Friday, 1 May 2009

Round 16 ROS

New month, new round for Sullivan. For the past couple of weeks or so, I've been doing a whole bunch of updates at a time and then staggering so they're released once per day. I may not be able to keep it up at this rate (the schools here have been on Easter break, which means so are the teachers!) but we'll see. Right now, I'm typing this on Monday night for release on Friday morning and there will have been at least one update a day this week, all written last week. I'm not used to playing so far ahead but I'm enjoying it.

I don't usually reveal my ROSs ahead of time but I'm going to in this instance, for two reasons. One is that two of them are extremely argh and I felt the need to share that with you. The second reason is that due to the aforementioned argh-ness, if I don't hold myself to it now, there's a high chance I'll wuss out and reroll or pretend I didn't see it or make up some other excuse to justify not carrying it out. And that goes against the whole point of the ROS.

So here are the random events for Round 16:

PMS - annoy the next walk-by 6 times - fine, this might be funny.
Move to new lot - Might be annoying but an easy one.
Errands - visit 6 community lots before the end of the day - easy peasy.
Fulfill greatest fear - Gah, again?!?! I rolled this for Xanthia last round and we all know how that ended.
Dumped! (get dumped) - This one may kill me. I'm already considering a different break-up for this round, so you can rest assured Round 16 will not be short on drama.

I've already decided which ROS applies to which Sim, so I'm mulling over how I'm going to work all this in. I've never thought of Sullivan as a story blog, as apart from the ROS, my Sims' lives are driven by their wants. But I would like the random events to make some semblance of sense and that could prove challenging for me. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Argh! That greatest fear one is tricky - one time I rolled it and ended up being funny, the other time it ended up being devastating! I'm still dealing with the aftermath!

    That PMS one is funny! :) That dumped one would be hard to do, especially if it's a happy couple who drew it.

    To be honest, if I draw an ROS that completely doesn't make sense, and I can't figure out a story to make it make sense, then I'll reroll who it happens to. No shame in it, lol! ;)

  2. Hi sullivan,
    I have noticed the very steady stream of updates this week. It's been nice, but I identify with the not sustainable aspect.

    You have a lot of ROS's! But then, you have a lot of Sims. For the record, I really liked the story you wrote "Catching the Butterfly," about Xanthia's ROS. But I'd be in the throes of argh-ness too if I rolled that one once, not to mention twice.

    I might add PMS to my list. That sounds really funny.

    Would you beleive Peter's number came up AGAIN for one of next round's ROS's?

  3. For the longest time I was totally out of the loop when bloggers kept telling about the ROS. Now I'm finally beginning to understand what it is LOL Can you tell I'm a bit slow ;)

    Wow, you're really organized with the updates. I usually just play when I have the time and feel like it and then I try to update my blog after each session, family or two at a time.

  4. Laura, because I'm a masochist, I'm trying not to reroll when I get an unpleasant ROS. If I start doing that, I'll start rerolling all the time because I have no self-control! The Dumped update will be coming tomorrow. I think I found a way to deal with it that I can be relatively happy with but I'm glad I'm finished that one.

    Francesca, some Sims are lucky, aren't they? Xanthia actually rolled up again this week for the Greatest Fear one but I broke my no rerolling rule and rerolled. Had she got a different ROS, I would have played it through but I'll give the poor woman a break. Besides, her greatest fear is probably "Stan becomes a Zombie" and sorry...but no.

    CissieMae, that's basically what I do too but lately, because I've been on holidays, I've been able to do that twice a day. I did two updates yesterday, to be released next week. They were short, relatively drama-free updates (compared to the one coming today and the one tomorrow, anyway) so they didn't take me very long. When I'm working, I can usually play one family one day and update the next and it's rare that I can (or want to) do more.