Friday, 8 January 2010

Ben Nihill, 1955-2019

by Anna Collins, Winter 2019

Ben Nihill, 64, died in his Sullivan home this morning of natural causes.

He is survived by wife Caterina (64), son Max (32), daughter Olivia (22) and grandson Joshua (5).

Ben Nihill was born in 1955 to Cedric, a teacher and Justina, a scientist. He was the youngest of three children: older siblings Charlton Nihill and Collette Sitko (both 74) both remain living in Sullivan, where they were all raised.

He attended Suffolk University, where he majored in Philosophy. After graduation, he decided on a career in graphic design and began working at the firm he was employed at up until his death. The firm's president, Tate Benton, said Nihill's work for the company over the years was outstanding.

He married Caterina (née Moretti) in 1980, after dating since high school.

Son Max joined the family 7 years later and Olivia followed in 1997. The Nihills lived in Exeter for 20 years before moving back to Sullivan shortly before their son started high school.

  • RIP Ben! When I adjusted my ages last time, I made it so that elders could have anywhere between 5-35 days to live when they aged up (this works out to between 65 and 95 years of age) and unfortunately for Ben, he only got 4. :( That's okay though, I like it. Well, I don't like it because I was actually quite sad to kill Ben. But it keeps things fresh!
  • I can't believe Ben's parents got married, raised three children and died all in the last real life year! It honestly feels like all that was years ago!
  • I forgot how much I hated the house Cedric and Justina raised their kids in. I bulldozed that thing with glee but I can't believe they lived there for so long. I must have been more tolerant then.
  • Check out that dude sitting in the back at their wedding!!! That's Simona behind Maria in the front and then the guy I'm talking about is behind her. He looks exactly like David! Same skintone, same hair cut and from this distance, his face looks really similar too. And I honestly have no idea who that is! A townie I guess - the only other Sim who's used that hair in brown is Charlton and it's definitely not him.
  • Finally, I think Ben and Olivia are still two of the cutest toddlers I've had in Sullivan. This is the first time I've realised that Olivia isn't a clone of Ben too - she has her mother's eyes, which I really should have noticed before now!


  1. Oh, no! :( It does make things more realistic to give them random amounts of time left, but it's so sad to see another one go. RIP Ben!

  2. I'm always shocked to see an obituary here! It feels like so many of your sims have died recently. Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that you play 100 times faster than I!

    RIP Ben :(

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Shana, as soon as I age my Sims to elder, I check how many days they have left. I was so sad when I saw Ben only had 4!

    Cissie, ha, I do play very fast but there have been three deaths in Sullivan so far this round, so a lot of my Sims have died lately - Vivienne, Georgette and now Ben. There's one more coming up too!

  4. Oh my! RIP Ben!!! They're dropping like flies!!! :(

    I just did the same thing with my elder lifespans, though I don't think I'll actually get through enough playtime to see it take effect.

  5. Laura, I know, I already miss Ben!

    I remember you were doing a similar lifespan, because we had an exceedingly nerdy conversation about it when we were trying to get rid of the aspiration bonus!

  6. I am so sad to see Ben go. Shocked is more the word. I can't even say any more right now.

  7. Its sad and great blog :(


  8. Thanks for commenting!

    Simmington, yes, Ben was very young, wasn't he?

  9. I'm shocked that Ben went before Colette and Charlton! I forgot that your aging hack could have your sims die that young. I'm really sad right now. Funny how attached I've gotten to your sims without even playing them, LOL.

  10. Fini, yes, Collette and Charlton had (I think) ten years on Ben and he still shuffled off before them! The poor guy was in the first batch of Sims I aged to elder after adjusting my hack. Collette and Charlton reaped the benefits of aging up before then!

    Thanks for reading!