Friday, 8 May 2009


Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Xanthia Benton

My daughter Zelda decided to pass up university and continue living here in Sullivan with me. She's also invited her recently graduated boyfriend Tate to move in with us (with my permission, of course!).

Even with Zelda at home, I've felt very alone since Stan died so I'm glad my elder daughter Araminta still comes to see me. She visits almost every day.

I love it when she brings Ione with her.

I can't believe my daughter is old enough to have her own daughter! Now that I have one grandchild though, I'm anxious for more.

I might be waiting a while though. Zelda loves playing auntie but I don't think she's ready for her own kids yet.

For the meantime, she and Tate and just happy to spend time together. They're out to some place or another just about every night.

Zelda is also working on her first novel. She's very creative and I love what she's let me read so far. I think it will sell well but I'm her mother. I have to admit I'm a little biased.

Tate found out about a cooking competition and decided to enter. He really thinks his garlic shrimp has a good chance of winning. It's a $500 prize, so it's definitely worth it. So the other night, we (we being me, Zelda, Araminta and Tate's brother Trent) headed to Sue's Secret Kitchen to cheer Tate on. Well, Araminta was actually cheering on her good friend Magdalena but we won't tell Tate!

Tate looked pretty confident at the start, while Magdalena looked very nervous.

Tate's nerves didn't start to show until Trent surprisingly placed a plate of hamburgers on the judging table. None of us were expecting him to enter!

Tasting - the judge seemed impressed!

Final tabulating of the score...

...and Trent is the winner! We all got to sample all the dishes after judging was over too, so we got a free dinner, with dessert!

Tate's proposal was a surprise to Zelda but I knew it was coming. Tate had discussed it with me. I guess he's a traditional guy and would have talked it over with Stan, if he was still around.

They haven't set a date for the wedding yet but I hope they don't wait too long.

More good news later that same day! Zelda's book has been published and she received a cheque for over $2700!

She couldn't wait to brag about it to her future mother-in-law.

I didn't want to push but seeing we both had the morning off, I asked Zelda if she felt like going shopping for wedding gowns. She rolled her eyes but agreed to come.

I loved this one that she tried on. Zelda thought it was a little flouncy for her tastes.

This one was the winner for Zelda. She wasn't planning on buying anything today but she couldn't resist. Especially when I said I'd pay for it!

Random pic:
I like this one but it didn't fit into the update. It's like a little snapshot of domesticity. And I just like taking pictures through windows.

  • Araminta visits autonomously all the time, as does Trent. I haven't invited either of them over ever, yet they're still almost like permanent residents! I love stuff like that in the game.
  • I wasn't going to make Zelda get married this round unless she rolled up the want herself, being so young and all. She ended up rolling the want on the second last day but I decided I've had enough of weddings for a little while and I'll marry them off next round instead.


  1. I like taking pictures through windows too! Does that make us sim voyeurs?

    Zelda's second dress is just lovely! Where do you find these wonderful wedding dresses?

    Also, I can hear Tate going, "Booyah!" in his winner pic.

  2. I love Zelda's wedding gown, I also like the first dress she tried on. Your sims have the prettiest wedding gowns!

  3. Both of Zelda's wedding gowns were released recently at All About Style. She did a set of about 5 and I'm working my way through them! Megan's dress was from there and I think Arianna's was too.

    Lunar, I think we're all Sim voyeurs in some way! It seems like it's the very nature of this game.