Tuesday, 12 May 2009

It's so hard

Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Ben Nihill

I finally got to take Max down to the sports park this weekend.

We had a great time but who knew I was such a terrible goalie? Max had never even played soccer before but he seems to be a natural!

Of course, Max doesn't really need to play with his dad any more. He's got Cordy and Luc next door now...

...and he's quite friendly with Abigail from upstairs. We're going to need to move sooner or later and we'll be sad to take Max away from all the friends he's made here.

I think one of the kids might be a bad influence though, because I caught Max cheating at chess the other day.

He acted like it was no big deal, so I just refused to continue the game until he apologised and moved the pieces back the way they were.

And now you know why we'll need to move soon - Caterina is pregnant! Debbie and Linnea seem to manage to fit Linnea's mum, themselves and their two kids in that apartment but we don't know how and we don't fancy trying. So we're already looking around.

Caterina's sister Arianna would love it if we moved back to Sullivan but it's just not going to happen. Cat and I are both city people.

Besides our Sullivan relatives can always come and visit and we can do the same.

It's been nice having Caterina home again, even if it is just due to her maternity leave. We always seem to be at work when the other is home but with her home every day, we've been managing to eat more meals together as a family.

I know she gets a little bored at home on her own all day, just like when she was pregnant with Max. She went to visit Debbie yesterday but Debbie didn't feel much like talking, apparently.

So she spent most of her last trimester hanging out at home by herself until Max got home from school.

Our daughter Olivia has arrived now though, so even when we're home, there'll be plenty to keep us busy.

Or maybe not. She's such an easy baby. Cat and I are temporarily sharing a room with her (until we move) and she hasn't woken us up once. She's already sleeping through the night!

When Olivia turned 1, the sweetness continued! We'll see if it lasts another year, or if we're in for a dose of the terrible twos!
  • Ben looks like such a big baby, folding his arms at the chess table. Get over it, Ben!
  • Olivia looks exactly like Ben. You can't see it much in the picture here but check her out in her profile. She is the spitting image of her daddy!


  1. That's amazing; she does look exactly like her father. Now you'll know what he'd have looked like if he were a girl.

    The chess pics made me laugh. XD Oh man, that's too cute. "I won't play with you again if you don't apologize right now!"

  2. I'm pretty excited to get another toddler who looks like Ben. He was so adorable as a toddler - one of my favourites, for sure. I liked Toddler Ben almost as much as I liked Toddler Raffaella.

    I'd never seen the Sims getting caught at cheating at chess before. So funny!

  3. I think it's really funny when the sims cheat at chess but I've never had any of my sims getting caught!

    Olivia is cute! I have a feeling she's going to turn out a real beauty.

  4. I sympathize with them feeling torn about wanting to stay where they've got friends but needing more space.

    Amazing the baby is sleeping through the night...

  5. OMG you're right! Olivia is such a doll! I have never seen a sim get caught cheating at chess before. I don't even remember seeing them cheat, I need to pay more attention!

  6. Mean Sims cheat at chess. A lot. So watch your mean Sims closely when they're playing.

    I'm planning on aging up all my Sims to adult right before TS3, just so I can see what they all look like (I'm not likely to go back at play TS2 again, once I have TS3 all set up). I'll post the results here.