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Round 24: Winter 2020
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Lia Novak and Olivia Nihill are both 23.
(Jace is 63, Magdalena is 56, Evan is 31, Steve is 25 and Gordon is 24).

Narrated by Lia Novak

Right up until I graduated, I really had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. The only thing I really want to do is raise a family. But I needed a job until then, so I started working at the library in Exeter.

I really enjoy it. I'm quiet and the library is quiet and it tends to attract quiet people, so I'm well-suited to this line of work.

One thing I've realised since I started working at the library is that it is in sore need of refurbishment. It was a good size for the neighbourhood when it opened 30 years ago but we've outgrown it. I hate having to tell people we don't have the books they need but we simply don't have enough space.

Gordon and I have been officially back together for almost a year now and I think it's going really well.

At the very beginning, we were on shaky ground. I never really fell out of love with Gordon but at the same time, I was really unsure about getting back together with him.

I don't lose my temper easily but I had a lot of pent-up feelings about Gordon and Jamie and I guess I just needed to get it all out.

But we kept meeting up, at coffee shops and then at home, and eventually we got to a point, where I felt like I could trust him again.

It was a few months before I let him even try kissing me but now, I think we're finally in a good place again. I truly think he's changed. You can do a lot of growing up in your early 20s and I think that's what's happened with Gordon.

Gordon dated a couple of girls while we were broken up and some of them still try to flirt with him when we're out.

It used to really bother me but I've yet to see even the slightest hint that he's still interested in any other girl, so I feel a lot better about it now. I guess I could choose to be cynical about it - of course he's not going to accept another woman's advances right in front of me - but I'm not really the cynical type. I'm happy now, so I want to give the relationship a good shot.

Dad is jumping the gun a bit now that Gordon and I are back on. He was a little dubious about us getting back together, knowing the whole story behind it, but last time my parents visited, the first question Dad asked me was when Gordon and I were getting married! I wasn't sure what to say to that!

He says he just really wants grandchildren and he figures right now, I'm his surest bet at getting one. I really don't want to rush into marriage and babies though, as much as I really want both, so he'll have to sit tight a little longer. I mean, that's going to be up to Gordon anyway. There's no way I could ever ask him, like Ione did with Evan. I still can't even believe she did it!

Olivia and Steve have been together for around 4 years now. He lives in the building right next to ours, so it's almost like he lives here sometimes.

Watching them together was tough for me when Gordon and I were apart. It was hard for me to watch any couple back then but Steve and Olivia are particularly gushy and it's like they forget there's anyone else in the room sometimes.

I kind of had no choice but to get used to it but it still makes me a little uncomfortable.

When they start with the flirting, I usually take that as my queue to leave. I try not be prudish but I can't help it. But I don't want her to feel weird about being affectionate with her boyfriend in her own home, so I've never said anything. You know, they're all in love and everything.

Even with the constant PDAs, Olivia shocked me the other night when she said she'd been thinking about getting married! All the talks we've had with me talking about how much I want to get married and she never said a thing. It's something she's only just started thinking about recently. I always figured they'd get married eventually but I had no idea the thought had crossed her mind yet.

Anyway, I started getting really excited then and she told me to calm down a bit. They're not even engaged yet and she hasn't even talked to Steve about it. I can't help it though - I love weddings and I'm just a total sap for the whole idea of marriage and committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life. There's nothing more romantic than that.

Ione is getting married really soon and I'll be the maid of honour. I still don't know Ione's fiancé Evan very well, so Gordon and I have been going out with him and Ione a lot lately.

I've met Evan dozens of times but we're both so shy, that we end up not saying much to each other at all. Ione didn't want us to be complete strangers once they're married though, so we've been getting acquainted a little better.

He's a nice guy and I can tell he's totally smitten with Ione and that's good enough for me.

After dinner the other night, Ione came back to the unit with me to find Olivia plugging away at the wedding gown. Just as we walked in, Olivia said it was ready for what would hopefully be the final fitting.

So Ione tried it on and she looks so gorgeous in it! She hadn't had her hair and make-up done or anything and we still might go shopping for some accessories but she's going to be such a beautiful bride!

Random pics:

Just a little Lia spam!

