Friday, 22 May 2009

A month today

Narrated by Kirstin Sitko

Dad hasn't been able to find a replacement for Araminta yet, so I've been filling in when I can. I'm very fit and strong and that really helps with waitressing.

It doesn't help with dealing with all the damn brats that wander into the diner during the day though.

I was pretty much going to throw her out the window, so Dad took over and calmed her down a bit. Then I had to listen to her blabbing on and on every time I went to the sink or to collect food. Ugh.

Bratty kids aside, I'm an excellent waitress. The customers really appreciate my hilarious stories.

And I can balance a tray of food like nobody's business. I would carry more but Dad says I shouldn't take on too much.

David comes in sometimes and I make sure he gets extra special service.

Dad tells me I shouldn't bitch about our customers but he seems to laugh at all my gossip about them anyway. Some of them are totally lame and they deserve to be mocked!

On top of waitressing, I've had to keep up my job as an EMT. I did get demoted to Orderly briefly but I worked my way back up. Had I not, I would have missed out on college and you can't earn good money unless you go to college.

Mum invited my uncle Charlton over and he spent the whole afternoon telling me about his trip to the Far East. That he went on when he was, like, NINE!

And then he ventrilo-farted on my boyfriend. Yes, my uncle is in his 50s!

Ha, take that, Uncle Charlton!

I knew there was a reason I fell in love with this guy!

So I'm finished high school now and I decided to celebrate my graduation with a night out on the town. I had to sneak out though, because my parents are all like "our house, our rules!" no matter how adult I think I am! Can you believe that?

I convinced Tatiana to come and pick me up. She did, after I begged her on the phone for a while. She's always so worried about getting into trouble!

Not me though. I got home at around 4:30 and ran into Mum on my way to the bathroom (she works nights). She asked where I'd been and I calmly told her I was just up really, really early. She bought it too!

Random pic:
Kirstin and Betsy are the only Sims in my game who autonomously primp. It must be linked to low nice points but I find it interesting that these two seem to be vainer than anyone else (especially seeing I've sort of characterised Anna as the vain one, even if only in my head). I love the primping though, they make the funniest faces!

I'm a little worried about Collette (and Kirstin is not falling in love with her mother here, by the way - the heart is for David). She spent this entire update going around trying to hug people. It was very creepy. I'm wondering if she has some kind of early onset senility because that's not the Collette we know and love!

  • This was going to be an Emil update but he ended up getting buggy for some reason. I think he's okay because problems didn't start until I moved a roommate in with him, so I moved him out of his building. I'm still going to use some of those pics but I'm afraid he's back to bunking with his brothers. The poor guy has no money! That's what you get when you get expelled from college, I guess.
  • Kirstin has the constant want to sneak out. First with Tatiana, then David, then Caleb and then Abigail. She's corrupting all the teens of Sullivan.
  • The girl throwing a tantrum in the diner is named Matilda. She's part of the adoption pool and is probably angry because I killed off her dad just so I could place her in said adoption pool. There are probably 6 other kids wandering around the neighbourhood in similar states of distress.
  • Kirstin is delusional because the customers just sit there staring into space during her "hilarious stories". When I'm controlling Sims who are eating out at restaurants, they look at the wait staff while they're talking. But no one seems to listen to Kirstin.
  • For those wondering about tips, Emil (who has no business tipping anyone either, given his financial situation) tipped Kirstin and the money did go into the family funds. I know someone was asking about that when I mentioned Araminta's tips last time.


  1. LOL, Kristin is a moody little thing. Loved her reaction to the kid throwing a tantrum at the diner. And then her uncle ventrilo farting her beau!

    My sim, Jennifer Knight, is constantly wanting to sneak out, too. I think it's because she can't handle the toddlers Kit brought with her. They drive me nuts, too, lol.

  2. I asked about the tipping thing. :) But Kirstin is part of the family, so it makes sense that it goes into her funds. I wondered if the tips earned by sims not related to the family was added to the owner's fund. I would guess yes, but I don't pay enough attention. XD

    As for the primping, haha. They do make the cutest faces. Like they're a little bit insecure.

  3. Well well isn't Kirstin such a nice young girl LOL I had a lot of fun reading this update!

    I think you're right about Collette getting senile, going around hugging people doesn't really sound like her!

  4. Oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who is merciless to put kids in the adoption pool...I just got the uber megahood, and have you ever seen how fugly Gonerill Capp is? and that was a home ready for the social worker so I let the social worker take all of them.

  5. Thanks everyone.

    Mao, it's good to know I'm not the only one with wild child teens. If I'd let her sneak out as often as she wanted (and it's always sneak out, never go out), she would have been like the walking dead.

    Ha, Lunar, I don't pay enough attention to figure that out either! I would hope Julian lets his employees keep their tips but my old boss never did, so who knows?

    CissieMae, it seems like Kirstin was rushing in to pick up Collette's slack. They're very similar, personality wise.

    Shannon, there's also a baby in my adoption pool that one of the TSR challenge families had without my permission! I don't know what's crueller - killing off a kid's parents or ripping a child away from a couple. But I have done both.

  6. I'm a little late catching up on the reading of all the sims blogs - I've been sick.....

    "And I can balance a tray of food like nobody's business." I don't know why, but this line and the picture gave me such a good laugh.

  7. Heh, Kirstin is pretty sassy. She's one of my favourite Sims.