Saturday, 23 January 2010

Wish you were here

Round 24: Autumn 2020
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As soon as Josie has the time, she rushes over to Claudia's dorm to question on her cousin on just who that was she was making out with in the park the other night.

Claudia quickly tells Josie that his name is Elmer, she's not seeing him any more anyway and could she please not broadcast this information to the entire campus. Claudia's really not keen on the idea of being the big news around Suffolk.

Claudia went out with Elmer in high school, just the one time, where he proved himself to be kind of a jerk.

And he's still kind of a jerk, but compared to Amar, he was Prince freakin' Charming.

Claudia feels like she's finally over Amar. She's not even really angry at him any more - she just kind of likes messing with him.

Who knew he was such a cry baby?

Amar has brought it all on himself, of course. His other dormmates sided with Claudia, which was hardly surprising. Victoria is her sister, Finn's hated Amar from the start and Jacob...

Well, Jacob has feelings for Claudia and that's about as specific as he's able to be.

He and Claudia have had several more sessions in the hot tub and the guilt is killing him. He's just going to tell Maia and deal with the consequences.

Maia is somewhat surprised. She suspected something was going on but she felt for sure it was with Patience. Claudia though? She never saw that coming.

Jacob starts getting defensive and Maia just does not want to hear it.

So Maia stops him and suggests maybe it's time for them to take a break. Jacob can sort his head out and maybe they'll get back together somewhere down the line, maybe not.

As Jacob gets in his taxi, he sees Maia talking to another guy out of the corner of his eye. Is she flirting with him? Trying to make Jacob jealous? If she is, it's working.

Jacob and Maia haven't spoken since their break-up, although he thinks he's seen her loitering outside the dorm, either willing herself to enter or walk by.

And he's pretty sure it was Maia who left the stinky letter in the dorm's mailbox too.

Inside the dorm, Amar is making the moves on Claudia.

To look at them, you could swear it was working too.

Jacob has spotted Amar and Claudia hanging out together a lot recently and he's not happy with this development at all. He hasn't actually seen them doing anything other than talking but he's assuming there's more going on that what he's seeing.

He's even tried to talk to Claudia about it. Normally, she might just tell him the truth, that there's nothing going on but the very idea that Jacob's getting jealous, when he won't even make up his mind about her really irritates her. So she tells him to mind his own business and leaves it at that.

But for the record, there's really, really nothing going on. Amar is kind of relentless though and Claudia's not even sure she wants to be friends with the guy again now.

Finn and Victoria take frequent breaks from all the drama at their dorm, often at The Blue Lion, where they meet up with Finn's sister, Ione.

Victoria's very serious about her pool. Finn's idea of strategy in pool is pointing at the pocket he wants the ball to go in.

Which actually works for him.

Victoria and Ione are both a little annoyed that Finn is so good at pool without even trying very hard but they pretend to be impressed anyway.

Then it's time for girl talk. Ione got engaged several months ago and the wedding is coming up fast - only six months to go!

Finn's heard all about his sister's wedding - multiple times - and he's kind of over it now. He's already kicked their asses at pool and now he's sleepy and wants to go home. The girls are still talking though, so he'll have to wait.

It doesn't take long for Patience to hear about Maia and Jacob's break-up and she's soon over at Moretti Hall making her move.

Jacob's always carried a torch for Patience so he doesn't take much convincing.

Josie saw Patience and Jacob in the hot tub together and immediately stormed back into the dorm to rant about it to Victoria. She's wondering if she should have just told Jacob straight out there was nothing going on between her and Amar, and then maybe he'd be with her, instead of Patience. Victoria is usually a good listener but her mind is somewhere else right now.

Victoria hasn't told Finn yet but she's late. She's trying not to freak out but at the same time, she's been too scared to take a test to find out for sure.

Claudia's noticed Victoria's sudden and seemingly constant nausea and asks her if she thinks she might be pregnant.

She still hasn't taken a test but at this point, Victoria is pretty sure she is pregnant. Claudia is able to convince her to at least get a test. Then she'll know and if she needs to, she can figure out what to do from there.

The test is positive, just like Victoria knew it would be. Victoria is terrified. Finn is too, but he's trying to pretend he's not.

His mind is racing though. They'll have to tell his parents, and Victoria's parents, of course. He's a little more worried about telling her parents than his, though he doubts any of them will be thrilled with this news.

Once they come to terms with their upcoming status as parents - at least enough to be functional, anyway - they start looking into new places to live. They can't stay in the dorm (which Finn is secretly thrilled about), so they're checking out the family housing on campus. The rent seems kind of steep though.

Fortunately, Finn has been paying attention in his economics classes and has managed to build a decent little nest egg. He was saving it for the future but it looks like the future is coming a little bit sooner than he'd planned. It'll be enough for the rent and for a few baby essentials, at the very least.

So financially at least, Finn and Victoria just might be okay. All they can do now is wait for the baby to come and hope for the best!

