Sunday, 17 May 2009

Live forever

Round 16: Days 76-80

Narrated by Athena Gottlieb

We had a family portrait done in the backyard recently. Wade kept it together for the picture but threw an enormous tantrum right afterwards. I guess he was being held by Grandpa for just a little bit too long.

Wade is usually pretty well-behaved but it was a struggle caring for him when I contracted the flu. Petra and I both came down with it when she tried to take care of a little cockroach problem on her own.

Luckily, Adam is very domesticated and took care of us both until we were well again.

I really do think it was the soup that did the trick!

We had even a little dance party in the living room to celebrate once we were recovered.

Adam and I were just relieved that the baby was okay, I think.

And Petra has promised to leave all future pest extermination to the professionals.

At least I won't have to care for a baby and a toddler when this one's born. Wade had his 5th birthday and is getting more and more independent by the day. He's already having very involved conversations with his grandfather.

He also likes to go out bug-hunting in the rain. He says that's when all the best bugs appear. I guess Adam was right - nature really is Wade's thing.

But maybe he'll end up taking after me in another way. Wade really loves playing with my podium.

The same day as Wade's birthday, we had another birthday - Joanna, our brand new daughter!

I went back to work almost immediately after her birth but we haven't needed to hire a nanny. Isaac is more than happy to care for her as he's home during the day.

He must have done a good job, because Joanna's turned out pretty well! Wade is every bit the doting big brother. I've never seen him teasing or being nasty to her.

I admit that I felt a little bit of regret about going back to work so soon though. It was Adam who got to watch her achieve all her milestones - walking, talking, etc.

I'm amazed he had time to teach her anything with the amount of chocolates he makes on that machine he's got out in the yard.

I tried to teach her a nursery rhyme and she wasn't interested. She learnt it, eventually but I don't think Joanna is going to be very into music either.

I'll just have to continue trying to spread some enthusiasm for music to Wade and my niece instead!

  • Everyone in this house has some music enthusiasm (except Joanna) because of Athena's all-encompassing love for the stereo. She knows the slap dance and the hula and is quite fond of the Smustle too.
  • Last proper update of Round 16! College is up next, then Round 17, which will likely be the last TS2 round!


  1. More Adam! There wasn't enough of his curls in this entry. XD

    The kids are both so cute. They have very distinct faces, especially Wade.

    In that picture of Adam making the comfort soup, what are those hacks you have behind the espresso machine?

  2. Aww, Joanna is adorable, I love that hair on toddlers!

  3. Awww, the last TS2 round? That makes me sad. :(

  4. I'm already weeping at the thought of being separated for good from TS2 Sullivan! :(

    Do you still have the real sickness mod installed? Is it possible that it could cause a miscarriage for a pregnant woman? I'm so terrified of that hack that I still haven't had the courage to install it LOL

    I agree with Lunar Fox, we want more Adam!

  5. I'm glad everybody got well quickly. I can't remember if you have realistic sickness or not, but I always get nervous every time my Sims get sick.

    Wow, the last Sims 2 round! I'm excited for you! And I'm also kind of glad you're taking the plunge before I am, lol! :) I'm probably going to want to ask you about a million questions about how everything works.

    I think you mentioned blogging about a test hood before you finish recreating Sullivan, and I'd definitely love to see that!

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Lunar, the hacks behind the espresso machine are the DMA Teleport and the DMA something-or-other from They are part of the Woohoo Set and the Workers set. I used them mostly for caller ID and to sync up the seasons in the hood but they do a lot of different things.

    I do have realistic sickness. I don't think it can cause a miscarriage but both sickness and pregnancy cause hunger to drop faster, so a Sim who is sick and pregnant is in a bit of a dicey situation.

    For the Adam fans, I will try and get him in more as a visitor when I play his relatives' and friends' lots and take many more pictures of him for his next update!

    And yes, unless I get TS3 and don't like it, this will be the last TS2 round. Once I know the game is out, I won't be able to wait to get it or play it. I like to immerse myself in a hood and I won't have time to do that with both games. So TS2 Sullivan is going to live on my portable drive, just in case I ever want to play it again.

    Laura, I will definitely blog Sunset Valley because I want to see how the game runs first. If we can't turn off the story and aging for everyone except the family we're currently playing, I'll need to adapt my play style a lot and I don't want to muck up the Sullivan Sims while I'm experimenting. I'm quite content to ruin the lives of EA Sims while I'm learning the ropes though!

  7. I'll be sad to say good-bye to TS2 Sullivan, but I'm really eager to see what you do with TS3. I probably won't be getting it for a long time (I really don't think my computer can run it), so I'll be watching what you're doing and asking questions! :)

  8. I was reading some previews last night and I got all excited about TS3 all over again! I've already checked my system requirements and I think I should be able to run it well.