Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sullivan Primary School is finally finished!

The rest of the school can be seen here and here.

I really wanted to have the primary school finished in time for the next school update and I'm happy to say that it's done! Mostly, anyway. There are some final details I'll add once I have Tatiana buy it and go down there. Otherwise though, it's finished!

I had only three more classrooms to decorate and here they are.

First up, the art room. Can you tell it was late at night when I did this? The way I have the easels, none of the kids would be able to see the model in the middle of the room. I'm still trying to decide whether I care enough to change it.

All the walls are rather bare right now, but they'll be decorated with the kids' art work, once they actually do some!

The wet area. It occurred to me that in my other schools, the kids would have to go all the way to the cafeteria or the bathroom to wash out paint brushes and the like, so the new school has sinks right in the room.

A general purpose, upper primary classroom. That's grades 3-6, so this will be Joanna's home base.

That's the teacher's desk in the corner there. It's not too interesting right now, because personal details for the teacher's desks are one of the things I'm planning to add when Tatiana gets there.

A general purpose, lower primary or infants classroom.

Tatiana's desk - very sparse but again, I'm going to add some framed photos and things like that.

Love that board! I had to have it after I saw Cissie using it in her school. I never got around to placing it in my old primary school though, so I'm happy to finally have a place for it. I wish I had a whole ton of recolours for it, because it really looks exactly like the display boards at the back of every single classroom I've ever taught in but I only have two (the other one is in the library).


  1. Oh sweet lord, that school is amazing! I want to play your game now!!!

    May I ask where you found all those great items for the art room like the brushes and the oilpaints (in the first pic and the wet pic)? They would make a lovely addition to my nearly exploding DL folder ;)

  2. Cissie, ha, you caught me just as I was replying to Comments! Had you replied an hour later, I wouldn't have got back to you until tomorrow!

    Anyway, thank you! I'm glad you like it so much.

    I don't know where I got all the art room stuff but most of it came from Around the Sims. Sandy just put up some new hobby clutter for artistic Sims. It's a really great set.

  3. Wow!!!! That school is amazing!! Where do you get all of those decorations? Really fantatic!


    This school is SO COOL. You are SO CREATIVE. And I want it RIGHT NOW.


    but seriously, I love how detailed your tour was, and I am very impressed right now.

    The sinks in the back with the wash your hands sign was a nice touch.

    And I love the lower primary board, and the fact that you'll add the personal touches to the teachers desks later.

    SO NEAT!

  5. Sweet! Where did you get that coveted bulletin board anyway?

  6. Oh, this looks wonderful! Can't wait to see some of the personal touches. I admit I like loioking in the background of your pics for those little extras.

  7. Thanks, I'm off to explode my dl folder now ;)

  8. As always, it looks amazing!
    And just like Cissie said, I want to play it right now!

    Great work!

  9. Ooo, I like the idea of personal items in the office. I'm shamelessly stealing that idea for Johan's office.

  10. For someone who doesn't build very much, you are AWESOME at it! I'm drooling over my keyboard at this awesome school, your amazing ability to decorate, and ALL that gorgeous CC!

    Seriously, you can't post these tours, they make me want to ask you a zillion things, like where did all that awesome CC come from in the reading nook? It makes me want to cozy up with Green Eggs and Ham, and be five again!

    You've captured all the greatness of school into this building, the very essence of it. Well done!!

  11. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Tessa, if you'd like to know where I got anything specific though, just ask! If I can remember, I'd be happy to help. :) But the whole school is filled with decorations, so it's kind of hard to start listing where I got it all unless you give me a starting point! ;)

    bbop, LOL! Thank you! I'm kind of blown away at the reception this is getting, because I really don't think of myself as much of a builder or a decorator.

    laurelcrossing, that comes from the Kids Rool set at SimPlanX, which is donation.

    Lunar, I like looking for the little details in other people's pictures too, so I try to have them in the background of my pictures occasionally, if it won't be too distracting. It's lots of fun.

    Cissie, you're welcome. I think I have just about everything from ATS.

    Tanja, thanks so much!

    Apple Valley, ha, go ahead! Can't wait to see what you come up with next time we see Johan!

    Maisie, thanks very much! If the school looks good at all, I think most of the credit should go to the awesome CC creators. I just plonk it all down, LOL.

    As for the reading nook, one of the beanbags is Maxis (Uni) and the other is from Around the Sims. The bookcase here is by Steffor but the one in the pre-school room is by Sims2Sisters at TSR. The butterflies on the wall are by Holy Simoly. I think everything else might be Maxis!

    Thanks again!

  12. Thank you!! I downloaded WAY more than I needed! I have tons of Sims2Sisters stuff from TSR, but I've only gone by specific categories (my attempt to be mature in my downloading) ha! I am out of control tonight!

  13. Maisie, LOL! But just think of all the pretty stuff you'll have now!

  14. The sinks in the art room are great. Practical for gameplay, and that wall of cabinets looks just like a real art room.

    The whole school is really amazing!

  15. Francesca, thanks so much! I'm a little worried they're going to start dragging dishes from the cafeteria and wash them in the art room but if that happens, I'll just make sure they're the same sinks. That should prevent that problem!