Random pic:

My Sims don't tend to autonomously serenade very often but Finn and Victoria do it pretty often. It's a little silly, so I don't tend to use the pictures much but it makes me smile. It's so adorable.


  • The title is from Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
  • I just finished saying yesterday how Finn and Victoria never give me any trouble and then she goes and gets herself knocked up! I couldn't believe it when I got that pop-up. "Victoria got pregnant from risky woohoo. The father is Finn Romilly". I was like, "um, WHAT?!?!" It's funny though, because way back when Finn and Victoria first had sex, I was convinced she'd end up a teen mother and I dosed her up on birth control as soon as I loaded her lot the next time. So it kind of came true, I guess. Victoria's still a teenager now, but she'll be 20 by the time the baby is born. The baby is due in Summer 2021, so he/she will just miss this round's baby boom.
  • For those who are curious about those sort of things, Baby Romilly was conceived in the hot tub via ACR and Victoria was using ACR birth control at the time. I was still a little unclear over whether Sims could get pregnant from risky woohoo if they were using ACR BC but there you go. They can!
  • My next scheduled family was already going to be Finn's parents, so that works out well. Finn and Victoria can do their big reveal then. I'll have them go to Victoria's parents and fit that in somehow too.
  • Still no closer to figuring out all this Jacob silliness! I think Maia might be through with him - they're not even best friends any more but there is still Claudia and Patience to consider. He booty called Patience but he'll only do that while Claudia is at class. If Claudia's there, he'll go for her every time. He's a very confused young man - maybe he should be grateful to Maia for taking herself out of the running!
  • And finally, grades, because these crazy kids actually did study among all the woohoo and getting knocked up! Claudia, Finn and Victoria all still have 4.0s, Jacob's GPA dropped to 3.7 (was 4.0) and Amar's is still 3.5.


  1. It's way past my bedtime (1:20 am) but I just had to read this update after I saw you mentioning someone getting pregnant in the birthday post comments.

    OMG! I definitely didn't see this coming. I was certain that it was Claudia who got pregnant. I'm glad it's Victoria and Finn, at least they're in a relationship.

    It'll be interesting to see how their parents will react!

  2. Oh wow Victoria and finn are on their way to parenthood. I always thought they'd be young parents but I thought that about Olivia too. And that didn't happen.

    I wonder who Jacob will end up with. I'm totally hooked on this choice.

  3. Omigoodness, Victoria and Finn. I never expected that. Not at all. Makes everybody else's drama pale in comparison. Wow, at least it's the more levelheaded duo of the college getting knocked up instead of Jacob and his trio of ladies.

    Do you have a hack that allows teens and YAs to get pregnant?

  4. Oh, wow, I agree, everybody with their silly drama, and then this! Wow! I have a feeling they'll cope though. And at least they're quite stable to start.

    And yes, lol, thankfully it isn't any one of Jacob's ladies ;)

    But man, it could be! So let this be a lesson to all of them! I always do that any time one of mine gets knocked up, everybody double check their birth control, lol!

  5. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Cissie, it would have been much more disastrous for Claudia to get pregnant, for sure but it would have been worse had she got pregnant last round, when the father could have been one of three Sims, including icky Amar!

    I'm planning on playing Finn's family today, so their reaction, as well as Victoria's parents' reaction, should be in tomorrow's update.

    Maisie, yeah, you weren't the only who thought Olivia would get pregnant! I remember a few of you were saying that!

    Man, I don't even know who Jacob's going to end up with! I think I'm going to have to decide for him in the end!

    Apple Valley, all the Jacob stuff definitely doesn't seem quite so important now. And man, I had a brief vision of all three of Jacob's girls ending up pregnant! I do NOT need that!

    Yes, I do have a hack that allows YAs to get pregnant - you've got it too! ACR allows YA pregnancy. If you want teen pregnancy, you need InTeen but ACR has YA pregnancy without InTeen. I have both hacks though.

    Laura, yeah, I think Finn and Victoria, of all my college kids, are the best equipped to handle a pregnancy right now. They've been together since they were 13 and I think they're heading towards marriage anyway - they're just getting a little jump start on the whole family thing. I think this will be tough for them, but they'll be okay.

    They can both thank me for taking out the bigger bills hack. That was why Abigail and Caleb found it so tough with Nick. It makes the bills much higher than my college kids can generally handle.

    Would you believe Claudia was NOT on birth control until this round? I fixed that up before Victoria got pregnant but now I'm kind of surprised she didn't get pregnant last round, considering how active she was!

  6. Awww! How frightening to be so young and find out you're going to be parents. But Finn seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

    Can I say I loved the shots of his comforting her on the bed in her PJs. That's a really sad and cute shot. I alternate between "Awwww!" (cute) and "Aw!" (so sad). Mayb it's partially the fuzzy slippers.

  7. Oh wow! Finn and Victoria, what a surprise. And I always forget there are pop-ups. I have them turned off in my games, LOL. The ones with ACR, that is. I like the surprise. I have the lullaby silenced, too. ;) It'll be interesting to see what these two make of it!

