there was the car crash thing and I was just like "there's no way to do that"!

    Too bad you lost the old house but at least you like the new one.

    And yay for a new baby, I hope everything goes well this time.

  3. I love that ROS! I am thinking of putting them in my game starting on the next round......I LOL @ him jumping rope with a broken arm. I guess it's true what they say, you don't know what you've got until it's gone!

  4. Tatiana and Jonas are so cute! I just love their little family.

    The cast was a nice little touch. That certainly added some realism to the entry.

    The new house looks lovely though. I love the bright colors.

  5. Just a thought..have you ever tried using the hack for no sim limit in the family? It works for me and I have all the expansion packs. I had a house with two dogs, two sets of quads and both parents. I played with them with no bugs. I did end up separating them because it was horrendous trying to control that many people. I found the hack at mod the sims 2. Or you can google it.

  6. Oh, great idea on how to play out that ROS and imposing limits on what he can do. But LOL @ at Jonas jumping rope now that he has a broken arm! Crazy Sims, can't take your eyes off them for one second. ;)

    Congrats to Jonas and Tatiana on their pregnancy!

  7. Thanks everyone! I'm excited about their new baby. I think she'll be okay this time, because I'm not planning on playing her again until after the baby is born - I'm just going to nudge the pregnancy up as time moves along.

    The cast is pretty well done but it does require careful picture taking at times because it tends to gap and bleed. For something that was never intended by Maxis to be in the game though, it's pretty nifty!

    I was kind of sick of the furniture in their old house (it had barely changed since the three original Draper boys were little) so this gave me an excuse to use all new stuff. ;)

    I haven't tried the no sim limit hack but I know of it. I probably won't use it because generally, I don't like houses with more than 10 Sims anyway. I keep meaning to post the story of my Wong family - the grandparents, the parents, two cats, twins and sextuplets (through a glitch). I found that with that family, I was never actually *playing* them. I was just max motivesing all over the place. I do still use that cheat but I try to avoid it!

    I *almost* took this ROS out of my list but I'm glad I didn't. The old junker car doesn't really look like a car wreck and Jonas kept doing silly things like skipping and trying to pick up Dominic but all in all, it was one of the kinder ROSs I could inflict on my Sims. No one died, no one broke up, nothing burned down.