Monday, 18 January 2010

Sullivan Primary School 2: Electric Boogaloo

Excuse my silly title, but I've always wanted an excuse to use that joke!

As you know, Sullivan Primary School is currently being rebuilt. I'm a very lazy builder, in that I procrastinate about doing it forever but once I get going, I can usually get things done pretty fast! So seeing I've actually started this, I'm 100% confident that I'll get it finished in time for the 2022 elections. If I get super-motivated, it may even be ready for the kids in the next school update!

I thought you might like to take a look at how it's shaping up so far. As always, click to enlarge any picture.

So here it is. It's not in its final position in the hood yet, so don't mind all the empty space! The part on the left is also now one storey higher, so as to make room for the indoor basketball court. There are also actually some windows there now. ;)

A very empty hallway, which I will eventually fill with...something. On the left is the principal's office and something I haven't decided on yet and on the right is the library. First though, we'll go through the double doors and check out the cafeteria!

You will notice there are an awful lot of chairs but do you guys remember how many kids I had last round? 21! Plus 3 teachers.

Just out through that glass door is the playground.

Whee, isn't that exciting? No, it's not. It looks pretty much exactly the same as the current playground but there it is anyway!

Upstairs, we have the indoor basketball court. That's all that's there right now but I'm going to get those punching bags in, so the kids have a less exhausting way to earn body points too. ;)

Check it out! Tatiana actually has an office! Augustin was never so lucky - I kind of forgot to put an office in for the primary school.

She has to share her office with Joanna and the yet-to-be-hired third teacher though. Most likely, the third teacher will be Pamela Gray, one of my playable NPCs.

Boring shot is boring.

Yeah, bullying isn't okay here! Anyone who wants to follow in Josie Benton's bratty footsteps will end up here. If it gets really bad, perhaps a conference with the parents might even be required.

Another thing the primary school never had - a library! Well, they have one now and it's actually bigger than the one at the high school.

I'm still working on the library. I want to get some fake printers to put on those desks.

Story time! This chair is temporary. I know exactly what kind of chair I want but I am yet to find one that looks cushy but also sufficiently cheap-ass. So the library has a very nice chair for now.

Along with the story area and the computer desks, there's also an area for written work and individual reading.

So, do we like it? I'm pretty happy with it, which is not something I can normally say about my building/decorating! I still have to decorate the room next to the principal's office, plus the four classrooms upstairs. I'll have a music room and an art room but I'm not sure what else I'll have. I can finally have a separate room for the pre-schoolers, at least. They really shouldn't be forced to learn to read just yet!

A proper update (Cordy and Eliot!) should be coming tomorrow! It has been an insanely busy weekend for me but it's been a really fun one too!


  1. I love it! And I know Chloe Fish, who's been lobbying for a proper library in Simdale Valley for a generation, would love it!

    It looks very good for photos.

    I've been busy this weekend building a new custom college. I'm pretty excited about it too but still have a couple lots to make.

    Looking forward to our next update!

  2. Oh, your schools always look so awesome! I really love it! There's just something about it that looks so much more school-like than mine - the chairs maybe, lol! The posters too I think! It makes me want to give my schools a good refresh :)

    Ha, I love your bullying room! Too funny!

    I've been meaning to ask you, do you group together all your primary or secondary together, regardless of where they live? I've been wondering if I should do something like that (mine would be elementary, middle school, high school) rather than separate them by city. But then I'm torn, because I kind of like the illusion of distance I have now, with my city kids not going to school with the country kids and such.

  3. Very nice lot tour, that school is very nice, especially for a primary school. Wow, I would have assumed it was for a high school. How big is the lot?

  4. Wow, the school looks awesome! I want to re-build mine now LOL

    I love the indoor basketball court! I wish I had made Allerdale Elementary School much bigger so that I could have one there too.

