Friday, 15 January 2010

Said sadly

Round 24: Summer 2020

Tate Benton is 50, Zelda is 45 and Jack and Charlie are both 8.
(Araminta is 57, Josie is 18 and Audrey is 8)

Narrated by Zelda Benton

Josie has only been gone a couple of weeks and we're still getting used to her not being around. Tate keeps setting a place for her at the table, forgetting she's not here.

Araminta keeps telling me she'll be fine at college. She's already put Ione through college and she came back in one piece, and she sent Finn off last year.

And I know she'll be okay. Josie's a smart girl and she's never been short on confidence. I still can't help but worry a little bit though.

Tate drove Josie to campus when she went to move into the dorm and he thought he'd hang around a bit, seeing she looked kind of nervous.

She was nervous, but she was apparently only nervous that one of the other students would see her hanging around with her dad. Tate said she stood around looking like she couldn't wait for him to leave.

So Tate just took the hint, they said their goodbyes and he left Josie to her own devices. She's called home since then and it seems like she's settling in.

I've been writing again! I put it aside for such a long time. I haven't written since before Jack and Charlie came along but it's been great to get back into it. I found an old draft that I never did anything with and I've been working on that any spare second I have. I think Tate might be feeling a little neglected.

Even when I wasn't writing though, I was always walking around with my nose buried in a book, so he should be used to that by now. He knew what he was getting when he married me!

I think I'm owed some time to myself anyway. Josie's not around to help out at the restaurant any more, plus Tate's manager/hostess is on maternity leave (she's having twins in a few months). So I've been filling in. I know Tate's appreciative so I don't exactly mind.

But it's such a horrible job! If it's not customers being difficult on the phone...'s customers starting fights in the middle of the restaurant. Grown adults too! Vanessa is looking to come back to work once her maternity leave is over and I can't wait until she does!

It was such a huge shock when I got pregnant with Charlie so soon after we started the adoption process for Jack but it's worked out so well. The boys are so close that it's almost like they're actually twins. They're each other's best friend, really.

Jack is also very close to Audrey Lachance. She comes over most afternoons after school.

Charlie has become friends with her through Jack so it's not uncommon to see all three of them fishing at the little pond we have on our property.

Jack and Audrey are just playing around but Charlie has become very serious about fishing, which we didn't expect. He's always talking about different kinds of bait and fish and all sorts of things I have no clue about.

Tate doesn't know the first thing about fishing but somehow, Charlie's got the idea that he's an expert and he wants Tate to take him fishing "for real". If Tate can manage not to fall into the creek, it might work well - Charlie can catch some fish and Tate will be more than happy to cook it for dinner.

Random stuff:

Oh my God, Josie at university - the drama begins!

I swear, I was literally at Josie's dorm for maybe 2 or 3 minutes and Josie's already starting trouble! God, I love ACR!

Jacob Weaver just happens to be strolling by Novak Hall and Josie decides to voice her appreciation (and just a reminder, Jacob is Josie's best friend's ex).

Jacob is not impressed.

So apparently, having sex with other girls = good but being wolf whistled at = bad.

Maybe he's just sucking up because Maia was around?

He probably figures he's got a good shot at getting Maia into bed, now that there actually is a bed (most of the rooms in Novak Hall are have double beds).

Whatever is going on, Josie is totally sad about it!

And because my fellow bloggers will understand...

I spent several minutes deciding on which of these almost identical pictures I was going to use and I'm still not sure! The top one is more zoomed in but Audrey almost looks like she's looking at Jack in the second.

  • Title is from ...Said Sadly by the Smashing Pumpkins.
  • The Josie/Jacob thing was a little strange. Josie and Jacob are 100/100 BFFs, with one bolt of chemistry. We already know that Jacob will cheat on Maia if given the opportunity, so what's up with this? Do Sims react differently to ACR interactions if their partners are around? I don't know that I've ever paid attention to that.
  • Last time Zelda wrote was in 2012 (how nerdy was it that I checked?) but she rolled the want to start writing again this round. She was 8% done on one novel already and she got started on another one too.
  • Charlie is obsessed with fishing now. He's a Sports Sim but he doesn't roll up any sports wants ever. I guess he's kind of like Luc - Luc is a Sports Sim too but I don't think he's done anything sporty since he was about 10. As a non-sporty person, I can't really blame either of them. ;)


  1. The boys seem very close, I always forget that they're not twins. Poor Zelda, she has to deal with those crazy customers-not very fun. At least she has started back writing. I've revamped my Pennelson Publishing website and Simmington Hills made some book meshes for me, so now my authors can sell their books. I thik I will probably have more authors now as a result.

