Wednesday, 27 January 2010

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2020

Victoria Kirby has just entered her second trimester and now has a pretty adorable baby bump happening. She and her boyfriend Finn have just moved into one of the family housing units on campus, which will be home for them and their baby for the next two years.

Cordy Lane is about six months along now but mother Debbie's stories about what she remembers from Cordy and Luc's birth are kind of freaking her out now! What has she signed up for, exactly?!?

And finally this winter, Baby Gottlieb #3 is due! Amelia is calling out for somebody to come and help but it seems like the only one around is little Noah, who appears more interested in chewing his hand anyway.

At least Wade (and his mum Athena) showed up just in time to see his new baby daughter enter the world!

Welcome to the neighbourhood, Emma Violet Gottlieb!

  • Finn and Victoria's furniture is crazy nice for where they're supposed to be living but hey...I like things to be pretty. ;) They've still got the shitty TV at least! I was a little concerned that Finn and Victoria would have twins - Victoria's a twin herself - but if you read the comments for the Romilly update, you know that there's definitely just the one baby! James and Naomi Novak were born when their parents were in college and twins are a very tight squeeze in the family housing units! They're very small houses - only just barely big enough for the essentials!
  • Emma has brown hair and dark blue eyes, like big brother Noah. Her blue eyes come from Athena - Amelia's eyes are also blue, but they're light blue.
  • A sneak preview of the Gottliebs' new house! They've moved to Sullivan - the town hall is in Sullivan, so it would make sense for Athena to live closer to it, being the governor and all. I am still decorating this damn house! It's beautiful but it's insanely large. I thought it had 7 bedrooms (which would be perfect - bedrooms for everybody, plus a home office for Athena and a family office for everyone else) but I counted last night and there are 9 friggin' bedrooms in this thing! It's on a smallish lot but I just hope it's not annoying going up and down four storeys all the time! We'll see!


  1. Good thing there are no twins for Finn and Victoria...for now. Whenever I dread twins and check the scanner constantly for twins-the scanner will always say one baby...until the birth. Agh, why must MAXIS torture me so!

  2. Aww little Emma is going to be goregeous.

    Victoria has a cutie pie baby bump. Cordy will be having a little one so soon!! I'm very excited about Cordy and victoria's babies!

    Did u build your family housing?

    Wow on nine bedrooms. That's crazy large!

  3. I love the picture of Cordie listening to Debbie regale her with horror stories!

  4. I can't wait to see Victoria and Cordy's babies! :) Congrats to the Gottlieb family on their new little girl!

  5. Haha Cordy's face is priceless.....I've never had a baby and refuse to listen to anyone talk about birth or even watch one.....I'll never have them if I do haha......Welcome little Emma!!!

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Apple Valley, gosh, don't tell me that! I've never had that happen. If I check it at any time past the second trimester and it still says one baby, I only get one baby. Maybe your Sims are sneaking cheesecake? LOL. I think Laura's suspects that her Charlotte might have snuck a piece.

    Maisie, Emma will probably look a lot like her siblings, so she'll likely be pretty adorable.

    I didn't build the family housing. The units are just 5 identical houses I got from MTS ages ago. They're already furnished but I always go in and redo them before I move a family in. They have hot tubs by default and at the very least, I remove those.

    Francesca, one of my friends has a one year-old and she takes no small amount of joy in sharing horror stories to terrify us, so I was sort of thinking of her.

    Shana, I'm really excited to see their babies too. Little nervous about Victoria's actually, because she was a very odd looking child but I think Cordy's baby is genetically guaranteed to be adorable.

    Mizzgin, oh, I know! Aren't some mothers terrible trying to scare those of us who are still childless? ;) I won't tell you what my friend was talking about with at her daughter's first birthday party recently, because I'm still pretending there's no way it can possibly ever happen!

  7. "I won't tell you what my friend was talking about with at her daughter's first birthday party recently, because I'm still pretending there's no way it can possibly ever happen!"

    color me curious! My youngest is one and I'm always game for kid stories.

  8. Maisie, okay, I'll tell you. Anyone else reading, scroll right past this if you're squeamish at all about bodily functions. I promise there's no super secret Sullivan news at the end of this comment so you won't miss anything!

    There's a nappy ad here that refers to Number 1s, Number 2s and Number 3s. Number 3, claims the ad, is what they call a "poo explosion" and at the end, it shows a car from the outside with the windows covered in...well..brown. We were discussing the improbability of poo explosions, before our friend interrupted and told us that the ad might have been exaggerating but that they do happen and they have happened to her. I'm scarred for life, I tell you!

  9. Awww, welcome baby Emma! :)

    I'm very glad to hear Finn and Victoria are just having one, but man, that's what I thought about Charlotte too, and bam, third trimester and she was showing twins... just sayin ;)

    Oh man, poo explosions! Carla, you aren't scarred for life until you see one, lol! It happens, believe me, it happens!

  10. Laura, I don't know what happened with your Charlotte - she must have had some cheesecake somewhere along the line! Now I'm a little scared though, because I bumped Victoria up to her third trimester and I forgot to check for twins! I might in for a surprise come summer!

    I'll consider myself warned about the poo explosions!