Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Take me out

Round 24: Summer 2020
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Augustin and Hanna Novak are both 65, Naomi is 45, Owen is 43, Adrienne is 13 and Malcolm is 10.
(Eliot is 34, Cordy is 27, Matilda is 14 and Susannah is 10)

Narrated by Augustin Novak

I've finally reached retirement age and I've now got an awful lot of free time on my hands. I could sit around in my pyjamas all day but I'd like to stay active.

Hanna isn't retired but she only works a few days a week, so I spend plenty of time with her too. Owen, Naomi and the kids are at school and work all day, so we have the house to ourselves. Just us and the dog.

We can always tell when Adrienne is home because we immediately hear the noises from her PlayStation games. It's hard to get Adrienne to do her homework these days. She'll do it but someone needs to be standing right over her.

She likes learning - she even taught herself to fix the computer when it started sparking the other day.

The things she likes learning about aren't currently coinciding with the things her teachers want her learning about though.

Malcolm leaves his homework to the last minute before school but he does do it without anyone asking him to. He'll hopefully pick up some better time management skills as he grows older.

Both kids seem to be growing up so fast! Some of the things that come out of Adrienne's mouth sometimes are a real worry! I have no idea where she picks up such ideas.

Thank goodness it seems to be just talk! Adrienne's still in the slumber party stage and hasn't really spent much time with boys yet, though the chatter about them is endless.

There's not much time for boys with all the time she spends with Matilda Jacobson.

Those two are inseparable these days.

It's a good thing too, because for a while there, it seemed like Adrienne was very focused on making friends with older girls, who've now gone off to college anyway. It's nice for her to have friends her own age.

Malcolm seems to have a different best friend every week but lately, it's been Susannah Carmody. I don't know how on earth those two became friends, as she seems very sweet and Malcolm is extremely cheeky but they seem to get along! Perhaps she'll be a good influence on him.

Our youngest son Eliot has been married to Cordy for 5 years, with no talk of children and I'd almost given up hope that I'd have another grandchild. But when they said they had some news for us, I was optimistic.

And my optimism was not misplaced! Cordy is pregnant and our sixth grandchild is due this spring!

Hanna and I have four grandsons already and only one granddaughter. We'll be happy with whatever we get but it would be nice to have another little girl to dote on.

I hope the new grandchild will bring Hanna and Cordy closer together. They're civil enough but I think if they spent more time together, they could be good friends. I really like Cordy.

Her table etiquette leaves a lot to be desired but we all have our faults. Maybe this baby will take after Eliot.

Eliot seems so happy now that Cordy is pregnant and it's lovely to see.

Eliot's not usually so demonstrative, at least in front of us, so he must be over the moon.

Happy as they are, Owen and Naomi have both said there will definitely be no more grandchildren from them, so I hope Cordy and Eliot will have at least one more. It's sad to think about never feeling the excitement of a new grandchild again.

Naomi is content as she is, with Owen, with Adrienne and Malcolm and with her new career. She has her own label now and her designs are in stores all over Sullivan. I'm so proud of her. I know next to nothing about fashion but Naomi tells me it can be a difficult industry to break into.

Naomi's been trying to get Owen to have some of the same enthusiasm for his own career but he's just not as interested in law as he once was.

He was very friendly with his late boss, Georgette and is similarly close to Athena but he's just not getting anywhere at work.

I tried suggesting that he look around for a different line of work.

He didn't like that idea. It's always been his dream to be the top lawyer in town and he's not quite ready to let go of it yet, I suppose. I think he'd be happier if he did - it's clear to everyone except Owen that the legal profession isn't for him.

  • Title is from Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.
  • Holy crap, Augustin is the horniest old man I've ever had in my game! He constantly - no exaggeration, it seriously never goes away - has the want to either Woohoo in Bed or Woohoo with Hanna. I fulfill it and it just rolls right back up again! It's too funny.
  • I always think it's kind of creepy when Sims autonomously tell dirty jokes to their parents or grandparents. Adrienne does it all the time!
  • I never noticed before but Augustin and Hanna both have 10 neat points and all three of their children have 10 neat points. All three of their neatnik children married total slobs and so far, they've all had slobby children (the lone exception is Connor, with a whopping 4 neat points but he's adopted). I'm not holding out much hope for Baby Lane!
  • Owen's the laziest Sim ever, in terms of rolling wants to skill. We're talking Linnea Lane style laziness here (who, by the way, only ever got promotions because she already had the skills). So that's why he's still a paralegal. I might change his career next time around but I don't know what I'll change him to.