  2. The boys are so cute! Do I sense a budding "romance" between Charlie and Audrey? I think it would be great if kids could have a crush, I know I was totally "in love" with a boy from my class at that age!

    Josie is obviously asking for trouble! Patience won't be happy if she finds out that Josie is making a move on Jacob.

  3. I like the photo where she is looking at Jack. I stress over photos too, and what one is better at times.

    Look at Jacob, showing Maia that he's true to her, by shoving Josie back.... WoW Josie sure is jumping in to drama. Zelda is right, Josie is not short on confidence.

    LOL on Josie standing there waiting for Tate to leave, haha.

  4. Apple, the boys are very close, which works out well for everyone. They're happy and occupied and they're not whining to me about low social and fun!

    I don't think I've seen your publishing website. I'll have to take a look. Zelda's my only author, because she's only the second or third Film and Literature Sim I've had in this hood. :\ I've started to randomise hobbies because I'm so bored of fitness and tinkering!

    Cissie, Audrey and Charlie or Audrey and Jack? Audrey and Jack are a possibility one day. They're both earmarked to be Popularity Sims, so they'll have some chemistry almost definitely. Charlie's aspiration is still undecided, so we'll have to see. Of the two boys, Audrey is closer to Jack than to Charlie but she's friends with both of them.

    Patience definitely would not be pleased with this development. It's probably a good thing Jacob rejected her. Josie's got to have someone to stop her getting herself into trouble!

    Maisie, ha, yeah, that's why I used it in the end. She's not really looking at him - I just swung the camera round so you couldn't really tell whether she was looking at him or not! It can make all the difference though, a slight difference between photos!

    No, Josie's never been short on confidence. Some would call it audacity. ;) I'll have to wait until I play Jacob's lot to see if he's really trying to be true to Maia or if it's just for show.

  5. Audrey and the boys are too cute! Oh man, I can't wait to hear about them as they grow up. The three of them definitely look like they're going to be good friends.

    And lol at that last picture. Yeah, I've been there too. XD

    And oh boy, Maia is out there now. Josie's going a little crazy there. And Jacob rejected Josie! Haha yay for your dramalicious college sims.

  6. Lunar, aren't they all so cute? Next round is their last round as kids! I can't believe it.

    I really thought it might take a little longer to get some drama going and I never expected this! Josie has always had chemistry with Jacob (just about every girl in town does!) but she never tried anything with him during high school!

  7. I totally see a romance between Charlie and Audrey! And I too, like the second shot.

    Child stage is my favorite only next to adult. (toddler comes in third) So I'm sad for you that they'll become teens soon!!

    And Josie is hysterical! I can't wait to read about all the other trouble this girl is going to get into.

  8. Josie looks so good all grown up! I see Tate has gained some weight...LOL! Or maybe I just never noticed. All that restaurant food, eh?

    I take soooo many pictures at different angles and end up sitting through 'edit'; scouring each of them to choose which one makes publication. LOL! It's fun work though.

    Yeah, Willow County Library Printing Co. does all the printing/binding for Pennelson if Zelda is interested in getting a book out there, Fiorenza Pentragnani of Apple Valley, is the person to talk to.

  9. Thanks guys!

    bbop, it'd probably be Jack, if anyone. Charlie is friends with Audrey but it's Jack who's really close to her. Though when Finn and the Kirby twins were kids, if you'd asked me which twin he'd be more likely to get together with, I would have said Claudia. He didn't pay much attention to Victoria when they were kids but we know how that turned out! So I could be wrong!

    Oh, no need to feel sad for me that these kids are turning into teens soon! I love the teen stage and it's the stage where my favourite Sims truly become my favourites.

    It's going to be a big college update this time, probably because of Josie. LOL. Two parts, for sure.

    Simmington, Josie's very pretty, which kind of makes me laugh because she's just a female Tate, who I don't think is especially handsome.

    As for Tate, he hasn't always been fat but he's been fat on and off since college. I kind of like it when my chefs are like that! Adam is too, as is his entire family. Unlike the Gottliebs, the rest of the Bentons seem to have escaped!

    I'll keep the publishing site in mind, thanks!

  10. Maybe it's the red tank top but at this point in her life Josie totally reminds me of the title character of the movie Tamara Drewe ! I don't know if you've seen it but she was played by Gemma Arterton.

    1. I haven't seen it but I did an image search and I can see what you mean! Kind of curious to see the movie and check if there are any other similarities now!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!