Monday, 18 May 2009

Round 16 Summary

A quick summary of everything that's happened in Sullivan during Round 16. Most of it involved overpopulation.

Births: 8 (Ione Romilly, Lia Novak, Luc and Cordy Lane, Olivia Nihill, Asha Royce, Rose Draper, Joanna Gottlieb)

Deaths: 3
(Jonah Draper, Noelle Harvey, Floyd Lane)

Engagements: 3
(Trent and Megan Kirby, Liam and Arianna Weaver, Tate Kirby and Zelda Benton)

Marriages: 3 (Trent and Megan Kirby, Liam and Arianna Weaver, Henry and Araminta Romilly)

Break-ups: 2 (Joseph and Vivienne Carmody, Caleb Moretti and Madelyn Nihill)

Graduations: 2 (Betsy Carmody, James Novak)

New residents: (Megan Kirby, Liam Weaver, Kendal Kalson)

Total Population: 74 (32 Males, 42 Females)
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 6
Children: 8
Teens: 5
Young Adults: 3
Adults: 41
Elders: 11

I will do probably some ROSs for Round 17 but because it will probably be my last TS2 round, I'm just going to do them whenever I feel like it, rather than having it set up from the beginning. I don't want to force myself into any stories that I don't want to/won't be able to carry out. So I may end up doing 10 ROSs or none. We'll see.


  1. Your last TS2 round? T__T Although I am looking forward to what you have to say about it.

    You must've heard already that Sims 3 got leaked and people have been torrenting it. There's been a few videos posted up apparently here and there. It's interesting to hear what actual players have to say and not just the EA advertising machine. (Because really, they lie to make things look better than usual like fast food commercials lie, and they won't release anything that makes them look bad.)

  2. I'm so excited to see what you'll do with the Sims 3!!

  3. Yeah, I heard about the leaking. Someone's been naughty! Seeing most Australian ISPs have download limits though, it hasn't been too tempting for me to download it. All I need to do is think about having my speed capped to 56k for the rest of the month!

    Mixed reviews so far, from what I'm reading. A lot of the negativity is coming from people who have been anti-TS3 from the start, so I'm not sure how much influence I should let that have over me. TS3 apparently runs beautifully though, both with loading and playing, so I'm looking forward to that. The thing I'm really worried about right now is the CAS face options. I really hope they're as varied as the previews say they are because lots of the Sims on the TS3 website have the same sort of facial shape (not one I'm particularly fond of either).