  • Title is from the Pixies song Gigantic.
  • So Lia is still a total prude! She's like Mrs Crumplebottom, only cute. I'll have to choose my pics of her and Gordon carefully, because I don't think she'd be the type to engage in any major PDAs!
  • And yes, while I was playing Steve's lot (I don't play all my non-playables but Steve and Matilda are my favourites and I always play them!), Olivia rolled up the want to marry Steve! They haven't discussed marriage but Steve has had "Get Married to Olivia" in his wants panel for 3 years now, so he's definitely keen! So watch this space. I don't know when they'll get engaged, because I love playing Lia and Olivia together but it's definitely on the horizon for them, now that they've both rolled the want.
  • As for Lia's wants, she has the want to get married and to have a baby. Gordon just has the want to have a baby. Well, Gordon better put a ring on it then, because Lia's not going to have his baby without it!
  • And a little sneak preview of Ione's gown at the end there! I'm so excited to do this wedding. :) Olivia has finished making all of the clothing for the bridal party now. She's been a busy little bee! She made Ione's dress, along with a dress for the mother of the bride, three bridesmaid dresses for herself, Lia and Asha and Elspeth's flower girl dress.


  1. Wow, Olivia must have been really busy! Is she going to get a fee for all the dresses? I need to have my simmies make some outfits, that seems like such a personal touch. Looking at the dinner scene, I wonder if Gordon was feeling a bit awkward-after all he had shared kisses with both ladies.

  2. I love the Olivia is making the gowns for Ione's wedding! That is a lovely personal touch.

    And yay for Lia spam. She's like Mrs. Crumplebottom, lol! And Gordon wants a baby before he wants to get married? I don't think I've actually see that before. If I have, I've forgotten.

  3. Sorry I'm so behind on commenting. I've just got caught up again. Damn games stealing time anyway. ;)

    I love Lia and Olivia! I'm so glad they're doing well. I hope things continue to go well with Lia and Gordon...

    Oooh, Ione's wedding approaches!

  4. So I went to that link you posted of Lia being a prude, and saw Araminta waiting on the bed for Henry... guess she did get that third child. ;) Of course i knew she did, but it's always fun to read past comments/thoughts on something, and then tada, the sim gets her way. LOL

    Ione's wedding is going to be awesome!!

    Lia and Olivia are cute roommates, I love how Lia is still prudish when it comes to PDA, cause Olivia is quite fancy of some PDA action.

  5. Thanks for commenting, everybody!

    Apple Valley, Olivia has indeed been very busy! I haven't done the payment yet but Ione will pay Olivia for the cost of the material ($120). The other members of the bridal party are paying for their own dresses. That's how it's done here, though I've no idea what is the custom elsewhere. Ione and Evan probably couldn't afford to pay for everybody's dresses and tuxes (Olivia didn't make the tuxes - they've all been bought).

    I'm sure all three of them must feel at least a little bit awkward, especially seeing Ione slept with Gordon and Lia hasn't. It was a few years ago now though, so the worst of the awkwardness would have passed.

    Lunar, Olivia wouldn't have it any other way! She's constantly got the want to start a sewing project, so she's enjoyed this.

    And yeah, Gordon wants a baby but has no particular want for a ring! I don't know if I've seen this before either - Family Sims are usually pretty keen to get married. I expect it will roll up for him eventually. Lia's waiting though!

    Mao, hey, nice to see you around again!

    I love playing Lia and Olivia together, which is part of the reason I'm waiting on engagement for both of them. Normally I'd have someone like Lia jump right in but it's so fun playing room-mates!

    I think Gordon and Lia are pretty stable right now, so hopefully that continues. His initial cheating was because I'd forgot to have him go steady with Lia - Family Sims usually will not cheat when they're going steady with someone. Normally, I would have ignored that but I had an ROS for Lia to dump someone and it ended up fitting in quite well!

    There's an Asha and Kit update today, birthdays tomorrow and I'm planning on doing Ione's wedding today, to be posted the day after tomorrow (which is Monday for me, probably Sunday for most of you). I'm very excited! I know I keep saying that, but I really am!

    Maisie, oh, God, yes, Araminta was just dying for that third child! It rolled up every now and then for Henry too but she was just so insistent! I never thought it would happen for her though, as you could tell from what I said in back in Round 20.

    I have a two line summary of each entry so I can just link to them when I need to and I didn't have to actually read through that entry. I did just then though and I noticed Finn's picture. LOL. What a cute kid he was!

    Yeah, Olivia loves herself some PDA! She and Steve are both very outgoing. Olivia is well aware of Lia's prudishness, no matter how much Lia thinks she hides it. I think she enjoys shocking the poor girl!

  6. I so see Lia as a librarian! That's perfect for her, lol! And she's so funny, hopeless romantic to the core! I just really hope she's right about Gordon this time around.

    LOL that he wants a baby but not a wedding! I've definitely seen that before though. My Piper's been itching for a baby since long before she even had a man to have one with, lol! I can't remember, but I think Micah might have rolled a baby want before he and Mariah were married.

    And oooh, I see more SexyFeet! :)

  7. Laura, ha, I know, Lia is a perfect librarian! I kind of hate that her hobby is tinkering - it doesn't really suit her. I've never seen her as the tomboy sort, or the "works with her hands" type, even though she's got full mechanical and I do have her do that sort of thing. Oh well.

