Monday, 11 May 2009

The importance of being idle

Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Linnea Lane

I went into labour in our teeny tiny bathroom on Saturday morning. Everybody was home but only Debbie was able to squeeze in to coach me through birth.

Did I mention we were expecting twins? Well, we were! Luc is the dark-haired one and Cordy is the redhead.

I don't know what I'd do without Mum around. She pretty much does everything for me and the babies.

It seems to come more naturally to Debbie than to me. She's up bright and early every morning to get the twins out of their cots and ready for the day but I just laze around in bed.

They're cute and I love them and everything but everything about parenthood is so boring. The other day, I stood around for what seemed like hours just waiting for Cordy to use the potty.

Maybe I'm not cut out for motherhood. I'm a better aunt. All the fun stuff, you know?

I've kind of felt like this whole family thing has been cramping my style lately. Even in my suit of armour (shut up, it's for work!), I have women swooning all over me.

Ever since Trent and Megan's wedding, I've felt like I've been missing out a lot by being married. So when I met Makenzie outside our building one night while Debbie was out and the kids were asleep, I decided to invite her in.

But either she was home and out of sight or she got home at the worst possible time, because she stormed into the bedroom before Makenzie and I had done anything.

I thought it'd be best if I slept on the couch. She's not talking to me right now anyway. I'd never seen Debbie so angry before.

Dad died recently, aged 79. I was sad but Dad and I never got to be as close as we might have been, seeing he was so distant when I was a kid.

You could probably hear Mum's sobbing down the street though. I wish there was something I could do for her but I think she just needs time.

I think Debbie was closer to Dad than I was, so she was upset. She was still angry about the Makenzie thing, so I guess it felt like one thing on top of the other for her.

I think the twins are noticing some weirdness between Debbie and me. Cordy was developing some anger issues towards the end of her toddler stage, constantly banging that rabbit against the concrete on the balcony.

And now that they're older, Luc doesn't seem to want to speak to me much at all. I guess the Makenzie thing must have affected them as well as Debbie.

Random pics:

Literally minutes after Floyd died, Drusilla had this gearhead named Howard in her bed.

Howard's a love 'em and leave 'em type though.

And first time I've had this happen! Cliff Horne is not impressed with all the noise coming from the Lanes' apartment. Which is interesting, because he doesn't live next to them (that's Ben and Caterina) or above them (that's Mina and Pascal). He lives up and to the right. If they can cope with Debbie's terrible drumming, then so can you, Cliff! Linnea feels the same - check out that stance!

  • I alluded to this a while ago but Debbie and Linnea were the couple I was considering breaking up this round. I was going to hook up Linnea and Betsy after their little display at Trent and Megan's wedding. However, I've decided that seeing Betsy's parents just separated over false accusations of infidelity, Betsy probably wouldn't want to get involved with a married woman. So instead, Linnea and Debbie will have to either a) work it out or b) live unhappily ever after, while I see what happens with Betsy and Kimberly (who you saw yesterday).
  • Linnea is really not a very attentive parent. She's got Family as a secondary aspiration but she has rolled absolutely no wants to interact with either Cordy or Luc. Her relationship with both kids is in the negative now and I think they might be furious at her too. So she'll have to work to get that back on track too.
  • If you're not the type to look at profiles, Luc is actually Lucian and Cordy is Cordelia. I'm rewatching my Buffy DVDs lately, so she was named after Cordelia Chase. I think this Cordelia is a little nicer though - she has 4 nice points.


  1. Linnea has a rocky road ahead of her with Debbie and the kids. I guess some sims really aren't meant for marriage and motherhood.

    The twins are adorable!

  2. Gotta admire sim mourning, Drusilla!! ;) I guess she's right, life is for the living, after all!

  3. Oh the drama! I love it. Linnea's actions make total sense considering how much she seems to be enjoying being an actual parent.

    Oh, I can't wait to see how this turns out. There's so many directions you can go, but no matter where she goes, I hope Linnea keeps in touch with her kids.

  4. Well, I guess this is what I get when I force babies on Sims without the want for them!

    I think next round could be my last round of Sullivan TS2-style, so if I start any more drama, I'm going to try and get it tied up before the end! I don't want to leave any unresolved cliffhangery type things like this.