Tuesday, 15 September 2009

St. Peter

Round 20: Summer 2012

Tate Benton is 42, Zelda is 37 and Josie is 10.
(Ethan Novak is 6)

Narrated by Tate Benton

Zelda and I are getting a little anxious about how our adoption is progressing, so I've been on the phone with them almost every week. Just to check how it's going and everything is in place.

Moving house definitely helped our chances! The house is a nice size for two kids and we've even got a backyard now. And a dining room, where I've been whipping up some original concoctions with fruit nectar. I've always wanted a nectar bar but we never had the space before.

We also have three bathrooms now, so when Zelda is free to hog the half bath all she likes, doing whatever it is she does in there, while Josie and I can continue to get ready for the day.

Speaking of Josie, we're hoping that a baby brother or sister might curb some of her behaviour issues. She has to play by herself most of the time, so when it's just us, we don't have any problems.

And we don't always have problems when she's with other kids. She's sweet with her friends sometimes...

...and then there are other times when we catch her creating violent punching "games". Or she snatches toys away from younger kids for no reason. We have to keep both eyes on her when she has friends over or it all ends in tears.

We're in a better financial position owning our own house (we were able to purchase it outright, without a loan) than we were renting, especially now that Zelda is making some money with her books. So I've started thinking about opening up my own business.

I'd put it out of my mind because I only had $40,000 to spare and didn't think I'd ever find anything for that sort of money. I kept my eyes peeled though and I found a small restaurant in Exeter for only $38,000, so I took Josie with me and went to check it out.

When we pulled up out front of "Hank's Grub Hub", I heard Josie's voice piping up from the backseat.

"Dad, this place is gross!"

And honestly, it kind of is. There was trash strewn all around and the chain link fence didn't look particularly inviting.

Inside was not much better. More trash and what little furniture they had was all mismatched.

Call me crazy but I think I can make something of this place! It's an excellent location but it's just being completely wasted right now. So you're looking at the new owner of Hank's Grub Hub - we might go for a name change though!

The adoption agency called and told us that we can expect to be matched with a child within the next three months. That seems so soon! We don't know the sex of the child, just that it will be a newborn, or close to it.

Fate has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works for us. Zelda was feeling quite nauseous the past few mornings and on a whim, she took a pregnancy test. Well, it came up positive! Neither of us could believe it. We've been trying to conceive for almost 10 years now and we had pretty much given up.

Because we'd given up, we've been a little lax with the birth control lately. We just never thought Zelda would ever get pregnant again! But she is and soon we'll have two babies in the house!

Random pics:

I just think Josie's cute. Cute, but slightly evil. I'm excited to see her as a teen but I'll have to wait until 2014 for that.

  • I'm not quite sure where Tate and Zelda are going to put two babies. I guess they'll have to convert the study into a second nursery, as the current nursery is small even for one baby. Zelda's pregnancy has really caught me by surprise!
  • The adopted baby is coming in Autumn 2012 and the biological baby is due in Spring 2012, so the babies will be about 6 months apart.
  • Tate rolled the "Open a small business" ROS (the first ROS of this round - they all ended up crammed at the end) so it looks like I'm opening yet another restaurant. I just think they're so much fun to play and apart from wages, they're also pretty cheap to run! I'm going to have Tate do it up a bit before it's officially "open" though.
  • I've put a solar panel (from M&G) up on the roof, which is supposed to get the family some sort of refund for being "green". Nothing yet but I've never tried them before and I'm not sure how long it's supposed to take.


  1. LMBO!! Isn't it the case when your sims don't concieve and you get thier adoption ready then they get pregnant! Let's see if she has twins :P

  2. They'll have their hands quite full come the spring! Should make for some interesting dynamics with the family and the children.

    Love Zelda in the bathroom photo.

  3. Wow! Your game decided to give you its own random event with that pregnancy, LOL. ;) They are going to have their hands very full soon, especially with setting up a new business as well. Josie is too cute. :)

  4. Sims never cease to amaze me! That is quite a shock but I'm sure it will be fine. I have to agree with the general consensus: Josie is a cutie! The evil ones usually are!

  5. Yes, this is soon going to be a pretty hectic house, when previously, it's been one of my quieter ones!

    I've never had my Sims get pregnant right before an adoption but I've heard of it happening to people in real life. So I did have a little giggle.

    It's not twins, unless Tate's family benefit kicks in at the last minute. When she first got pregnant, it said there was just one baby. I bumped Zelda up to the second trimester last night, as we're entering Autumn but I forgot to check how many babies it said.

    I think being cute is how evil kids get away with being evil. ;)

  6. Josie is darn adorable! I love that she's a little evil too. Boys and girls of the world, look out!

    For the Solar Panels, I believe you have to put a few before you get any rebates on it, but one will supposedly knock down the bills. I haven't fully tested it yet though. (Amberle's little house has solar panels on the roof. I figured she of all sims would be green.)

  7. She's such a little brat, my Josie. I can't wait to see how she acts as a teen.

    Interesting about the solar panels. I probably played this house for 4 or 5 days and didn't get a pop-up, so I might try putting another panel or two up there and seeing what happens.

    The weird thing is I have two lots I call "transition lots". I have a test Sim living there and there's no furniture at all, besides some hack objects and the Maxis weather controller. For some reason though, I get the pop-up on that lot. It's a bit of a head-scratcher!