  5. I meant to say, looking forward to YOUR next update. I just noticed the typo.

    Also, I was trying to say, your school looks very playable AND great for setting up good screenshots, besides looking realistic.

  6. Wow, the school is awesome!!

    Every room looks like a real elementary school.

    I love the little posters and things on the wall about bullying and stuff.

    And when it comes to building, I'm just like you! I put it off forever but once I get started it's hard to stop!

    The cafeteria is my favorite room.

  7. oh, by the way, this is billybop428, commenting on my dad's email account since I'm too lazy to change, LOL.

  8. I love your school. I wish I were that detailed.

  9. That is simply awesome! How many children do you have attending the school?

  10. It looks amazing!
    You always make me want to create a school myself, but when I start, it nevers ends up the way I want it to be!

    Great job! (I'm so jealous of you :-p)

  11. Thanks everyone!

    Francesca, thank you! I'm sure the residents of Sullivan will like this new school much better too.

    Oh, a custom college is something I'd like in Sullivan but I just haven't had the motivation to build. It's a huge project and I can't wait to see the results of yours.

    And thank you, I'm hoping it will be easy to play!

    Laura, thank you so much! The chairs are just from the IKEA pack and most of the posters come from Simgaroop's (of the Broke Legacy) lot, Belladonna High. I don't know if she made them all but she included a ton of them with the download. I think there was also a school poster pack at MTS. I love them - they help pull everything together, I think.

    The bullying room is actually just one corner of the office, which I didn't really make explicit in the text. I posted this at N99 too and sometimes I forget what I've said here and what I said there!

    And yes, all my primary kids are together and all my secondary are together. When I built Sullivan High School, I considered separating them but I decided a) I was too lazy to build separate schools and b) I wanted all the kids to get to know each other and I couldn't do that if they were separated.

    The illusion of distance with the LH schools is something I envy but my Sims move between the subhoods (Sullivan, Exeter, Uni) with such ease that I've decided they're not too far apart! The Uni is about 45 minutes from Exeter and an hour from Sullivan and Exeter and Sullivan are about 15 minutes apart. Except the farms. I imagine them being much further away.

    Apple, thanks. The new school is a 4x4 lot. The old one was 3x4, I think. It may even have been 3x3.

    Cissie, thank you! I didn't want an gym at first because Australian schools generally have their PE classes outside. But it was so much fun building it and now I'm thinking I want to redo the high school too!

    bbop, thanks! I think the cafeteria is my favourite room too, at least so far.

    Heh, I always dread building but thank goodness I'm able to build up some motivation just by getting started! I'd never get anything done otherwise!

    Bernz, thanks! I'm a teacher in real life, so some of the ideas are based on things I've seen at schools I've taught at.

    Demonde, thank you! I thought there would be 20 kids this round but I forgot that the Gentry twins are starting pre-school. So it's 22!

    Tanja, thanks! I didn't know what I was doing when I created my first school but after playing, I saw what worked and what didn't and have been able to revise this time. To start off, I looked up "elementary school floor plans" on Google Images and went from there. My school doesn't look anything like the plan I based it off but it helped just to think about layout before I started building. It sounds like such an obvious thing, but I usually don't do that!

    I have complete confidence that you could build a school too! I recommend giving it a try to anyone because schools are so much fun to play!

  12. Wow! Your school looks awesome. I can't pick a favorite room but I have a soft spot for the indoor basketball court.
    Great work.
    You made me want to rebuild my school.

  13. Wow! I absolutely love it! You've given me plenty of ideas for when I finally get around to building another school to separate the elementary and high school kids. :)

  14. Essa, thank you! I'm really pleased with it so far, so I'm glad you guys all like it too.

    Shana, thanks! I'd been wondering how long you'd be able to have all your kids in the one school. It must be insane to play!

  15. I have to hop in and say that your school looks amazing! Really inspiring. Of course with twenty some students, you'd better have a good school, lol.

  16. Lunar, thanks! Now I just have to hope it's playable!