Monday, 4 January 2010

Phantom limb

Round 24: Autumn 2019
Narrated by Luc Lane

Since Joanna got back from her trip, she and Rose have been living here, with me and Gordon. They were only ever going to stay here until they could save enough to get a place on their own. That didn't end up taking them very long, because Joanna won $60,000 in the lottery! Can you believe that? I've got barely $7000 to my name and Joanna just gets a whole heap of cash handed to her! Anyway, it all happened pretty fast - they found a house, they bought it and they moved to Sullivan. Crazy.

So now, it's just me and Gordon in the house. It's pretty quiet most of the time.

Except I never realised how annoying Gordon is when it was all four of us living here. I'll have Asha in the bedroom and Gordon'll just stroll in, with that stupid grin on his face.

Just comes right in in the mornings too, like he was invited. Probably trying to get a glimpse of Asha in her underwear. I can't blame him - she's pretty hot - but she's my girlfriend!

Sometime last year, I asked Asha if she'd marry me. I've been with her for five years now, longer than I've been with anyone else. Anyway, she said no, but I haven't given up on the idea.

We've talked about it a few more times since then. Asha thinks she's too young to get married and she's worried about leaving her mother alone.

I know why she feels that way but she can't live with her mother forever. Well, she could but she wouldn't be happy. Asha has a really strong independent streak and I know she doesn't want to stay with Kit forever.

For all the talk about her mum and being too young, I think she's just scared of getting married and that's the main thing that's stopping her.

Asha's never been with anyone except me anyway (and she says she never wants to), so I don't think marriage would be so different. It seems like I should be more scared of it than she is, especially considering my parents.

I visit both my mothers once every couple of weeks. I do it all in one hit, just to get it over with. If they were still together, it would save me a lot of time but them together was a disaster, at least for as long as I can remember.

Mum knows I'm seeing Asha but I didn't tell her about the proposal. Mum doesn't really believe in marriage any more, especially for people "like us".

I keep the topics light while I'm over there, because I don't really want to talk relationships with my mother. I'm not like her. Mum is 60 next year and she's still dating any woman in town who'll have her. I feel like I've got sleeping around out of my system.

I haven't been with anyone else since I decided I wanted to marry Asha. It really bothered Asha that there were other women and she's been at me about it since the beginning. I'm still tempted sometimes but I don't feel like I need other girls so much any more. If I want sex, I can get it from Asha anyway. It's not like it was my life's mission to sleep with as many girls as I could. And if it was, I've racked up a decent number anyway.

Now that I'm recording and even getting a little bit of airplay, I do get a lot of attention from girls when we're out.

Asha doesn't really get jealous any more. I think she likes making them jealous now!

The other night when Asha and I were out, we saw Lia. Asha went to high school with her and she's Gordon's ex-girlfriend. I've never seen anyone look more out of place at a club than Lia. She was standing in front of the DJ, dancing but not really dancing. It was kind of funny!

Asha went up to her, sort of laughing, and asked Lia what she was doing in a place like The Old Brick and Lia didn't seem too impressed. Asha didn't mean to be nasty but Lia didn't take it too well.

We saw her again later on at the bar. No drink - can't imagine that girl drinking alcohol! - but she looked kind of sad.

Over lunch the next day, I told Gordon that we'd seen Lia and how she looked kind of bummed.

As soon as I told him, I wished I hadn't. Mentioning Lia always ends up with Gordon going on about how he's going to get her back. I'm sick of hearing about it. He should just go ahead and do it, if he's so keen.

He's already got Step 1 out of the way - cutting all ties with Jamie, who is the reason he and Lia broke up in the first place. He should have done that from Day 1 and I told him so. Instead, the idiot invites both Jamie and Lia out with a bunch of other people. Anyway, so he called Jamie over and told her they couldn't see or talk to each other at all any more.

Then, finally, he called Lia and met her at a coffee shop, so they could talk things out. From what Gordon said, she pretty much yelled at him for the first 15 minutes. He deserves it, he acts like such a dumbass sometimes.

He somehow managed to recover and they got to talking. Gordon says it was just like old times. I wasn't there, I don't know.

I guess Lia must have thought it went pretty well though, because they ended up going out to dinner the next night. Lia's dad showed up at the restaurant and started boring holes into the back of Gordon's head!

Gordon tried to escape without running into him but he ambushed them just as they were leaving. Lia's parents know the whole story about what went on with Gordon, so I bet Jace is going to keep an eye on Gordon, if he and Lia end up getting back together.

