Monday, 18 May 2009

Landslide baby

Round 16: College
WARNING: Much longer than usual!

At the beginning of his junior year, James found himself tiring of dorm life and decided to move out on his own. With the intake of the new freshmen, it was getting a little crowded at Moretti Hall.

Emil was pleased to see at least one of the new students - his girlfriend, Anna.

Being Romance Sims, they don't waste any time finding the hot tub!

Emil has also been schooling Owen and Jonas on who's the head honcho around this place. They don't look too impressed.

On his first night on campus, Owen was feeling a little homesick and called his girlfriend Naomi for a date. Being shy, she was a little apprehensive about karaoke but agreed to it on the condition that Owen join her for a duet.

There was not a whole lot of privacy at the Old Brick though. It seems like it was voyeurs' night or something, so Owen and Naomi eventually headed back to the dorm to finish off their evening there instead.

James Novak may not live at Moretti Hall any more but he's still showing up to all the parties. And at almost 23, he's finally decided to make a move on a girl. Madelyn isn't a student but she's Owen's cousin so she scored an invite anyway.

Owen's sister Kirstin begged to come too and she's dragged along her boyfriend David, along with some other friends from school. Her parents weren't too thrilled with her attending a college party and have told Owen to keep an eye on her.

Yup. Kirstin's definitely Collette's daughter.

Funny 'cos it's not you, eh, Zelda?

Tatiana Moretti is also in attendance. What better chance would she have to reunite with Jonas?

They did spend some time in the hot tub together but Tatiana's mother and grandmother will be pleased to know that she left the party with her purity in tact.

Not so much with the purity for Betsy though.

Betsy has well and truly moved on from the Linnea thing and instead is dating Kimberly Winter, Naomi Novak's fellow cosmetologist.

Nearing the end of his junior year, Emil has lost all interest in his studies (what interest he had, anyway!) and is spending most of his time with Anna or at the poker table. Or with Anna at the poker table.

Jonas the Knowledge Sim takes it upon himself to bring Emil's grades up. Emil has been put on academic probation and if he doesn't pass this semester, Suffolk University will expel him. He's got quite the task ahead of him.

Anna has embarked on Phase One of Operation Get Mum and Dad back together. But perhaps Phase Two won't even be needed, which is a good thing because Anna wasn't quite sure what that was supposed to be.

Much of the anger between her parents seems to have faded and they fall into conversation readily. First it's just small talk about the weather...

...but they're reminiscing about old times in...well, no time!

They both head inside the coffee shop where their daughter is giving an impromptu poetry reading. It's pretty terrible but she's their daughter, so they cheer her on anyway.

Yes, it seems like Joseph and Vivienne are getting along just fine.

Anna can see things are going well, so after saying goodbye, she makes a quick exit.

Jonas is still trying to turn Emil into an A+ student. His current tactic is to do his term paper along side Emil and Betsy (who's also floundering though not as much as Emil). Last time Jonas looked, both were working on their own term papers but both have tabbed out to something more interesting. Emil is checking out the latest video games and Betsy is reading Scientific American. Which might be useful if she wasn't an economics major.

All of Jonas's work is for nought though. He just didn't have the knowledge he needed to pass his exam and has unfortunately been expelled. I think Jonas is sadder than Emil.

Anna still has her needs though and seeing Emil is no longer around to fulfil them, Owen steps up to the plate.

And Anna is more than happy with that arrangement. They both know this won't go anywhere after they graduate. Anna loves Emil much more than she loves Owen but Emil is just not convenient right now.

Across campus, James is finding that living alone isn't all it's cracked up to be. He comes from a huge family, growing up in a house with his grandparents, his parents, twin sister and later on, baby brother. And living in the dorm offered a similar atmosphere. Here though, it's just so...quiet.

He never realised how much he needed background noise to concentrate but he's really struggling to finish his assignments in the complete silence of his tiny rental house.

At least James has someone to spend his nights with now. Ever since the party at Moretti Hall, James and Madelyn have been seeing a lot of each other.

They both wish they could see each other every day but with James away at college, it's just not possible.

James has (at last!) had his first kiss. Madelyn is 5 years younger but got her first kiss from Caleb Moretti. He was somewhat immature and she's much happier with someone older.

Madelyn's father, Charlton, has heard his daughter's gushing and travelled all the way out to campus to meet James for himself. James isn't a smart-ass like that David Moretti and that's pretty much all a guy needs to impress Charlton.

So everything went well with Charlton but James and Madelyn are still relieved when he finally leaves.

He might have changed his mind if he'd happen to walk back into the house 15 minutes later.

Maybe he's figured it out anyway. It's too far for Madelyn to travel back and forth all the time, so she usually ends up spending her entire weekend at James's house.

The long distance relationship thing is over with though, now that James has graduated and is moving back to Sullivan. He was always a conscientious student and he finished with a 4.0 GPA.

Random pics:Even the boys are hot for Emil! Owen is bisexual but seeing there's a boy shortage in Sullivan, he's only ever hooked up with Naomi.

Dun dun dun! No, not really. I'm not going to start any drama over Samson and Tatiana meeting so close to TS3. I'm leaning very heavily towards Option 3 and although Tatiana and Jonas are strong candidates for moving over to TS3, I'm not sure who else will come. I don't really want to move over Sims with family ties to each other (those were the logistical problems I was referring to and why I'll have to choose my Sims carefully).

  • Naomi had the want to duet with Owen and the fear of karaoke. I think she broke even with the aspiration points.
  • THE COUPLES COUNSELLING OPTION DIDN'T SHOW UP!!! WHY NOT, EAXIS!? Sigh. Do they need to be furious at each other? Surprisingly, they never got furious at each other, though their relationship dropped right down. Joseph was at 0/0 and Vivienne was at 24/0 when I made them selectable to check at the beginning of the outing.
  • Anna has a primary aspiration of Romance and Owen has Romance as his secondary, so no strings attached woohoo sort of goes along with the territory. Naomi is also Romance and is probably getting some action of her own on the side while Owen is away.
  • Betsy also graduated, with a 3.7 GPA. She has a better skill grounding than Emil, so she could get away with just showing up to class to pass.
  • Sorry if this seems to jump around a lot! So much happened this round that I couldn't focus too much on any one "story". I couldn't break it into 2 parts in a way I was happy with either.
  • Onto Round 17! I'm going to try and finish it up before TS3 is out!


  1. That was a very fun roller coaster ride actually. The mishmash of stories works well for all the YAs in college.

    I love their "family" picture. Haha, that's cute and fitting!

  2. I'm glad you liked it!

    Yeah, I like how Anna's kissing Emil and he's just standing there lapping it up. That pose doesn't usually make me laugh but it does with those two.