Thursday, 14 May 2009

Keep myself awake

Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Leo Royce

Kit and I decided to have another child and we were surprised when she got pregnant again almost immediately. We were banking on a little more preparation time!

Of course, it was around this time when Zaria started begging us for a holiday. Kit had to tell her there was no way we'd ever be able to afford the plane fare.

So instead I took Zaria to Super Happy Fun Time, a new theme park close to our house.

Zaria was not convinced that it was an acceptable substitute for a holiday at first.

But I think she was won over once she saw the pool slide and diving board (the pool in our building has neither). In fact, she decided she wanted us to buy a pool slide for our pool. I don't know if she quite understands that "our pool" isn't really ours.

We ended up having to leave early when it started thundering but at least, it let Kit get a few hours sleep without Zaria clamouring for her attention the whole time too.

It's getting close now. We found out we're having a girl, which Zaria is really excited about.

I almost slept right through the birth.

I did wake up just in time to see Asha's birth!

So now we're a family of four in this tiny little apartment. We're going to try and make it work for at least a little while longer.

As you can see Asha's room in tiny but at least both our girls have their own space. There's plenty of space outside to play and rent is only $750 a week! Maybe we can eventually afford a holiday after all!

  • Super Happy Fun Time is a series of lots from Seriously Amused Sims, designed to be used together as a theme park. I have them set up in a separate sub-hood (Salamanca) where I have nothing else, so I had plenty of space to place the lots. There are 12 in all!


  1. Awww, she is so cute! And I love the blonde hair.

    Hopefully they'll get their vacation soon.

  2. Asha is so cute! I can't believe Leo and Kit have two blonde children with Leo's black hair. I don't think I've ever seen that happen in my game. The black is usually super-dominant.

    That's a cool idea to put the theme park in a sub-hood. I've been wanting to download it but I don't know if there's space for it in Wellington.

  3. Aw, Asha and Zaria are both so adorable!

    That's a great idea putting the theme park in a subhood! I know I don't have room for that many lots in the Pine Hollow main hood, but a subhood would be perfect.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    If you don't use empty templates and you want to use the theme park, use a custom shopping hood because that won't add any extra townies even in a regular Maxis installation.

    I'm only mildly surprised by Asha and Zaria's blonde hair. Black is dominant but Leo would also have a blonde gene from Nathalie. And Kit obviously has two blonde genes, so it's really about a 50/50 chance of getting a blonde child every time.

  5. Zaria is cute! I love the picture that looks like she's stamping her foot. She really doesn't look convinced, haha.

    And Asha... awe! I actually like blond hair with dark skin. I've heard people complain that it's not realistic, but it's the sims. I love that things like dark skin and light hair can happen.

  6. Heh, I didn't used to be fond of the blonde hair with the dark skin either. Strange_tomato's Ophelia Nigmos sort of turned me around. Reading about her all the time got me used to it.