Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Happy anniversary

Round 24: Summer 2020
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Eliot Lane is 34 and Cordy is 27.
(Debbie is 60)

Narrated by Eliot Lane

This year, Cordy and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary and we decided to mark the occasion with dinner at The Claudette.

The past five years have been fantastic. We've had a lot of time to just enjoy being married.

I always thought we'd have kids as soon as we got married but it didn't end up working out that way. Neither of us were really ready. But I feel like I'm ready to start a family now.

I've been noticing Cordy paying more attention to children when we're out lately and I thought maybe that meant she might have been thinking about it too.

We ended up discussing it over dinner that night and found out we're both on the same page about it - Cordy wants to have a baby too! We've had lots of time to travel and we're both going well in our careers, so it seems like a good time. I'll probably stay where I am for a while but Cordy is ready to move into coaching. Financially, our household is in a good position too.

You see, my mother-in-law came into some cash and after she put some of it away for herself, she gave half to Cordy and the other half to Cordy's brother. It's not a huge amount but we blew through my trust fund pretty quickly and this means we won't have to worry about anything, money-wise, for a while.

Even after we had a pool put in for Cordy, there was plenty left over to keep as a nest egg.

Or to get a nursery ready for the baby. It might be tempting fate, seeing Cordy's not even pregnant yet but we really want to be prepared.

We're both so excited about this. We started trying right away.

We didn't have to try for long.

Even though we both had a strong feeling Cordy was pregnant, we didn't allow ourselves to get our hopes up until she'd taken a test and we were absolutely positive.

Apart from morning sickness, pregnancy is agreeing with Cordy so far. She's definitely not using it as an excuse to stop her training. She's still out in the pool every morning.

Cordy is getting some seriously intense cravings though. I'm the one who's better in the kitchen, so I'm usually the one who has to cater to said cravings.

I don't mind too much. She appreciates the food, at least! Cordy might have to work on those table manners before the baby arrives. I hope our son or daughter takes after me in that arena.

We've started trying to put together the nursery too. Who knew it would be so overwhelming? Cordy and I both have zero experience with babies and we just have no idea where to start!


(click to enlarge)
So Eliot, the weirdest Family Sim ever, finally rolled the want for a baby this round! I could hardly believe it, so I made sure I had some photographic evidence for posterity!

  • Title is from Happy Anniversary by Tim Rogers and the Twin Set. Sullivan trivia: I got Joseph Carmody's surname from the Deborah Kerr character Tim Rogers mentions in this song.
  • Baby Lane is due in Spring 2020 and will be the 6th baby born this round, if we count the Gentry twins (Baby Lane will be the 4th baby this round if we don't count them). I was so excited Eliot rolled a baby want. I can't wait to see these two as parents and I'm glad they waited a while.
  • Cordy is due for a promotion and she should make it to Assistant Coach when she goes back to work post-baby. I'm planning on letting her make it to Hall of Famer and then letting her try for her LTW to Become the Law.
  • The amount they got from Debbie was $17,000 (Luc got the same), so it is actually quite a large amount. Eliot had a $100,000 trust fund though, so that's small change to him.


  1. Woot! They are going to be parents! I'm glad they waited too, it seems fitting to them, but man am I glad they are finally having a little bundle.

    That's a nice chunk of change he got there! Now that the house and big purchases are out of the way, they should be sitting pretty, I imagine.

  2. Aww, that's fantastic! I love little simmy babies! :D

    And lol at Cordy's table manners. I could actually see a pregnant person eating like that. I agree with Eliot though; hopefully...that won't pass on to their daughter/son. :P

  3. Aww! This two are adorable and I loved seeing them in their formal wear at the restaurant!

    So glad there is finally a baby on the way. It's about time he spun up a want, sheesh! ;)

  4. I'm glad there's a baby on the way! It's weird that some family sims seem to take a long time before they roll the want for a baby.

    I love the pose you used for the family portrait! Do you remember which posebox it came from?

  5. Cordy is so pretty in her formalwear! And Eliot is looking pretty handsome himself. ;)

    Yay! I can't wait to see their baby! :)

  6. I'm so happy they are going to have a baby! You're right, it's good they waited some time before having a babt, this way they had time to enjoy eachother!

  7. Wow, I wish I had a trust fund that large-or at least my husband did. How did he get such a large trust fund?

    Yay! A baby, congratulations!

  8. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Maisie, isn't it exciting? I didn't get as bored as I thought I would having them wait. I might do this for more couples, if they don't spin up the want right away.

    Eliot's parents gave him another chunk of money when I played last night, so he and Cordy are sitting very pretty indeed. I can't imagine what else they'd need the money for!

    mmmcheezy225, well, if there was ever a time to eat like that, it might well be when you're pregnant. Though Cordy eats like that all the time, the disgusting slob!

    Mao, Eliot and Cordy are one of my favourite couples. They are so adorable together.

    I couldn't believe how long it took Eliot to spin up a baby want! What kind of Family Sim is he? LOL.

    Cissie, this was the first time I've had that experience with a Family Sim. I think Shana's Rachel and Todd are the same way but it had never happened with my Sims before. I guess it might be Eliot's Fortune secondary influencing it there.

    The pose Eliot and Cordy are using is from the May Lovers Posebox. I don't think that pose is supposed to be all lovey dovey but that's the beauty of the facial overlays! It's the same pose I used for Olivia's graduation picture with Steve and I think I used it for Adam and Athena this round too.

    Shana, Eliot and Cordy are a very good looking couple. This baby will have some very attractive genes!

    Tanja, yes, I think it was a good idea that they waited, especially because Cordy was so young when they got married. She was only 22 and had never lived on her own before. It's good to have some time to get used to that before launching yourself into parenthood!

    Apple Valley, the Novaks have a LOT of money! It's built up over a few generations of Sims being at the top of the careers for a long time and probably a few big bonuses too. Lukas and Raffaella both reached the top of their careers, as did Augustin and Hanna. Couple that with the fact that interest is so high with those bank accounts, it's easy to build up a lot of cash. I tend to not use the bank accounts lately, because it makes it so easy to build up money fast.

  9. Awww! About time for these two. I'm excited.

    And yay, she got her pool! Not even pregnancy will keep her away.

  10. Lunar, as soon as I noticed how much Cordy loved the pool when she was a little girl, I had to develop that for her. It's different to the hobbies of most of my other Sims.

    And I popped in to Cordy's house the other night to advance her pregnancy and was in there for far too long, just aww-ing at how cute Eliot was rubbing her belly. They're too sweet.