Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Gouge away

Round 24: Spring 2019
Last update: Evan/Ione
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Evan Moretti is 30 and Ione Romilly is 23.
(Maria is 76, Araminta is 56, Henry is 54, Olivia and Lia are both 22)

Narrated by Ione Romilly

Living with Evan has been mostly wonderful.

He plays video games more often than he picks up after himself but I guess I already knew that! I can't help but nag him a little about it though.

To be honest, I kind of like cleaning. It's very satisfying to see the stove sparkling after I'm done with it. I'd never let on to Evan that I enjoy it. He's 30 and it's really time for him to learn to be more domestic.

Right now, we're on really terrible schedules. I work nights, Evan works days. Hopefully that will change soon but for now, we try to have little "dates" at home on my nights off. It's still fun - neither of us are big partiers, anyway, nor have we ever been.

It's nice, having our own little house. Sneaking Evan into the dorm wasn't fun (okay, it was a little bit fun) and the constant stream of room-mates Evan had in Exeter got really old for us too.

Even though I'm really happy with Evan, what would make me even happier is being married to Evan. I was talking to Olivia about it the other day when we went shopping. He mentioned marriage once ages ago and hasn't said anything since.

Olivia thinks if I want to get married so much, I should just go ahead and ask him myself. That's what she'd do, she says.

Honestly, I've considered it but the thought makes me nervous. Olivia dismissed that and said guys must get nervous before they ask but that it was no reason not to.

She's probably right. I think I just had this idea that Evan would ask me and it would be all romantic and beautiful. But maybe he never will. So I decided that I wanted to be married more than I wanted a proposal.

So I asked Evan to marry me. It felt a little weird and I don't even remember exactly what I said but I did it.

For all my nerves, I was pretty sure he'd say yes - I mean, we own a house together and we always talk about "the future" - but there was still that tiny chance he'd say no and my stomach was doing flip flops over it.

Finally, he said yes and that was that! We're engaged!

We called our parents right away. Mine congratulated us and said they'd drop by the next day (mainly because I had to head into work - what a dampener on the romance!) but Evan's mother must have sped over. Evan is the last Moretti to get married and Maria has been hanging out for us to get engaged since we started dating, so you could say she was a little excited.

Now that she knows we're getting married, she's already talking grandchildren. I guess that would probably bother some people but I'd really like to start a family as soon as Evan and I get married anyway, so I don't mind so much.

Maria had designs on planning the whole wedding for us though and Evan had to gently suggest that she might want to step back a little on that. Most of the fun, girly stuff that she wanted to help with is the stuff I want my mother to help me with.

And Lia, of course. Lia is my maid of honour and she's so excited for us! She and Gordon only just got back together and they're not really at the marriage stage yet, so she's living vicariously through me for the meantime.

True to their word, both my parents came over to congratulate us.

Mum was going to come shopping with Lia and me but Dad stayed at home and hung out with Evan. I think he's just happy that Evan lets him talk his ear off about cooking. I'm really relieved they get along so well, though it was a little strange at first when I realised Evan was friends with my dad before we even met.

So we set out on our shopping expedition. I had no idea there was so much I needed to consider. It was a little overwhelming! The bridal centre is huge and we didn't even enter the cosmetics or catering sections!

It's not hard to start getting excited about it all those. Everything is so beautiful. We didn't buy anything - Olivia (along with Asha Royce) will also be in the bridal party and she's going to make all of our dresses! I just wanted to get some ideas of what I wanted before she got started. She's going to make all the boys' tuxes too - Evan is having his brothers as his groomsmen.

I'm surprised how involved Evan is getting with all the wedding planning - I'm really impressed! He's scouting venues online right now. We're planning on inviting a lot of people, so it's going to be expensive but we think we can do it. Olivia is saving us a lot of money by making the clothes.

Evan wants to take me on a honeymoon. His preferred destinations would be Cape Elizabeth or Takemizu Village but I'd kind of like to go camping in Three Lakes. But neither of our families ever got take go on vacation and so far, it's not looking like that will change for us. I don't think we'll be able to afford a honeymoon but it's nice to fantasise about it anyway. Maybe a few years after we get married we can have a belated honeymoon!