  1. ROFL at Augustin's love of the busy-getting. That is hilarious! I bet that poor dog has seen its share of action. It needs therapy!

    Neat sims marrying slobs. Opposites attract? They are going to lose their minds mopping up shower puddles!

  2. Augustin, lol! Well, maybe it just has to do with his wanting to eek out as much pleasure out of life as possible before he passes on.

    And more Cordy and Luc! I loved some of their pictures in this update. They're so darling. Especially when they're kissing in front of his family. That is awkward. Clearly he is estatic.

  3. LOL! Augustin reminds me of Suzanna. For a while her wants were the same-woohoo and more woohoo.

    Aww, the slumber party was so cute. I'll have to throw one of my own one day for my simmies.

  4. Gotta love free will!

  5. Adrienne and Matilda are cute gal pals!

    Cordy and Eliot and super cute together, I love that big kiss in front of the family. It's like he just can't contain his excitement and admiration.

  6. I'm hoping together with the grandparents here for another gril, after 4 grandsons and only one granddaughter, a gild would be nice.

    Owens face in the last picture is great! But if he doesn't want to change careers, and wats to be a lawyer, he really needs to work a little bit harder I think!

  7. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Augustin, LOL about the dog! I had not considered that! The dog tends to wander between the kitchen and the living room most of the time. But seeing Augustin and Hanna get busy on the couch too, being home alone and all, you're probably right about him being in need of some doggy therapy!

    You know, I don't notice Naomi, Hanna or Augustin mopping up much after Owen and the kids, or James mopping up after Madelyn and the kids. Eliot though...he follows Cordy around the house mopping up after her. He has that shit cleaned before she even steps out! He likes it though! He does that little fist pumping thing and smiles!

    Lunar, well, Augustin is certainly doing that! He just plays soccer and has sex with his wife all day. Literally. He can't even skill, because he's maxed out!

    I think you meant Cordy and Eliot! I get mixed up like that with them too. ;) But they are super-cute. I can imagine how awkward a couple kissing like that in front of their entire family might be in real life but in the Sims, it just seems like a normal family gathering. LOL.

    Apple, I remember reading that post of yours! I stopped indulging him after a while and I just let him take care of his woohoo wants on his own. He seems more than happy to!

    Confession: the slumber party was only to show off Matilda's PJs, because they're so adorable. I was changing her to everyday wear to get rid of a speech bubble and accidentally clicked PJs. Then I couldn't resist! It's a good thing for the age she and Adrienne are at anyway.

    Francesca, yes, free will and ACR!

    Maisie, yeah, Adrienne and Matilda have a lot of fun together.

    Eliot was very exuberant at his parents' house. It's pretty unusual for him, although he's very affectionate with Cordy at home.

    Tanja, if it's a girl, I would love it if she looked like Eliot. Eliot makes a super pretty girl (look at Naomi for an idea what that would be like). If it's a boy, he can look however he likes! LOL.

    I think Owen does want a change, deep down. He's had the dream for so long though and it's hard for him to accept it might not happen.

  8. You're making me giggle over here! It's so funny when older sims still want to go at it. I think it's cute.

    But OMG i totally agree! One time, my sim was talking to her dad, had the speech bubble about her mom, and then woo hoo, and then they both burst into laughter!

    Um... okay.

    I love that Naomi is successful, and I love her scarf! (oh, and I also love the white recolored stairs. Can you please tell me where you got those?)

    And I can't wait for the new baby either, Eliot! You never know how their personality will turn out.

    P.S. Take me out is one of my favorite songs! So if you're lonely... you know I'm here waiting for you...


  9. bbop, Hanna and Augustin are a really sweet couple and they always have been, so the rampant woohoo is not very surprising to me. It's a new thing for them though!

    I think the white stairs are from Piggi's Sims. Most of my plain recolours come from there - there are a ton at that site!

    I've actually started adjusting babies' personalities in SimPE, because I don't like how the game does them! Almost every single kid being born had one nice point. There's still a lot of randomness the way I do it though, so it will definitely be a surprise to see Baby Lane's personality - to me, as well!

  10. As I develop my city, I must remember to add pets. I'd rather not have any, but that dalmation is a cutie!

  11. p.s. Carla, I've posted a preview of LC's tax collection. Maybe it'll help out.

  12. LaToya, do you mean Joanna and Rose's Dalmatian? The Novaks have a dog but it's not a Dalmatian. I think most of my families have a pet of some sort, even though I generally ignore them in the story.

    And I'll check out your tax post as soon as I'm done with comments. Thanks!