Sunday, 31 May 2009

Smothered in hugs

Round 17: Days 81-85

Narrated by Leo Royce

Kit has used up all of the maternity leave she was entitled to after having Asha, so she's back to work soon and we'll have to hire the nanny again. Things are still pretty tight for us financially and we can't really afford a nanny but we definitely can't afford to live on just my income.

Asha has been doing really well though, hitting all her milestones right on target.

I know Zaria isn't happy when Asha gets into her toys while she's at school. She came to me the other day and asked if she could get a lock for her toy box!

They do get along though. Kit taught Asha some nursery rhymes the other day and we often walk into Zaria's room to find both girls in there, singing together.

I spend as much time as I can with the girls when I get home from work. Zaria's a fitness freak, like me, so she generally has a swim while I work with Asha on her walking.

Kit and I decided we needed some adult company, so we left the girls with the nanny and called my sister Ottilie and her husband Lake and walked down to the bowling alley. It turns out Lake takes his bowling pretty seriously, explaining exactly what Ottilie should do with the ball in great detail before her turn.

Either she didn't take his advice, or she did and he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Maybe I shouldn't have laughed but it was pretty funny!

We took that as a sign we might give up on bowling for the time being though and we broke for dinner. Nothing fancy because you's a bowling alley. But Kit and I can't afford anything fancy anyway.

After dinner, we decide on a game of pool.

Which Kit and I win, because Lake is so easily distracted by the jukebox.

Back at home and we're realising that we might not be able to stay in this apartment for as long as we would have liked to. It's just too small. There's a traffic jam every time there's more than one of us in there.

And there's always more than one of us in there, because Asha likes to follow her mummy in there and watch while she cooks. We're going to have to look at renting a bigger place soon.

Since Zaria started high school, she's been bringing boys home from school with her. I am not ready for her to start being interested in boys!

Max Nihill seems very interested in Zaria and I'm keeping a close eye on him. So far, all the flirting has been initiated by him and Zaria doesn't seem that interested. Let's hope it stays that way!

They spend a lot of time listening to the stereo and playing pool down in the lobby. I tried to go down and join them for a game, just to check out what they were up to but they stopped playing as soon as they saw me pick up a cue.

I think I might just have to leave it alone. I think they're too crafty to do anything while I'm watching anyway!

Both my girls are growing up way too fast! It seems like Asha was a baby just yesterday and now she's starting school. She's really interested in exercise too, just like me and her big sister. I think Kit is a little disappointed that her nursery rhymes didn't spark much of an interest in music.

Random video:
I don't know if this is because she's active or playful (she's both) but check out how Zaria gets to the lobby of her apartment building!

I haven't been very successful at replicating this, by the way. I thought I saw her do it once so I just made sure I had the video running every time she went downstairs. The video is the second time she did it (and possibly last - she hasn't done it again).

  • Max is Romance and he has three bolts with Zaria and it still took them forever to even flirt. It was very one-sided too. Max flirted with her and fell in love instantly (they were already best friends from childhood) and Zaria didn't even get a crush on him. Then he kissed her and she still wasn't in love with him. Then finally he flirted with her again and then she fell in love. I usually give them a little nudge but I wanted to see what they'd do. The weird thing was Zaria was ripping her clothes off all ready to woohoo with Evan Moretti, who she only has one bolt with. Go figure! (I stopped the woohoo with Evan, by the way).
  • Zaria is the fourth girl Max has kissed since he became a teen. He's been very busy. I will probably try to pair these two up long-term, since they're both playable and have three bolts.


  1. sometimes they do that. It feels as if they are playing games not only with each other but with you too!

  2. It's so funny how they seem to have minds of their own, no matter what you think they should be doing...*sighs* My Rashid comes to mind again.

  3. My sims often refuse to act the way I have planned. And sometimes the three bolt relationships aren't very good, like with my Lexie and Carlo, they don't seem to be interested in each other at all!

    Poor Leo, it sounds like he might have a middle life crisis on the way LOL

  4. Oooh, yes, Leo needs to keep an eye on that Max! I'm glad she's taking her time with him.

    Wow, that staircase trick is so cool! I've never seen that before!

  5. My three bolters are usually all over each other, so Max and Zaria were quite a surprise. I liked it that Zaria was the one who was a bit gun-shy. She's a year younger than him and that can seem like a lifetime at 15.

    Leo will just have to deal with his little girls growing up! Asha will become a teen next time and Zaria will be eligible for university.

  6. The video is great. Maybe it's playful sims? One of my school kids, if left alone and not given a task, will run up the stairs and then slide down the bannister continually. XD

    Both of the girls are looking too cute. Uh oh, trouble.

    I also love how ACR messes with you like that.

  7. I've had it! I hate that you can replicate it. So awesome you got a video. :D I kept trying to remember to take screens and failing.

    Oh no! Not Zaria! He's a ladies man, run away!

  8. I know, they should slide down the banister every time, just to amuse me. :D

    And yes, Max is a bit of a worry. I'm hoping he was just getting all his romancing out of his system.