Random pics:

Gee, I hope you all like Lia as much as I do because this is pretty much just an excuse for more Lia spam!

Asha and Lia also came along on the shopping trip (as well as Joanna and Rose), though they didn't really end up fitting in anywhere. Asha and Lia didn't talk much in high school but they had the want to be friends with each other, so I let them get that done on the shopping trip. They've both always been friends with Ione, so it makes sense that they'd be friendly with each other too.

Araminta, Lia and Ione had dinner at Julian's diner after their wedding research expedition and what's this? Lia is actually smiling - just for the hell of it, apparently! Her usual expression, when she's not actually interacting with anyone, is a little bit emo. She must be happy that I let her get back together with Gordon!

  • The title is from Gouge Away by Pixies.
  • On one of their home dates, Ione rolled up the want "Get Married to Evan". She already had the "Get Engaged to Evan" want so I took that as a sign that she was very keen, maybe even keen enough to get over her own shyness and ask Evan herself. Evan is shyer than Ione is, so it made sense to me that she'd have to be the one to bring it up anyway. He didn't have his first kiss until he was 23 and it took him 6 months to even ask Ione out, so he's not one for making the moves.
  • Maria had the want for a relative to get engaged . About as subtle as a ton of bricks, seeing that Evan is the only relative she has who is old enough to get married and isn't yet! As soon as he and Ione got engaged, she rolled the want for another grandchild. She already has 10 and will soon have 11 (maybe 12, if Amelia is carrying twins) but this woman just doesn't stop! LOL!
  • Evan and Ione's wedding is set for Spring 2020 so I'll do a mini-update then. I'm so excited! It feels like forever since I've done a wedding - the last one was Caleb and Cara's wedding.


  1. Wow, I guess Ione would really have to step up if Evan is that shy. I'm surprised she got him a ring for the occasion as well. In some countries, both parties get an engagement ring-it's actually their wedding band and they wear it on the right hand until their marriage, when they switch it to the left hand.

  2. Oh, I love that she asked him first - how very forward-thinking of her :)

    What a neat bridal boutique! Have you shown that before? Do you remember where you got that CC? (The mannequins and the fabric?) I'd love to add a bridal department to Aurora's salon/fashion boutique, since that's where all of mine go to buy their wedding dresses (which really looks much more like an H&M than a bridal boutique, lol!)

    But you always do such lovely weddings, and I can't wait to see it! :)

  3. Yes, I love Lia! She's so adorable. Isn't that a sweet picture of her just plainly smiling? She must be happy.

    And that wedding boutique is gorgeous! Oh wow.

    And thank you Olivia. Yes, it only seems proper that she was the one who put the idea in Ione's head. Wow, marriage already? And just a few months ago she was a toddler. I say this a lot, but oh how fast our sims grow, haha.

  4. Congrats on the wedding, I'm sure Ione will look amazing on her weddingday!
    And wow about Ione asking Evan to get married, something you hardly see, but it doesn't always has to be the boy who asks!
    I can understand Maria though, with mainly sons, she hardly has a chance to do the girly things!
    I'm going to ask the same question as Laura did, where did you find the bridal things?

  5. I knew Evan was shy but I didn't realise he was that shy, getting his first kiss at 23!

    Maria cracks me up, she's the kind of mother-in-law that would drive me crazy.

    I love that bridal boutique and I can't wait to see the wedding! Your weddings are always so amazing.

  6. Good for Ione!

    And I am like her in RL--I like to clean (sometimes!) but I still try to get my husband and kids to do more of it themselves and don't let on that I like it :-)

  7. Aww! Ione and Evan are adorable. I think they might be my new favorite pairing. ;)

    I also really loved that she popped the question. Way to get what you want! LOL

    Psh! Apologizing for Lia spam? Who doesn't love Lia? xD

  8. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Apple Valley, yup, he really is that shy. Just the one outgoing point. So he's like Lia but even she had her first kiss before he did. She was 13 and he was 20 at the time and still waiting for his!