Gordon thinks they're headed that way, so I guess he better watch out. He thinks Lia was flirting with him while they were waiting for their taxis. Thinks. I think someone like Lia would drive me nuts - I prefer a more demonstrative girl!

Random pics:

I made Luc selectable while he was visiting Linnea and to my surprise, Asha just strolled in, sat down next to Luc and Linnea on the couch and started watching TV. Then Linnea had to go to work and Luc and Asha got busy in her hot tub.

And some Lia spam, because I just love shy Sims flirting and Lia is one of the shyest (that word always looks wrong but the spell check says it's right!) Sims I have! This didn't end up fitting in the way I wanted it to though.

She's just so stinkin' cute!

  • Title is from Phantom Limb by The Shins.
  • Joanna drew the Large Lottery Prize ROS this round. She and Joanna already had about $30,000 between them so they were able to buy a pretty awesome house. I moved them back to Sullivan because Rose is Nature and I think she'd be happier there. Anyway, they are scheduled to be played next winter, so it'll be a little while before we see them again.
  • For those who haven't read back in the archives, Luc and Cordy's parents are divorced. Debbie caught Linnea cheating while the twins were still toddlers, so they never saw their parents happy.
  • This took me a while to get in order the way I wanted it but I loved playing this house. I adore Luc and Asha as a couple and Gordon and Lia and their hemming and hawing is fun too. I think Gordon and Lia might finally be on the right track. Gordon's been sweating it out for three years now, so I'm handing the reins over to them now and watching what happens. I'm also letting ACR decide what they'll do (Lia has woohoo turned off, so they won't be doing that!). Gordon is not much more outgoing than Lia and so far, it's just been a lot of flirting. They are in love again though, and they're rolling kissing and making out wants very consistently, so it's only a matter of time. I'm going to play Lia and Olivia in Winter 2020, so we'll see what happens then.
  • Both times Gordon and Lia went out, I sent them on outings. I did this because I want to watch their wants but I want to be sure they're rolling them because they want to and not because being on a date is forcing more romantic wants.
  • Luc and Asha: Luc hardly ever has the fear of marrying Asha now, though it rolls up every now and then. He's still terrified I'll make him marry Rose though. It ain't gonna happen, Luc, so you can relax! Asha hasn't rolled the want to marry Luc and she's still got the fear about 50% of the time. Asha is also scared I'll make her marry the old man and the gay waiter. Who she went on one date each with and didn't interact with romantically at all. I thought Sims had to be in love to fear marriage but apparently not! Anyway, there were way more times this session when neither had the fear than there were last time, so I guess they're both getting used to the idea.


  1. Luc and Asha are adorable! I'm glad they are taking things slow. It makes sense with these two.

    Looks like Gordon and Lia will be beack together lickety split. Is Gordon, Lia's highest attraction?

  2. Yea for Joanna and the lottery prize, I can't wait to see their new house. Luc and Gordon's place looks nice, btw. I hope Asha changes her mind sometime soon, but then again, maybe it's good to have Luc get a taste of being denied.

  3. LOL! Luc is so nonchalant with his feelings, I love it. It's refreshing, but I feel for Asha. I don't think there will ever be that 100% connection there, even if they get married. :(

    I love shy sim flirting! So cute!

  4. I know Luc is quite a dog but he's just so adorable! I hope Asha gets over her commitment phobia. I'm glad that she's making him squirm though ;)

    I do hope Lia and Gordon get back together since it seems that he really has changed. The picture of Lia at the bar is amazing. She looks so sad and gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for reading and commenting, guys!

    Maisie, wanting to get married was a pretty impulsive want for Luc, so I agree that it's better they're waiting. I'm thinking they might live together for a while.

    Gordon is Lia's highest attraction but she is not his. Normally, I would worry about this, because he's cheated on her but the reason he cheated was because I had forgotten to have he and Lia "go steady". With any sort of commitment, I don't find Family Sims are particularly inclined to cheat.

    I'm imagining they're already dating and will have been dating for about a year by the time I get to Lia again.

    Apple Valley, Luc and Gordon's place is nice but it has not changed a bit since Evan and Amelia were living there and I just realised that was like 10 years ago!

    Luc has suffered plenty of rejection in his life, actually! Both of his previous girlfriends dumped him, not the other way around and though I managed to get him to lose his virginity in his first year of college, it was really hard to find a girl who didn't immediately rebuff him. LOL!