    I hope Gordon can behave himself this time. I'll be really angry at him if he breaks Lia's heart again!

    Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure I have seen the baby want without the marriage want before. In my game at least, it just seems very rare. I don't think I've seen it in Sullivan.

  8. I enjoy whenever you write about Olivia. Lia's become one of my favorites now, too. And I'll say again, I'm so happy she and Gordon are back together.

    Tell much do you pay Lia to work at your library? Is it just a regular community lot? Or does someone own it and sell books there?

    I'm just in awe of the whole 'Olivia sewing the dresses for the wedding' thing...that's such a fabulous idea. And I love how you've come done the payouts. In my experience, as a bridesmaid in a few weddings, I had to pay for my dresses and shoes. So that's pretty realistic the way you've done it.

  9. Simmington, I'm happy you like Lia and Olivia so much, because I adore the pair of them! They're a lot of fun to play.

    Lia is actually working in a custom Libraries career I found at MTS2, so that takes care of the pay for me. I just took her down to Exeter Library for pictures. Smoke and mirrors!

    Ha, yeah, there was definitely no one offering to pay for my dress or shoes when I was a bridesmaid, as much as I would have liked there to be! I think Olivia might have trapped herself now though - Lia and Asha probably both have her in their sights for when they get married. Lucky Olivia enjoys it!

  10. I love that Olivia is getting paid to do the dresses! I think that a little imagination goes a long way in sims 2. I have a sim model who sits for photos and gets paid too.

    Lia's career at the library is cool too. I like that you build places for the sims to go for their careers. (I do it too!)

    Olivia is really cute (they both are!) and I'm happy their romantic lives are blossoming further.

    I'm hoping for a wedding too, girls! LOL

  11. bbop, absolutely! I never enjoyed the game as much as I am now when I was just doing straight game play. Sometimes I kick myself for wasting four years doing the eat, sleep, pee thing!

    I confess I didn't build that library, though I may have edited it a bit. It's a Belladonna Cove lot. I'm probably going to build, or at least decorate, a new one though. This one totally doesn't look like any library I've ever been in!

    There will definitely be a wedding for each of these girls eventually. Not sure when but it'll happen. :)

  12. Carla
    I`m the girl who spelled your name on Mercy.
    I recieved your comment about posting anywhere so here I am. Ireally love yourr blog. Do you know why SnarkySims has taken the Anonymous option away from her blog comments.
    Lots of love

    1. No, I'm sorry, I don't. You'd really be better off asking her. It doesn't take long to sign up for a Blogger account that you could use to post, especially if you already have a Gmail. It wouldn't mean you'd have to start blogging but you'd have a convenient way to post, even on blogs that don't allow anonymous comments.

    2. Carla
      My parents may not let me as they`re worried about chatrooms. Would you be able to give any advice.
      By the way I am really liking how realistic Sullivan is.
      I don`t know if you take any suggestions but why don`t you have a daycare and afterschool care.I also really enjoyed you retirement home. I`d love it that was there again. Maybe a way to spice up elders wpuld be to have be childminders or other easy jobs.
      I also really like Mina because she`s an absoloute sweetheart.

    3. Carla
      Why don`t you let pregnant teens and college sims have their babieslive with their grandparents.
      Lots of love

  13. No, I don't really want to give you advice about anything like that. If your parents are wary about certain things online, then you need to talk to them about it.

    I pretty much do whatever I like in my game and don't really take suggestions, as such, though there have been times when a commenter has casually mentioned something that I have thought was a good idea and then I've implemented it.

    As for a day care centre/after school care centre, I have considered a day care but an after school care centre would end up just being like a school update, which I already do. The day care centre is still something that interests me but I don't know if I'll ever get around to it.

    I definitely won't be opening up the retirement home again any time soon. Man, that was so boring to play! I have come to terms with my elders now though and don't really need any ideas to spice them up any more. I'm quite happy to play them, even without their kids in the house.

    Any babies born to teens and college students live with their own parents, because that seems most realistic to me. It's their baby, so why shouldn't the baby live with its parents? Of the people I know in real life who had babies very young, all of them raised the children themselves and none left the job up to their own parents. I don't think many parents would want to do that, honestly. Gameplay wise, I just like building that relationship between parent and child right from the start.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. Thank you.
      I am still enjoying Sullivan and I love Finn and Victoria. Declan and Caitlin are just so cute it`s hard not to love them. I`m glad you like the daycare suggesrion.
      Lots of love

    2. Glad to hear it. Finn and Victoria and their family are favourites of mine too. I just resolved a little story arc with Caitlin, actually, but it might be a while before you get to that. She's a teenager now. :)