    And so much drama otherwise, too, LOL! I don't even know where to begin. So glad my sims aren't the only ones giving me trouble, though. ;)

  8. LOL! I have it too! Thanks, as you can tell I don't pay ACR too much attention. I need to play around with the settings.

  9. Thanks for reading!

    Lunar, Finn's a pretty confident guy so he's taking this a little better than Victoria is. She's very lucky that Finn has stuck around because I think she might have fallen apart over this without him. This is probably the first thing that's ever gone wrong in Victoria's life - she's had quite the charmed existence so far.

    I'm glad you liked that picture, because I like it a lot too. These two have a lot on their plate right now. :(

    Mao, I've considered getting the hack to silence the lullaby but I don't think it would work with my aging system. I pretty much need to know a Sim is pregnant as soon as they conceive, or otherwise they could "bump" before I'm ready for them to progress. But I do think the element of surprise would be fun!

    No, it's definitely not just your Sims giving you trouble! I don't even know where to start with this whole Jacob/Claudia/Patience thing. I'm starting to draft it out in my head though, because last time, I finished playing them and then forgot about it until the next time. And then I had no idea where I was going with it!

    Apple Valley, I wonder if there's a setting to turn off YA pregnancy. I'm not sure. I wouldn't use it anyway, LOL. But I wouldn't have known about the YA thing either had I not read another user talking about it on N99 or somewhere. I don't think it's made explicit in the documentation. Or maybe it is. The documentation is pretty long!

  10. I just realized that I never commented on this post, even though I read it... twice! (I swear!)

    the pose on the bed... wow! that takes some serious skill!

    I'm loving reading about all this drama! I't like the real world, all of these 18 to twenty somethings living in a house together and hooking up and fighting! Too funny!

    Naughty Patience! That girl needs to go out one night and meet mr. right.

    or anyone other tahn Jacob!

    And Josie wreaking havoc everywhere and causing trouble... I can't wait for more!

  11. I think something is in the water in Sullivan, or else your sims need some lessons from planned parenthood on how to take the pill/use a condom, etc, lol.

    Did Maia "catch" Jacob or did you stage her reaction there?

  12. Thanks for reading, guys!

    bbop, glad you're enjoying it all!

    The pose on the bed isn't about skill. Just a good pose box and some patience!

    Who knows, maybe Jacob is Patience's Mr Right? I haven't decided yet but she's certainly insistent, isn't she?

    Josie wreaks havoc everywhere she goes and she's been like that since she was a kid. I was going through some older pics last night and found one of her right after she'd kicked Patience in the head. She was a "sweet" kid too! LOL.

    Francesca, poor Finn and Victoria were using birth control. There's always that 1% chance of failure or whatever it is, and unfortunately, they fell into that 1%.

    Maia didn't catch Jacob. Sim Maia still doesn't know about Jacob cheating on her. I didn't feel like dealing with a slap fight between her and Claudia or her and Jacob, so I staged it as Jacob confessing to her instead. Besides, Jacob has a conscience and he just would confess.

  13. Aww so this is where that precious little angel is conceived. Love the pose on the bed with Victoria and Finn (I remember seeing it at N99, I think, but had no idea who they were then lol). I bet she is scared, Finn too... I know I would be.

    And it looks like your Jacob went through what my Paul is going through now lol. So many ladies, so little time. It's going to be a while before I play uni again because once I switch over to the new aging, it'll only be March/Spring. So I have a little while before all the craziness starts back up again lol.

  14. Danielle, yup, this is where Finn and Victoria's lives changed forever! It was definitely a scary time for them; they're mostly worried about Victoria's mother's reaction, which you'll see in the next entry (or maybe have seen already, by the time you read this!)

    Oh yeah, I couldn't remember showing that pic at N99 now but I did, didn't I? It's still a favourite picture of mine.

    Jacob's a funny one. He really does want to settle down eventually but at the point you're up to now, he's a little overwhelmed and having trouble deciding just who he should be settling down with!

    College sessions are some of my favourites to play but I usually find the updates really hard to write. I'm grateful for the year's reprieve between updates!

  15. Oh wow...I was totally not expecting Victoria to get pregnant! That picture on the bed really was amazing, and perfect for that kind of news (at this time in their lives).

    It's especially rough because Finn is so concerned about being more financially stable than his parents, and then this happens...

    I totally expected the drama with the rest of those kids. ;) I'm really surprised that Jacob sucked it up and told Maia though.

  16. Rachel, the ACR birth control was faulty at this time and Sims were more likely to get pregnant on BC than they were with unprotected woohoo. So it was a surprise.

    I remember posting something in comments about someone getting pregnant in this update and I think most people assumed it would be Claudia, after all of her...adventures! But no, it was poor Victoria and Finn. Finn's a different kind of Fortune Sim. He doesn't want to be rich, he just wants stability. A baby so young makes that a lot harder, unfortunately.

    As for Jacob, at this point, he's starting to realise he's not really one for all this girl juggling. He's had his moments of acting like a jerk, but he's too guilt-ridden to enjoy them. Unlike Amar. ;)