    Mao, ha, yes, I think you might have something there, if I understand what you're saying. He loves Asha but I don't know if he really gets her. I would say that her taking Luc's hands and flirting with him when other girls are around is more insecurity than her wanting to make other girls jealous.

    Character Asha, not Sim Asha. With ACR, Sim Asha doesn't care what Luc does but it's more interesting to interpret her wants a little bit more deeply than that.

    I do love them together though and I'm hoping they'll end up getting married. I'm just a sucker for Sims rolling those marriage wants!

    Cissie, Luc is still a bit of a dog but he's not lying - he's not so much as flirted with another girl since he proposed to Asha. I think of his previous sleeping around as part of Asha's hesitance but we'll see if Asha gets over it.

    I love that picture of Lia at the bar. She was being stupid and doing that dumb finger gun thing they all do when they're sitting at the bar but I waited to take the picture until she was looking suitably Lia-like. Lia always looks sad and she wouldn't grin and make finger-guns at people at a bar. LOL.

    Next Lia update, we'll see how she and Gordon are doing.

  6. I love Lia too. Shy sims are SO adorable. I love when you direct them to flirt and they go, "Who, me?" Haha.

    Luc is a dog, but he's so cute. I love that in his own way he's now committed to Asha.

  7. Lunar, the "Who, me?" is so cute. Lia does it when I direct her to make out or goose. "Me? I would never do anything so vulgar!"

    And I just love Luc. He's sweet in his own way. Even when he was sleeping around, any specific wants he rolled were for Asha. The others are just notches on his bedpost and always have been.

  8. I love shy sims flirting too! :)

    Hmmm, so Gordon and Lia are talking again... LOL that her dad showed up there! I'd wanna give him hell if I were her dad too ;)

    Awww, Luc and Asha... I hope these two figure some things out.

  9. Laura, Jace actually turned up at Luc and Gordon's house the next morning too but I didn't get to write it in. He's a very concerned dad, with good reason! It always seems to be my dads with only girls who get protective. I guess they know their daughters don't have any brothers to watch out for them!

    I think Luc and Asha need to live together for a while and that'll probably be the next step they take. If Luc can convince her to leave Kit behind.

  10. I really like Luc. If I wasn't married and if he was a real person.... lol. I'm glad he's sticking with his "favorite" and now she's his only. Even though she's a little hesitant in accepting his marriage proposal (rightfully so!) And I'm actually kind of impressed that he's giving Gordon some advice. It's like he's "been there, done that" and trying to help Gordon get all that crap out of his system before he loses Lia. I like watching both Luc and Asha and Gordon and Lia's relationships. :) And I love the photos of Lia at the bar, too. She looks so out of place, like Luc said.

    Oh and that's too funny seeing Luc playing his guitar in his underwear at the beginning of the update. I guess you can do that when there are 2 lesbians living with you, though I'm sure they don't want to be greeted by his hairy legs and junk when they walk into the study lol.

  11. Danielle, heh, I love Luc too. Luc knows exactly what he's supposed to do to make a girl happy but he just hasn't always done it all in the past. I see him as a little self-centred but he's becoming less so. Gordon...well, Gordon's just clueless, lol!

    Yeah, can't imagine Lia would be a big drinker! She looked pretty funny in that dingy looking club.

    Luc would probably hang around in his underwear just as much (or more) with straight girls. Rose is actually bisexual though; she dated Luc for a couple of years in high school, right before she got together with Joanna. But yeah...who wants to see or hear that in the morning? LOL.

  12. Oh yea, I forgot that Rose dated him in high school. That seems like ions ago to me, even moreso for you, I can imagine lol.

    And it's just too funny when you see sims in places you know they wouldn't be caught dead in. I've been playing this bar in the bad part of Summit Heights to make sure there are no kinks and it's really dirty. And I see Jeff and Helen Reid go in there alot when I know they're too uppity to even be near that part of town. But of course the game doesn't know that. I wonder if I can block socialite types with the Visitor Controller.

  13. Danielle, yeah, Rose is almost 30 now so her and Luc were around 15 years ago! They're still friends though. They kind of have to be, because she and Joanna are good friends with Asha.

    I think you can block rich Sims with Visitor Controller but if "rich" is defined the same was the game defines it, I think a lot of my Sims would qualify. But it really is funny to see Sims in places where they don't belong. I once saw Anna in this trashy, trashy grocery store and I thought, "really? This is where you do your shopping?" LOL!