Monday, 4 January 2010

Georgette Clarke, 1940-2019

by Steve Rider, Autumn 2019

One of Sullivan's leading attorneys, Georgette Clarke, passed away yesterday afternoon of natural causes, aged 79. Until now, she lived in Exeter with her grandsons, her former daughter-in-law and her family.

Georgette Clarke (née Lachance) was born in Sullivan in 1940 to Sacha and Emmy Lachance, the eldest of four children. Younger brother Pascal died last year, while her twin sister Vivienne died this summer. Younger sister Leontine, now the only living sibling, resides on a farm in Sullivan.

Georgette met her late husband, Galen in high school and they dated all the way through her time at Suffolk University, where she majored in biology.

In 1967, they were finally married and remained together until Galen's death in 2017.

Galen and Georgette had just one child, son Samson. Samson died in 2005 after a long illness, aged just 32.

Professionally, Georgette worked for a short time as a journalist before finally working her way to the top of her law firm, where she was nicknamed "The Law". She was widely known at her firm for being keen to mentor younger colleagues.

Georgette leaves behind her younger sister Leontine and 16-year-old grandsons, Calvin and Troy.

  • RIP Georgette! Only one Lachance sibling left! My Gen 2 Sims are dying off, though it'll be a while before the last one dies. Many are much younger than Georgette and my life span is longer now. Magdalena is Gen 2 and she's not even an elder yet!
  • Clarke-Draper update tomorrow (hopefully!) and they'll be in winter. Georgette died in autumn but at the very end of autumn.
  • Oh, whoa, I just went in to move Georgette to Deceased Sims in the index and realised that Calvin and Troy are the only Clarkes left in the hood now!


  1. Aww. Sad to have Georgette gone as well. :(

  2. RIP Georgette. I love seeing pictures of the sims in their younger years-I might have to steal that idea when my sims die. Is it just me, or did Georgette's skintone change bewteen birth and elderhood?

  3. So sorry to see her go, but it seems she led a full life. You did a really good job recapping her history. That was a good idea.

  4. Another Lachance kid gone! It's so sad for the family :(

    RIP Georgette!

  5. Thanks, everyone. I enjoy doing the obits - there are at least a couple more coming up this round. :(

    Apple Valley, it's not just you! I changed my defaults at some point and it's most noticeable with the medium skintone, like Georgette had. The other ones match pretty closely to my original defaults but S3 has a slightly yellower tone.

    I still prefer my old defaults, actually but there are no in-between tones for that set and this set gives me 9 different skin tones.

  6. RIP Georgette. And OMG, I almost peed myself laughing at Galen's pleather outfit as a teen. What kind of GD outfit is that? LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a good pick me up for her dying though.

  7. Riverdale, LOL! Galen was going a little overboard with the Rock God thing when he was a teen! He toned it down a lot in later years!