    I didn't know that about engagement rings but that's kind of sweet. I don't mind the guys wearing the engagement rings in TS2 but I just wish they'd made a different kind of ring for them. I've never seen a guy walking around with a ring like that!

    Laura, yes, Ione knows what she wants!

    I have shown the bridal boutique at least once before, maybe a couple of times. You saw a bit more of it when James and Madelyn got engaged. They visited the catering section and the bridal wear department.

    Most of the CC is from Sims Connection. The dress racks definitely are.

    And thank you! I love a Sim wedding so I guess it shows!

    Lunar, LOL, I know you like Lia! She's a total sweetheart and I've put the poor girl through hell. The kid just wants to get married and start pumping out the babies! I'll let her eventually but she'll have to wait a while longer. At least she's not miserably single any more.

    I cannot take credit for the wedding boutique though. I downloaded it from somewhere but it's a really awesome lot.

    You know I just looked up when Ione was born and it was in May '09! So yes, Sims really do grow up fast!

    Tanja, nope, no reason it has to be the boy who proposes. That's Olivia's philosophy and now it's Ione's too. It's worked out pretty well for her, hasn't it?

    Yeah, poor Maria. Amelia is her only daughter and she ended up planning her wedding on her own so she really has missed out on the fun parts of wedding planning. LOL, she can deal. She had two weddings of her own to plan!

    See my reply to Laura RE: the bridal CC.

    Cissie, I had to look it up when I was writing the notes because I thought he was a little younger than 23. But nope...23, with Lucia Reamon, who he also lost his virginity too, the same year.

    I think Maria would drive most women crazy. Ione is just lucky that right now, their goals are coinciding!

    And thank you - it feels like forever since I did a wedding and I'm excited to do another!

    Francesca, ha, my mum is like Ione. I'm a bit of a slob, personally!

    Mao, I love Evan and Ione even more since I moved them in together. It took a while for them to grow on me but they're very sweet.

    Evan was seriously never going to get off his butt and roll a marriage want. He rolled one AGES ago and I didn't get a chance to lock it, so I know he's considered marriage but proposing was just a little bit much for him apparently. Ione's not the type to be happy "living in sin" for too long though, so she popped the question herself!

    I'm already excited to play Lia and it's not until Winter 2020. I haven't played her lot since she graduated! She's too cute!

  9. Go, Ione! Sometimes a girl just has to take matters into her own hands to get what she wants. ;)

    I agree with your comment about wishing the guy had different engagement rings. I always think it looks silly seeing them with that huge diamond on their hands!

  10. Shana, I know, right? I'm extra annoyed with the engagement rings because there's a glitch in my game where the engagement rings won't change to wedding bands after they get married. So my Sims are often stuck with their engagement rings for life. :\

  11. Oh yeah a wedding! I love your weddings! I hope they can pull the money together for a honeymoon.

    I love the picture of Maria hugging Evan.. so sweet. lol on her grandchild want, typical Maria.. I wonder if that want will ever be fully satisfied for that woman. She has quite a legacy behind her, 11 grandkids! Just wait til they have kids...

  12. Maisie, thanks! A honeymoon will definitely have to wait for Evan and Ione. If Ione wants a baby right away, then they'll need a new house. I might let them have a romantic night away at one of my hotels instead. Or they can go camping, like she wants to. That probably wouldn't be too expensive.

    Maria's a funny one. She's a nag but she does really love her kids and grandkids - rolls wants for them all the time!

  13. Gotta love Maria! She makes me smile. I can only imagine right now, how GORGEOUS Ione and Evan's wedding is going to be! I'm anxiously awaiting that update. My girl, Olivia, is lookins stylish as always.

    And I love that picture of Lia smiling. I'm happy to hear she and Gordon are back together. (I gotta catch up. *wink*) No wonder she's in a great mood! No matter what, I always thought those two love each other way too much to just drop it.

  14. Simmington, thank you! I'm planning a big one for Ione and Evan. I'd say that's probably a couple of weeks away, so you won't have to wait too long to see it!

    Lia and Gordon sort of got back together "off camera", although I showed them taking the first steps towards a reunion in Gordon and Luc's update this round. I'll do a little rundown of what's happened since then when I get to Lia and Olivia's house.